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  1. Personally I use meshes rather than poly's (just my choice) and I always collapse the stack where possible I've used this technique myself to overcome a different problem. I wanted to detach a piece of ground under some steps to make it non-walkable/ non floor poly. I collapsed the stack (after adding the 2 x UVW's) to editable mesh and detached what I needed It did work for me (although I left it 'til last incase I wanted to edit anything). I've done this also with the P2 blackwolf map for fps reasons. I've never had the lighting tool crash on me though Best I can offer, sorry
  2. OK, try it this way. I assume you are using a groundmap with detail texture for your terrain (if not why not?) Add your hills etc off map, attach together all terrain that uses these textures (whether walkable/ floor poly's or not) Apply your UVW Mappping modifiers. Now without touching these modifiers again, detach the non walkable terrain and untick the floor checkbox Even though they are two seperate items the groundmap should still draw ok (and this may solve your problem) Also, by using this technique to have as many polys in the groundmap as possible should increase fps as the engine isn't calculating as many shadows (Nice new maps BTW)
  3. Not sure about CS4 (I have CS2) but the plugin is easy enough to come by (in the extra folders on the Island thunder disc). Just put it in your photoshop plugins folder and try to open any .rsb file you can find in your various GR folders. You'll soon see if it works or not The big problem is getting hold of 3dsmax You'll need an older version (4 or 5) as there are no plug ins available for later versions The disk used to be given away with "the 3dsmax5 Bible" or "3dsmax5 for dummies" but copies of these are few or far between In addition to this you'll need to take out a second mortgage to pay for it (although you do get a months free usage, which is generally enough to snare you for life) To my knowledge no other 3d prog will work. Welcome to the family (although it is a disfunctional one)
  4. OK, this won't be much help but at least I can explain how you are getting the strange rendering effects in those shots. The engine will only draw items that your player is supposed to see in game. If an object is in another room (or on the other side of an occluder) it won't draw it. However, if you can see part of it through a portal (either a window or door etc) then it will be drawn in it's entirety. This also explains the "portal fault effect" where you walk into a room but the room appears transparent. If you "missed" the portal, the engine will not draw the room as you are not supposed to be in it. (this can also happen if you teleport your player into another room as you bypass the portal to do so) To get this to work you would need to somehow overcome this and I can't think of a way. As to the Centcom map. It's possible that these rooms were in fact "one room". There is a utility in the "view" tools of Igor for seeing where the boundary's of the rooms are. I said it wouldn't be much help
  5. Been a while since I posted here Wow, it's nice to see things are still cooking (this is all due to Mig's hard work (I guess I've been a bit of a stranger recently)) There are a few items that I've still to finish (including the Invisitank for the cinematics) Guess I better dust off my modding PC if the release date is in sight
  6. Actually there is no mod, we've been foolin' ya all this time
  7. Snow, I bow to your greater knowledge (still finding my way here ) Of course the one thing you couldn't do is that thing where the rear hoof lands just before the front one lifts (as in most four legged creatures) But the upside is that by basing it on the human model you can give it a weapon (now that I'd like to see )
  8. It is more than possible to make a completely animated walking mule and export it as a vehicle (no I'm not volunteering to do it but I'll talk you through the process if you want to have a go) Vehicles can have a death animation so you can set that too. There are a few complications: The legs would be animated to just keep going so unless your mule just keeps walking at that set pace its going to look more than a little strange. Also you'd be using the destructiion settings of the vehicles (nothing less than a couple of frags there) so call him the Chuck Connors of the horse world There are a few complications regarding animations in vehicles and quick saves (which is fairly complex to overcome) Getting a reasonable key frame animation sequence is going to take a fair slice of your life (and sanity) But it can be done (can the first volunteer step up to the plate please )
  9. Great stuff, now I can actually afford to drive around in London (and not watch my business nosedive into the ground). But you're right, the hair has to go For everyone not involved in this, this was really a vote against Ken rather than for Boris. There has been some pretty bad stuff Ken has done over the years (I'll list a few) He has been an embarrasment for UK/US relations (both snubbing Bush and calling the US Ambassador a chiselling little crook) He put into place Cronies and advisors of pretty questionable character and there are investigations taking place about where all the money has gone regarding this. He "changed his mind" repeatedly about issues (travel costs, the congestion charge etc) where he would openly say one thing and just weeks later reverse the decision. And once voted in, acted like a dictator (things like the Western congestion extension come to mind where he polled London (who were 90 percent against) then just did it anyway. THe list goes on and on He also had some pretty dodgy politics. Before he was mayor he said that the IRA were justified in killing british soldiers (then recently said something pretty similar in the Iraq war). AS well as taking all his advisors and cronies on a little jaunt to Venezuela I think today is going to be a Good day
  10. Sorry Tinker, I've never used that many so I really don't know. As a test, why don't you delete the original 8. If the other 4 all work then maybe there is a limit (although I find it hard to believe) Are you sure they are grouped with the right room and you haven't accidentally linked to something else? sorry, all I can do here
