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  1. Well, although its a real compliment, I don't think my name should be added to this list just yet (and certainly not on the basis of an unfinished map ) The amount of "released" material I have out there is minimal, so its a little premature maybe My vote goes to Sleeper, definitely not appreciated enough (and he helped me out when I had even less idea about modding than I do now, so a nice guy too )
  2. OK, well I was hoping you weren't going to say that (because things may get a bit complicated from here on in) On the export screen, the top left settings (Format) should give you the option to check the box that says "A1R5G5B5" If you can't do this then you can't save it with alpha test settings The way I've gotten around this in the past is to take an existing Alpha tested texture (of the same size as your own) And drag and drop the various layers across, then rename this as your texture (unless someone here knows another way of course) good luck
  3. At this point in time I have my doubts http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...c=51316&hl= (are we dead in the water already?)
  4. Yes you just have to rename the channel as "Alpha 1" You also have to reverse it (the white bits must become black) If you double click on the tab for that channel a "channel options" box should appear you can rename it here and also check the box that says "selected areas" this should do it When you save the .rsb you have to check the box that says "Alpha tested" and the settings are "greater or equal to 128" Be aware that this will not remove the collision barrier in the map (you will still collide with it whether you can see it or not) You might also try this, open up the texture in the rsb editor ( a free RSE utility), check the boxes for: gunshot transparent, grenade transparent and line of sight transparent. Now the AI can see through it and bullets etc will pass through it (these settings will affect anything using this texture so be careful) You'll still bump into it though (can't do much with that) One quick note: if there are any lighting effects associated with these models, you can't remove the light (unless you are going to relight the whole map). the alpha trick will only make models transparent
  5. Well, not for me it's not...... I've just volunteered myself for some fairly hefty map making based on that date. Given the small amount of free time available to me, I may not be able to deliver. Having said that, a quicker timescale might persuade me to add the Ratsnest map to it and put a question mark against the River map I guess, it depends on what each modder thinks would be a likely timescale for their involvement. Personally, I have no desire to rush my work out the door. I'd rather make one good thing (quality over quantity especially if this is to be a 10 year celebration)
  6. OK, well in an attempt to add more stuff then, I have the MP version of my new P2 map (Blackwolf bridge), I could wipe the few buildings off it which form the team bases (which only make sense in a MP scenario any way) and add some new buildings or a structure of somekind in the centre as the main objective. Although this map will be released with P2 it will still be fairly unfamiliar as no SP or co-op mission has been written for it (and it differs enough from the larger Co-op version to make it feel unique) This would fill the winter map slot (and could even be retextured for a more heavily snowbound setting) The map itself is a fairly generic winter forest in a valley and as such could be the setting for any military based or strategic facility (missile base, supply base, pipeline etc) Unlike the Co-op version, there is no access to the upper bridge area, so the bridge itself can be removed (which would alter it still further from the P2 Version
  7. OK, Bit of a late post (DL'd a few days ago but only just got a run around) I really liked this, a good solid map (and maybe a shade or two of early R6 thrown in too) Nice work
  8. @Mig: it will have to be a river in a high sided valley, for FPS reasons, other than that I'm easy...... Maybe the team can suggest a location that fits the feel of the mod @Lightspeed: I think that's a great idea (gets my vote), and that mock history is new to me (and pretty cool)
  9. OK, well my response to this has kind of spilled over from my own "ratsnest development" thread. I'm currently working on that project (which has an undetermined release date), but once done (if I'm able) I will add content to this one. This of course assumes that, with the possible release of PC GR4 in the pipeline, there is still an audience for GR1 content. There have been a couple of map ideas that I've been keen to do (one of which , Ratsnest, is currently under construction). The other, was a possible addition to the Blood Oil mod (until I realised that my RL commitments, at that time, gave me no time to build it) The idea is this: The map would be accessable by a playable intro, in this case a riverboat journey to the insertion zone. The river itself would be completely off-map, and this would not be important because the platoon would be passengers on a boat and would not need to access the command map. This would not be a cinematic as you would have to fight your way through the various villages, ravines etc where there would be areas for scripters to place opfor actors. This would also enable me to do some fairly striking visual tricks using dyn objects (which can be ruined by the quick save button). At this point in the game quicksaves would be turned off Should you live through the journey, you get out of the boat at the insertion zone and the mission begins, on a regular jungle type terrain, as usual (of course you may have lost a couple of troops in the process) At this stage in the game, this is the map I'd like to add as my contribution (but who knows we might all be modding for GR4 or Ground Branch by then )
  10. So far, looks like the aye's have it
