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  1. All adjoining pieces should ideally have matching vertices at all points. I imagine that there arent any at the points where your doorway touches the other floor pieces. When you re-attach all your parts of the floor together, delete the polys without deleting the vertices, then redraw them making sure that the main floor parts include the doorway vertices.
  2. I don't know of a way to snap objects to a grid, however, I usually snap the rectangles/ splines etc to a grid before I extrude (make them 3d). Just make sure the left snap icon at the top of screen is highlighted. I never use slice (& boolean a lot, but always go back and clean up the mess before moving on) If you havent progressed too far with your model, i'd re-attach the floor/ walls etc back together and weld your vertices. You can either do this by hand (drag your mouse over several vertices that should have the same location, then weld them (shortcut =control-W) you may have to change the weld parameters if they aretoo far apart If you select all vertices and then adjust the settings correctly. you should be able to do this in a single stroke or use the vertex weld modifier (always collapse the stack after using this While you have your model as one object, this may be a time to locate things onto the grid. select each vertice at a time, and with the move tool selected (shortcut=W) check out the grid references at the bottom of the screen (XYZ). you can alter these by hand to make them make more sense (shortening to 2 decimal places, or whatever scheme you have in mind) Once your vertices are located correctly, you can detach the various objects back to walls/ floors etc
  3. Booleans are fine as long as you remember to carry out repairs as you go (once the object becomes complex enough, each new cut will produce unneccessary vertices, you need to delete these and rebuild) If you are working from the mike schell tutorial, he tells you to create a seperate piece of floor in the doorway (you did tag this as a floor, yes?) It may also be that your floor sections dont quite meet. In this case you might want to adjust each vertice by hand to make sure there are no floor pieces that have gaps between The answer will be simple, but I'll need more info here Nice to see you're sticking with it
  4. OK, well I won't go into too many details here (there are just too many of them) It is possible to do want you want (you'd have to swap the vehicles out a second before triggering the rotating one, to prevent accidental destruction by a frag etc) The one problem with these placeables is that they're usually tagged as a truck or hummer to prevent unwanted engine noises (tagging it as a tank also attaches the death "scream") So you're stuck with the destruction setting of one of these softer vehicles (a frag or two) It is possible to just have the one vehicle if the radar is to rotate from the start (constantly animated parts and death animations are different and can be incorporated in the same vehicle) The vehicle tagging pdf is helpful but not really written in english I'll let you have a few examples as a guide when the time comes
  5. I'm going to try and get two death animations: one for destroying it and one that the scripter can trigger to make it look like the dish has been "reprogrammed" (ie - the dish will pivot ). But first I need to learn how to do that. What do you need to know?
  6. I know I've mentioned this before somewhere....... Taking my cue from GR1 modding: Modders sneak things (crates/ sandbags/ radio masts etc) into existing maps by making pseudo vehicles It would be nice if there were an actual "placeable object category" that can allow an object to be modelled, then added via a script into an existing map. Such objects could set off triggers, have differing destruction levels, penetration levels, associated sounds etc. such objects would add to the re-usability of pre-made maps Of course I'm assuming here that the map and script are seperate entities and not merged as seems to be the case these days
  7. It could still be malware, no spyware prog is 100 percent efficient If your pc works ok in safe mode but freezes under normal use you might try looking at all your running processes (in task manager) if there's any processes you don't recognise, try googling them and see what the process is and what it does even if its not malware, once you know what a process is you'll know whether its safe to turn off. by doing this you can strip the system down to basics (windows/ antivirus/ firewall etc) if this works out ok, you can find the problem by a process of elimination As Rocky said you may just be overloading the system, or something may be causing a memory leak or similar issue Just my 5 cents
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr4QBZfjtqs Aw man, this is fantastic I think I can feel a mod coming on
  9. Hi Nat, I have recently built myself a new PC and still have my old one kicking around (I kept it "just in case" until I proved my new one was bug free) However, its a bit low on spec. And I will need to wipe the disk and reload XP Its an Athlon 939 port (but only single core) And it only takes a mere 10 minutes to boot Actually that may be improved because it has 3 disks now (but only 1 fast one thats not the system disk) OK, its a bit of a duffer but nothing+ P&P is a lot cheaper than £500 Let me know if youre interested Phlook
  10. Hello Blake, Oh, you don't know what you're letting yourself in for Well firstly, the map is about the biggest thing you can take on (but if you're keen I do have mike Schells Tut , and no doubt a few others) The scenecenter is just a cube that the game engine uses as a reference (mostly for dyn objects like doors etc) PM Me with your Email addy and I'll see what I can dig out (I'm assuming here that you do have the right version of 3dsMax, has to be version 4 or 5)
  11. My vote goes for Norton, Depp just seems to take the P*#% with every role (all those little quirks and strange accents) to me he just completely overcooks the whole thing. At least Norton plays it straight (he was pretty good in Pride & Glory (which I just watched on DVD)) everyone else tries to chew the scenery and he just quietly walks away with the movie in his pocket. Lets hope this is better than other recent Micheal Mann films (trailer looks pretty good)
  12. Sorry to hear about your troubles Nat, I'm sure you'll be bouncing back as soon as you're able to. And whatever you do, don't ditch that hard-drive, it's possible its not to be the cause of the fault. The fan dying could be a PSU issue (the graphics card too) In fact, can you Uninstall the graphics card (and any other plug in cards) and get it to boot just using the mother board? In addition to this, which fan is not running?. If its the main chip fan then your cpu might be overheating In this case clear it out with an air duster (not a hoover) and see if it runs I'm sure there are more technically aware people here but all is more than likely not lost.