  11. Thought someone'd spot 'em......... You don't think they're like, cheesy, do you?
  12. I've been busy for a bit (but I got back into the swing of things over the holiday) A few shots of recent additions (looks like this insertion suffered a glitch or two):
  13. Is this really necessary? I've reinstalled a few times now (usually when Igor has become corrupted somehow) I generally just remove the prog first you get a box pop up asking whether you want to save your game files (if you ok this it should save all your mods (but by all means save these somewhere else to be on the safe side)) Then just reinstall GR and expansions (I never had an issue (but then I don't play online, is this the difference? ))
  14. Of course there's nothing to stop you overwriting that whole sound so that walking on grass will sound like walking on something else. All the walking sounds start with f_ in the sound folder Of course this will affect all other maps while your mod is active
  15. A note on the walking sound question: Most .rsb's carry sound/ texture information. this is either added in the rsb editor or, in multi object textures, is set up in the alpha channels in photoshop. However, in maps with one large terrain, this is usually hard coded in max (it has to do with the groundmap settings). So I would imagine you are unlucky this time (although, on urban maps you probably can change it as a groundmap is not always used). Also: some sounds/ texture settings are necessary for specific map objects to work. for example the dynamic grass in question will only appear if the terrain is set to "high grass" as a surface texture setting. The "too deep" water effect and splashing noises only work if the river bed is set to "sand" There's nothing to stop you trying to change texture settings in the rsb editor (if it has no effect then it is hard coded in max)
  16. No a .qob is really just the 3d model Many of the sounds in GR are hard wired into the game engine (which takes its cue from the name in a string search) example: the m35 truck sound only works if you call your truck m35 or include this in the name, similarly female voiced actors only use the female voice files if they are called "susan", "astra" etc I'm just guessing here, but, it's quite possible that the reloading sound is triggered in a similar way
  17. No you had it right first time, should definitely be 3........... With some of these scripts you have to delay the script block with a timer. Here's an example: You need to knock out a tank to win an objective. You have your rocket counter set to 1 If the counter is less than 1 and the tank is not destroyed you lose.......... Well in this case you will lose the second you fire the rocket (because your rockets counter is at zero and the tank isn't dead yet) You have to factor in the flight time of the rocket You delay the calculation with a timer (I'm pretty sure that demo charges work this way too, that you need a second or two to place the charge before you check on the counter)
  18. During the course of making my latest map I discovered (hopefully) a helpful trick regarding the use of occluders. To those who do not know what these are or how to use them, here's a very quick explanation: The GR engine is very primitve and tries to draw the whole scene placing a huge burden on your system resulting in a low FPS for complicated scenes and maps. It will try to draw objects on the other side of a high wall or hill etc even if the player can't see them, and if they are in the same map room. As the "outside world" is usually one room this particularly draining. An Occluder is a single vertical polygon (shaped like a rectangle or square) that is placed inside large obstructions to stop this happening (in other words, to make a wall behave like a wall in the real world). The naming convention for an occluder is: @p(room number) for example: @p01 Misconceptions: When I was first learning to use these I tried to read as much about them as I could in the forums, much of this information proved not to be correct. Here are the results of my experiments (and what I beleive to be their true properties). 1. Although occluders are one sided, they will in fact work in both directions regardless of their orientation. 2. Contrary to popular belief occluders don't just stop the engine drawing actors, vehicles and trees but will, in fact stop anything being drawn that is completely obscured by the occluder. Using this in practice: The trick is to make things small enough that the occluder will not try to draw them, if one polygon of the object is not covered then it will not be occluded. If your largest objects like the terrain or large groups of cliffs, roads, rivers etc are too big then you will not benefit fully from the occluders presence. The answer is to cut things into smaller chunks for this to work effectively. This is especially true of objects using alpha blending (like water and transitions) that are high drain objects. If you are going to cut up your terrain, make sure you've applied the uvw modifiers first or your darkmap will not draw correctly. Apologies to those of you who already knew this stuff, hopefully this is of help to somebody. If you know of anything I've missed here, please add to this thread for future reference (thanks).
  19. Some heatshrink sleevings are designed to shrink many times their original width. Those plugs look small enough that you could pass each of them through individually. you would probably have to cut the sleeving in half, shrink the first bit, then apply the second piece. Make sure you use a heat source that's not too hot (no naked flames).
  20. Where's your pivot point? all dynamic objects require that the pivot point for a moving part (that's the pivot point of the group not the mesh) are located correctly. usually at the same position as the relavent helper
  21. Hi Tinker, if I have an issue I always go back to basics: try to export the last good version of the map........... if you can do this, then you haven't messed up the export settings or corrupted Igor (which is something I've done more than once) CTD's are often caused by the sht file. make sure you haven't copied/ exported it to another folder and now the game is seeing a duplicate somewhere make sure you haven't tagged something like a ceiling etc as a floor just a few ideas you'll kick yourself when you find out what's causing it (bound to be something dumb )
  22. I know this'll seem pretty vague (especially as I've now chucked the magazine), so sorry in advance........... I was reading the last PC Pro and the Davey Winder section near the back mentioned problems with routers for wireless broadband Apparently there's a popular chipset that has compatability issues with some broadband connections. it may just be that you've got the wrong router I think he used a speedtouch machine to get over the issue anyhow, just an idea
  23. Hey Tink, nice to see you're still fighting the good fight: A: line the bottom of the portal up with the bottom of the window, keep the portal square/ rectangular in shape and make sure that the top two vertices are level with the highest vertice of the window. This is the same trick with with non standard doors (like cave mouths etc). you might want to test its stability by lobbing a few nades through it but it should be ok
  24. Happy new year :jeswink: (& if that chinese lady has double of everything then I've had exactly the right amount to drink )
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