  11. The Jury's out on this one........ while I have no problem adding my map to a larger mod, 2011 is a long way off.... Even I might finish a map before then Hell, GR 4 might even be released If the few modders left amongst us keep our cards hidden for the next 2 or 3 years there may only be the two of us left to DL the mod. If 2011 is your release date, I'm sure I can release this one and have another one done for your mod ready for its inclusion Of course I'm open to suggestions (and bribery) so I'll go with the majority vote, but it'll have to be a compelling arguement as I've spent time (as I'm sure we all have) making content that just gets left gathering dust somewhere as a project falls apart And this urban map is something I've been wanting to work on (and release to the community) for some time It does sound like an ambitious project though
  12. Ok guys, thanks for the support.................... Of course this doesn't put me under any pressure at all to deliver @Lighty....... Maybe you might know someone who could write a sniper type mission for this thing Oh, I have one more favour to ask (are there any Russian speakers in the house?) I've been adding russian signs and graffitti to my textures (I've decided this is a Russian town of some kind) and I'm using babelfish as a translator. If you don't want your language stomped all over by my obvious ignorance, maybe you'd be so kind as to proofread for me Thanks in advance, Phlook Here are some of those phrases and signs: These are from the building that is under construction (a supermarket in a town under marshal law........so it has empty shelves and the local people are asking why?) More from the same building but not actually added yet: This is a British bag of building plaster (from the little building site i've already previewed, I was going to rename it as: один гип�олит пальто or would: гип�олит здани� be better? (Or maybe this British building plaster is a really hot item on the black market over there) Thanks again, Phlook
  13. Hey, that looks amazing (and arrives as a complete surprise, wow!) I like the fact that you've set up the blue on blue thing so you have to watch who you're shooting at. Really looking forward to this
  14. OK Tinker, thanks for that (see I really don't know much about this stuff). I chose TVT to give the map the widest possible audience (as a coop mission can be played on any decent map). I guess I'll still aim the way I'm going, and see how things develop. Although things are far from ready, I guess I could try a few of those teaser Shots: I'm working from the centre out. The middle of the map is an open car park (which will have parked cars, trees, bushes, ticket machines etc..........so use your imagination) I've finished the basic structure of a few of the surrounding buildings, most of which feature high sniper perches: Some of the roads have pedestrian tunnels to escape those snipers: And I've finished a few of those enterable rooms: With so many accessable roofs thios is going to be a map of staircases: OK, that's where we're at right now. Thanks for the input from everyone
  15. Thanks for the replies guys (and I'll be taking you up on those scripting offers) And on to a few points: I always wished for a map where every building could be entered. I never thought too much about rooftops but that would be nice too. The rooftops idea is something I've been wanting to try for a while now (and basically making as many interesting routes and shooting perches as I can think of) but make both sides of the map where either does not give a team a distinct advantage. That is certainly easier said then done. This line puzzles me.......two sides? I thought TVT was 4 corners (could someone please explain that to me, I'm a long way from coming up with ideas for the four team bases but map structure should be based around playability) Sounds very ambitious. I hope the GR engine can handle all that. My map for P2 should crash the game, it is twice the size and more detailed and with more trees than any two RSE maps combined. (aside from a few animation issues) it has been pretty stable and the fps is acceptable (even on my old PC). I learned quite a lot making it and I'm sure I can accomplish this new one, but its structure will need careful planning Mig: Don't worry, we both know I'm on call if you need me. This is the "Fishing Village" idea we talked about. I just realised that the RSE textures for cityscapes were more interesting and varied and I'm trying to use as many of them as i can (so it grew into a city instead) I am trying to base the structure on TVT but when its taken more shape I'll see what I can do add a few objective based items to help with mission scripting Thanks again, Phlook
  16. I know I'm going to regret starting this thread at this early stage (as I'm bound to get the usual suspects asking for a release date every 5 minutes.........you know who you are ) Oh well, here goes. As my P2 duties are probably fnished now I've started work on a new map (probably called "Rats nest" unless there's already a map out there by that name). This is a long term project for me as I have very little spare time to put into this and I am putting a lot of detail into it. (in fact we are looking at MONTHS here people, I don't care how long it takes as long as it rocks) The map is Urban, within the general feel of the origmiss campaign and with the first priority towards MP/ adversarial gameplay (although I intend to coerce a scripter or two to make an SP/Co-op mission or two) For those of you all Graw'd out and not interested in Urban stuff...........this will be a map with a difference. I intend to make every building accessable in some way, with either one or more accessable rooms or access to a roof area for a sniper perch. In fact, some building roofs will be accessable from other roofs, in the outer areas of the map. The problem is I don't play MP (in fact I usually play 3dsMax these days, so my abilities would be laughable to any clans out there). So if this thing is going to work, I'm going to need help. 1. Any information you can give me that will be a help in any way, please share it (even if it seems obvious to you, it may not to me) 2. This is a map under construction, so I'd rather build it right first time, rather than find that the gameplay sucks and needs major changes later 3. I may need a friendly clan to test it out for me, or even take a run around it in its semi finished stages, and make suggestions. Layout: I'm working from the centre out, The "central zone" is an open parking lot surrounded by buildings. Most of these buildings will have high sniper perches (which will be in range of each other, so you can counter snipe) I hope to get some pics uploaded once I get a few things finished Any feedback appreciated Many thanks, Phlook
