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  1. Thanks guys............. Sorry I've been dragging my feet a little here, Mig has an earlier version of the map (now nearly finished), I just have a few (fairly complex) dynamic objects to work on. Unfortunately my work commitments have pretty much stopped my modding output for the last couple of months or more. I hope to pick up the slack as soon as possible @ lightspeed: As Mig hinted I am planning to work on an altered version which will be more suited to MP play and will hopefully be released in the P2 package for modders such as yourself to work on Sorry for the delay, Phlook
  2. JUst a thought................. which mission folder did you save to? If you saved to the mission folder for "origmiss" then it should appear If you saved to the mission folder for another mod then you must have that other mod activated Once you get a little more used to things it might be best if you make your own mod folder to stop things getting messy (if you have already done this then is your new mod folder activated in the game?)
  3. @Wombat: Nice little scene (where's the rest of the comic book) You live and learn I s'pose @Mig: That's an idea The problem with the wing wipe is that the jet just screams outta the fog and unloads on you......... I'll have to have a play with the fog settings for this me thinks Maybe you could script a warning for the player to know that death is imminent? (and for anyone who isn't Mig reading this..............Ya'll have to wait for P2 sucka's )
  4. Nice work Hammer As to the projectile: it depends where you want to go with this: If you tag it up the same as the AT weapons and use that projectile it will work like the [GR] rocket launcher (off the top of my head I seem to remember that the AT projectile was just light and smoke FX (I can't remember seeing an actual shell)). The recent projectiles for other P2 SAMS have just been cinematic FX as there is no facility for shooting down aircraft (with the exception of modded tanks masquerading as helicopters etc in mods like HX5)
  5. Anyone familiar with these forums will know that there's a mod on the way called P2 and that there will be a couple of completely new maps included. My new map is entirely built around the mission and not suited to any type of GTF setup. However, if it's not too difficult, I'm considering releasing a multiplayer version with the mod (nothing's set in stone yet). Not having experience in multiplayer games does mean though that I need a little advice. The map at the moment (although not quite finished) is slightly larger than the command map (although I can reduce this). In addition to this the high map level is only accessable from one point (I can either shut this route completely or open other routes to increase access to the upper level) The map is a heavily wooded winter environment with very few buildings or structures. The low level is divided into two areas which are only joined at one point (through a narrow pass) and the upper level looks down over them. There are a few small structures (which i can move to the base areas to represent the four main spawn areas). If any one has advice for me on this subject (even bad advice ) I'd very much appreciate it. I don't want to remake the map from scratch (there just isn't time) but I would like to add to the playability if possible. Thanks, Phlook
  6. Nice! (any ideas where this is destined for? )
  7. Amen to that! (now where's that list of questions I've been compiling for the last coupla years? )
  8. Well it seems like you know what you're doing so I won't insult your intelligence but the only other issue is mission size. The way the files are stored means that you only have a certain ceiling with regard to the size of the mission (I beleive that dynamic objects or somesuch are stored in the volume immediately afterwards), going over the limit usually means that the mission will no longer open in the editor. There is also a limit on the dynamic objects in the scene: actors, vehicles, frags, doors, windows, bullets in flight etc (all can only add up to 255) although trees are exempt from this figure
  9. This isn't going to be much help but I thought I'd at least give you a pointer to a possible issue, Were you editing a gun file? I have found that some of the small apps in the tools menu are pretty unstable, and once it misfiles something there's no going back. I've never had to format a drive though, just a fresh reinstall usually does the trick Personally, I try to edit all .txt file type apps by hand to avoid this kind of thing, only using igor for the really necessary stuff good luck
  10. Do bump maps work in GR? I must admit, with textures I'm a novice here so it'd be nice to know what the limitations are
  11. Nice model If we keep making ADA stuff, Mig is going to need a few aircraft to shoot down (p.s. did you DL your firing smerch yet and try it out?)