  13. Hey nice Vid (thanks) (almost makes us look professional )
  14. I don't beleive it............ You beat me to it This is a quick render of my Ratsnest Pac-man machine great minds think alike I s'pose Nice one
  15. Hi Tinker, thanks mate........ I knew somebody would know That's set my mind at rest
  16. OK, well at least someones made one, which does make me feel a little better about putting one in the map. I'm just wary of ruining the whole thing if it causes ctd's or server side issues or something that I can't replicate when I test it. I think I'll put one in there but not have it lead to anywhere vital, that way it's more of an easter egg type deal Thanks for the replies
  17. OK, thanks for that OSO.... Yeah, I already decided not to have any working doors (if a door is open already, then you can go in, if not.........don't bother) I'm also keeping <n>glass objects to a minimum I do intend to have some dyn objects that will be destroyable (as objectives for those pesky scripters), I will probably tag cars as dynamic if they block a road (also so that scripters can remove them if they need to), and I'll see what else I can add once I know how many <dyn> objects I have left to mess around with Ideally I'd like to see all cars as dynamic so that I can make them soft targets, but I don't think I'll have enough left to waste on that The real issue will be the FPS but I'll wait for that headace a little further down the road Thanks again, Phlook
  18. I think there's more to it than that, although all the above elements are contributary. the following all play a major role too, methinks: Freedom of movement and an often open mission structure when the a team member dies the rest try to carry on and try to complete it (no hero character), this keeps the gameplay dynamic in SP as you really want to keep the rest of your squad alive (they represent 5 lives you may need and are not just cannon fodder) the feeling of being connected to the game, as opposed to playing small sections in between cinematics and exposition I'm sure there's more to it though
  19. I have a question, I suppose this is mainly for scripters, but anyone can join in I'm trying to make the playing area as interesting as possible and I'm considering a crawl space............... is this a good idea? I know that the AI won't go there (they won't even duck under something let alone get their nose in the dirt), but I was thinking of this as a cool idea............. At some point or other I'm going to make some kind of plant room/ boiler room etc and I was going to have an inspection cover hanging off, and an air duct that leads to another area (maybe a cool sniping perch or something) but you have to crawl to get there what are the implications of this with regard to the game engine? ctds etc? what if you quick save while you're down there? Anybody come across this kind of thing before? Thanks in advance, Phlook
  20. I vote we change the title of this thread to: "What was the second best movie of the year?" that way you might actually get some different replies I vote for the Hellboy sequel as second best (just to be original)
  21. Ok, well it's been a month since my last batch of pics (and it seems like a slow night) so I thought I'd post some more up. I've been at this thing pretty hard over the holiday period (so here's the progress so far): I did a bit of set dressing to the rooms I already made (chairs & tables etc) (looks like there's been a bit of a domestic in this one ) (and the Russian Mafia are using this one as a storehouse ) I've also managed to complete 2 buildings, the first of these is my supermarket: As mentioned before, the shelves are empty as the town is under marshal law and there are lots of accessable areas and places to hide in and snipe from: I've also made a warehouse with a gantry crane: Of course things are bound to slow down a little now that the holiday's over, but as you can see, we're moving forward
  22. Thanks again Apex, (nice work on the site too)
  23. No hard feelings here (much better to do this now than 6 months down the line) And nothing really changes from my perspective, the two maps in the pipeline/ planning/ whatever are still the same. I think I'd struggle to mod for a game I've never really been tempted to play (so I'll most likely give arma a miss (sorry)) I think I'll see how GR4 turns out (not that I'm holding my breath you understand) The river map will be made for GR-1 / Gr-4 maybe and Ratsnest is in production (and is now, as before, my prime objective) The idea behind this mod is still a good one, who knows, maybe we can pull a strong enough mod team together to complete it Good luck, and I hope the mod goes well
  24. I don't really get what you mean..........I don't suppose you can find an example picture of some kind?
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