  17. OK cool FYI the limit for all dynamic objects is 256 Don't get excited though because this limit includes: All <dyn>, <glass>, <door> & <target> objects as well as all actors, vehicles and things like bullets and grenades in flight (but not trees and plants etc) So, the total number available to you will to some extent be dependant upon the mission you write for that map (if you have 20 tanks sitting around, then that's 20 less <dyn> objects you can add) I doubt very much that you are at the limit though. The number ranges 0 to 255 & 1 to 256 are commonly found in programmes as they represent the highest hexadecimal count using 2 digits (FF). It would have been nice however, if two hex bllocks had been allocated, then there'd be no <dyn> ceiling to worry about when designing maps Hope this helps
  18. What happens when someone shoots out the big pane then? These GR types are a bit trigger happy y'know
  19. This doesn't appear to be a portal thing at all. A portal would dissapear the whole room, not half a curtain. What room is the window supposed to be in? and is it still in that room. for example it may have been: 1_<n><glass>window1 but by moving portals it may not be in that room (1) at all My second impression is that it's an Alpha blend issue (are the curtains in some way semi-transparent?) two alpha blended surfaces in close proximity can cause this and such a situation should be avoided. Third, by moving to the right, are you passing through some other item? (an occluder for instance) Lastly, are you sure that the curtains are grouped with the correct room Thats all I can think of right now Good luck
  20. One last thing (then I'll leave you alone, as you seem to have worked it all out): Think ahead to the lighting stage. If youre adding bits of corridor to rooms, you will have to light those two areas in a very similar way or you will have a strangely lit part of a room. If you want a room that's lit in an individual way (the only one with lights on, etc) then best leave this room alone and chop the others up. The other way to acheive this is to move a wall slightly (no one will notice if the upper staircase is a little smaller than the one below) as long as it stays within the acceptable sizes for actors to pass each other without getting stuck (160cm for corridors and 120 for doorways)
  21. Well you may not have to move them much. If you have a door frame etc you can move them to the other side of the frame (and put the frame itself in the adjacent room)..............if that makes sense. If the portals are in line, the game engine won't be able to figure out which one you're passing through. If you have a map ready for export you may also want to check the pathing (especially with so many portals in the map) Call up the map in Igor and go: View/ debug info/ path links. This will show the pathing available to the AI. If a pathway does not go to one of your rooms then the AI will not follow you or a plan into that area. Also, I noticed that this is a two storey building. If you have a room where there are two levels of floors (above each other), in, say, a staircase, then you will need to use shermanlevels/ transitions or the pathing will never work You need to be aware of the issues if you are going to build your way out of them. I just made a couple of staircases (with many levels) and I had to reposition the transitions over and over before the pathing worked. If you test in game, assign an actor to your team and see if he will follow you around. If he gets lost, stops or takes a long detour then the pathing is not acceptable Sorry to be the bearer of bad news mate
  22. Hate to say this Tinker, but it looks like your portals are directly above/ below another This is a no no ( and is mentioned in the levelbuilder doc) Portals should not be directly above another (and should ideally be 1 metre minimum distance from another, although I have broken this rule) It is more important with portals that can be passed through than the "pt" type Sherman transitions count as portals the normal should be facing toward the first room number in the portal name (so with p1_27 the normal should face room 1). A portal should have 4 vertices and should form a flat vertical plane (although pt type portals can be placed horizontally) It should not be possible to bypass a portal, so accurate placement is very important portal faults and bad pathing are two easy ways to make your map unplayable so its a good thing to take care of the basics Hope this helps, Phlook
  23. Ok, thanks for that. I kept trying the link for a coupla days on and off (and it suddenly just worked for no apparent reason) Pretty fascinating stuff (the thing that surprised me most was that the sneaky/ recon option was shelved for political reasons) I'd imagine that must happen a lot Looking forward to the rest of the series
  24. I'm dying to watch this but I can't get the link to work (even after following the website instructions and installing firefox and letting a bunch of dodgy activex controls loose on my system) Has anyone actually watched this online?
  25. I've never messed with spotlights but I do know that they shouldn't shine on anything but the ground (I think, anyhow ) So the area illuminated by them should be clear (just like in the POW map) Glad you found the cause anyhow
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