  12. Hey Hammer thats really fast work (I don't like fast modders they make me look lazy ) Well as to tagging, there are several routes you could go down: On the one hand: the vehicle is already destroyed so you don't need destruction data at all, just tag it as a vehicle and be done with it. I'd definitely tag it as a truck because tanks will make an engine noise regardless: In the top view create a helper point at the 0/0/0 position (move it to 0/0/0 manually as well to ensure that it is exactly centred) call it O uniquename (thats capital O space and a unique identifier) While in the top view create four helpers in a square around the first and call them: ^leftwheel0anchor, ^leftwheel1anchor, ^rightwheel0anchor, ^rightwheel1anchor, left and right will be obvious as they should follow the orientation of the vehicle and the 0 anchors should be at the front with the 1 anchors at the back. Normally these would align with the wheels but in this case, as this vehicle is going nowhere we'll just array them around the centre but within the vehicle boundary. next select these 4 anchor points and raise them above ground level(x axis) slightly Next, from the side view, raise the mesh of the vehicle so that its lowest point sits on the x axis (this represents ground level). if you want the vehicle to be half buried etc then lower it accordingly. Then select the first helper you made and group it, call this group: <n><body>uniquename. By grouping just the helper first we are ensuring that the pivot point is in the right place. now select everything else and attach it to this group. Now from the top view again, create 4 more helpers that align with the 4 anchor points. name these: O uniquename (make sure that all your helper point/ group names are unique not only from each other but from other possible vehicles) Seperately group each of these 4 new helpers. the new groups should be called: <n><leftwheel0>, <n><leftwheel1>, <n><rightwheel0>, <n><rightwheel1>, I think you can work out which one is to be located where. Now create a new O uniquename helper at the 0/0/0 position select this object and group call this group: <n>vehiclename select everything else and add it to this new group. If done correctly this will now appear in game. Any effects helpers should be created in the top view and included in the <n><body>uniquename group (they will activate immediately. There is a list of effects in the levelbuilder document but I can make a few suggestions if you like. You still have an option with destruction which can help the scripter: If you make all effects trigger on vehicle death, then the scripter can choose whether the vehicle emits smoke or not. eg. if you add ^smoke_small_type3 to the vehicle then it will emit smoke from the start. if you call it ^[d0]smoke_small_type3 then the scripter can destroy the vehicle to start the smoke In this case the vehicle will look the same as its already visibly destroyed I wouldn't worry about animations as you will have to design moving parts into the vehicle. But I'll explain: take a part that is to move on vehicle death: eg. door falls off detach the door polys and work out where the centre pivot of the animation will be, place a O uniquename helper at this point. group this helper <n><ian>uniquename. Attach the door polys to this group. I usually make this group non destructable in the map editor as I have had CTD issues attach this group to the <n><body>group If the body group itself is to move call it <n><ian><body>uniquename animate the <ian>referenced groups close the groups export to two files: in the model folder: vehiclename.pob in the motion folder: vehiclenamed0.anm
  13. In that case I'll definitely need to try a barrage, I'll get the to tor first though WD: is that a banging hard house Smerch launcher remix? because if it is you'll have to run that one past Mig first
  14. Hi Mig, Well what I've done is not so different from your destroyable barrels. You line the vehicle up exactly with the missile/ vehicle and it works. the destruction is a one time thing but there's nothing to stop you destroying more than one. I suppose I can rig up a multiple launch but the destruction animations only give you about 3 seconds worth so the battery and flight time will have to fit into that. Also I've used lots of effects to make it realistic, I've timed everything so that no effects linger too long but you don't want to overdo that. I will agree though that a barrage would look fairly brutal. I'll see how Hammer likes it then go from there. The best thing, mission wise is is to set up a group that will handle the launch. if the launcher vehicle is destroyed then disable the group to stop more launches. maybe use a zone so that the vehicle only launches when theres a chance of some one seeing the action. As to the Tor, it launches from the pivot centre of the turret so that wherever the turret turns the missile should still appear in the right place (haven't finished that one though ) BTW I'm working on a decent launch sound. Unfortunately you might have to trigger this by script
  15. Well I'm about done: I've just got to bundle everything up and I'll send it over
  16. No problem....... At the moment I'm just tagging up for vehicle destruction before I get to the missile. I've got the smerch as destroyable truck but it only takes one frag to wipe it out so I'm tagging one as a tank too (so that you'll have to use rockets) Once I'm done with that I'll do the missile (I may use the rsb/ model I've already made for my tor and just size it up a bit to match the dimensions of your launcher tubes) I'll see how I do
  17. OK I got that (thanks as well WD) Here's an idea of what I'm aiming for: I've started making a missile for the Tor, at the moment it just launches and hangs in the air (but I think this proves that it's possible)
  18. That'd probably work, the engine would treat this vehicle as a tank (with the turret tracking any enemy forces) But there are several reasons against it, in the first place, although I could make a larger projectile easy enough, I still can't attach all the effects that we're looking for to make this vehicle "cinematic". Also (during testing earlier) I found that the projectile appears in the centre of the turret pivot position and launches parrallel with the horizon. There is no garuantee that a large projectile will look convincing when launching (and may appear at an odd position on the turret) If all else fails though I think we may end up going down this route While I'm waiting for the Smerch I'm doing a similar test to see if I can make a missile for the Tor. I was always going to do this (just not quite yet )
  19. Well if its possible to send over the file in 2 parts I'd like to run it up in game and it'll just be plain white otherwise I want to see it how it will work in the context of the maps etc Thanks (looking good BTW )
  20. Jeez! (I'm respectable? How'd that happen? ) OK i'll PM you my mail addy I think i'm probly on a 2 meg limit for file size though so if it tips over you might have to break the file up
  21. OK, here's how it works (to the best of my ability anyhow) The helper points etc are directly linked to preset triggers within the game engine so there aren't so many rules you can break. 1. gun/ turret arrangements The main gun and machine gun are attached to the <n><turret> object which is attached to the vehicle body The turret will track enemies and attack them the helpers attached to the main gun produce the muzzleflash objects the main gun works with projectiles (.prj) these are shells etc and have no in built effects The projectile launches from within the turret the launch effects (trailing smoke and light) are preset from within the game engine (as is the vehicle shaking when the gun fires) It is not possible to attach additional helpers that trigger when fired the ^BackBlastPoint helper does not work either 2. Wheels If the wheels are off the ground I don't think they will have an effect but to be safe you might want to make these as part of the mesh. It might be possible to group these as <n>objects and link the tyre hiss sound to them 3. I think its best to just make the vehicle as you are and (if you'll trust me) I'll have a look at adding helpers etc I've played around with this quite a lot with the 2 vehicles i've made for p2 and once I get it the best I can I'll send it back over and go through what I've done. The bottom line is that these vehicles want to look like they're doing something and I think I can acheive that. To make a vehicle that actually destroys something without a rotating turret and with extra smoke etc may not be possible sorry
  22. Well, I've been at this a coupla hours now and I've pretty much found out what's not possible It's not possible to add fx onto projectiles, or give the at4 missile to the main gun, or add extra firing fx. In addition to this the tank guns have to be attached to a rotating turret (and the smerch tubes don't rotate) The bottom line here is that you won't be able to make a working gun out of this I do, however have an idea I can maybe make a "dummy" vehicle which will sit in the same location as the smerch, triggering the destruction of the dummy will trigger various fx I think this can be done but I'll need a max file of the finished vehicle (with tubes in position) I think I'll let you complete the vehicle and then go from there I'm pretty sure it can be done but I need something to work from
  23. Wow! That thing just dissapears in a smoke cloud We'll have to see if we can get close to that effect Anyhow, i'm done for the night, I'll have a look at this tommorow Phlook
  24. I'll have a look into this. TBH I might make a firing version of my Tor launcher for P2 so it's some thing I had to explore sooner or later anyhow let me get back to you........ BTW, what is your vehicle tagged as? truck, tank etc? If it's a truck you might have trouble triggering the sound .wav's for the vehicle Also you might want to think about the following: crew positions if any glass doors headlights these can all be added regardless of the vehicle type
  25. Well I can maybe help you with that......... the helper point(s) must be created in the top view and labelled with the name for the effect you want: eg. ^smoke_small_type1 ^smoke_small_type2 ^smoke_small_type3 ^smoke_medium_type1 ^smoke_medium_type2 ^smoke_medium_type3 ^smoke_large_type1 ^smoke_large_type2 ^smoke_large_type3 ^general_type36 The type 1 smokes are thick black oil fires the type 2 are grey versions of type1 the type 3 are swirly grey clouds (but heavy drain on system resources the type 36 is a very small smoke column In addition to this you can control the effects with regard to time eg: ^general_type36(50)(10) this is the type 36 smoke that will last for 50 seconds and with a 10 second delay before beginning all effects must be grouped in the main body group of the vehicle if you want effects to trigger on the vehicles destruction they must be like this: ^[d0]smoke_large_type1 (the 0 in brackets is a zero) Effects will trigger vertically unless you rotate the helper (in which case they will be rotated by the same amount) How'd I do? Oh, yeah Forgot to mention: It's not only effects that can be triggered on the vehicles death If you want you can include death animations for the vehicle For example, your raised tubes could come crashing down. If your interested in this let me know and I'll go through the tagging and exporting procedure
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