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  1. OK, well this is going to be difficult if you are translating this but here goes.

    You have two options.

    If you are making a map you can create a dynamic object which you can destroy either with weapons or via a command in a mission script. The dynamic object can be given an animation which occurs when it is destroyed. You can use this animation to sink your ship. The dynamic object is part of the map & making a map will take a lot of time.

    If you want to add an animated object to an existing map you will have to create it as a vehicle. Vehicles can be added to missions/ maps via the Ghost Recon game editor. Vehicles can also be given an animation that occurs at the point of destruction but you have less freedom with parameters by doing it this way. In addition to this, you have no way of stopping that vehicle being destroyed accidentally by the weapons in the game.

    1. Dynamic objects as part of a map

    You must first create the object as it will look before it is destroyed. We will call this: Titanic

    You then create a helper point (there is a toolbar on the upper right side of the screen, click on the arrow symbol "create", then the tape measure symbol "helpers", then "point")

    When you create a helper point you must do it using the top view

    You must call this helper: O (that is not zero it is upper case o)

    This is the reference point for the animated object. It is a good idea if this helper point is at the centre of the animation. Therefore, if the animated object pivots from one end, put this helper at the centre of the pivot.

    You must then create a group containing only the helper point.

    There is a naming convention for these objects:

    room number_<n><dyn>modelname

    if you are placing this in room 1 it will be:


    Now add the titanic object you created earlier to the group.

    There are some settings to change for this model but they cannot be done without before you complete the next task

    In Ghost recon, destroyed dynamic objects are replaced by another model

    this is a .pob file

    This .pob file uses the O helper point as a positional reference

    You will have to create this .pob in a new 3dsmax scene

    It is usually easiest to delete everything in the scene you have created except the <dyn> object

    If you just want to animate the object (and not have any smaller objects that are independently animated)

    then rename this object <n>modelname

    It must be a different modelname so perhaps: <n>titanic2

    You then animate this using by sliding the to the correct frame on the track bar at the bottom of the screen, hit the "n" key (bar turns red) move the object to where you want it, hit "n" again.

    If you did this correctly, when you move the slider the object should go through its animation

    You need to change a setting

    In the bottom left of the screen is an icon called the mini curve editor, clicking on this will open a drop down menu

    You have to find the groups you have animated and set the animation to linear

    Click on these groups, click on assign controller

    assign linear position & linear rotation (& at this point click on make default, this will assign linear animation in all future animations for this model)

    If you need to make sub-objects (like lifeboats falling off), each of these must be an <n> object, each with a unique name and all with a O helper point. They should all be grouped inside the main <n> group. Some of these can even be grouped inside each other.

    You can also add effects like smoke or fire. There is a list of these pinned on the forum somewhere

    These effects are helpers and are grouped inside the <n> groups

    Once you have your object finished it will have the <n>titanic2 group as the "outer" group.

    You now need to group it again

    This new outer group should be called <n><dyn>titanic3 (or any name not already used)

    You must open up the map editor and check the box: starts animating

    It can now be exported

    You must have the correct plug ins installed

    you must put .pob as a file type

    So your new file might be called: sinking_titanic.pob

    Now you go back to you original map file, select the 1_<n><dyn>titanic

    open the map editor to alter some settings

    in the destruction category setting you can choose how heavy a weapon is required to destroy the object. If this is scripted destruction only, then set for "indestructable"

    You can set a destruction sound (this has to be set up in another file first, if you get this far I'll talk you through it)

    In the damaged object box you must select the .pob file we just made

    There are also settings for penetration levels/ 2d collision/ 3d collision

    We'll probably need to fine tune these, but these are the basics

    When you export your map, the damaged object should work

    2. Destroyable vehicle

    Destroyed vehicles are not swapped with another .pob file, they carry <n>objects which animate upon death

    The animated parts are made exactly as above <n>group, with a O helper

    The tagging for this is just too complex for me to explain here

    It would be easier for me to send you a couple of reference files, so that you can copy the naming and grouping of objects

    As I stated in another post, when I eventually release the various P2 content as stand alone mods I will explain the various tricks & methods

    I haven't done it yet & you'll have to wait for these modding guides to arrive

    However, I hope you have some luck with the information above

    Sorry there's so much to translate


  2. If you can tell me what you want to achieve (what it is you're trying to mod) then it would be helpful.

    The helicopter crash itself is part of a map (I made the map, & I made the dynamic heli sequence as part of it)

    However it may be possible to do what you want in another way

    It would really help if you'd narrow things down a little, are you trying to animate a character, an object?

    Is this part of an actual project or are you lust looking for general information?

    Do you have 3dsmax & are you familiar with how to use it?

  3. OK, well seeing as Rocky is taking this pretty seriously, I've considered a prize (such as it is) for the winner.

    I'll find a way of adding your name to my next map :P

    Maybe a poster on a wall or something

    So if you want your name in lights boys & girls you better see if you can beat that ridiculously high score


  4. Don't know what happened there......... I just replied to this once already.

    I tried to overwrite the bmf files and failed miserably

    When you export a character from 3dsmax using the RSE Plugins it automatically creates a .bmf file but it doesn't seem to function.

    The problem is that the bmf files are tiggered by the game engine (which is hard coded)

    so even f you do solve it, you can only over-write the stock animations, not add new ones

    So, what are you trying to add to the game?

  5. I'm not sure there is an XML that "references" the voices.

    There should be an XML type file in your own sound folder. To make one of these go to the sound editor in Igor and reconcile

    If you haven't discovered it, Igor is the main modding tool for GR & is included in the GR disc

    If you reconcile your sounds and they have the same file names, I can't see why it shouldn't work

  6. Just an additional note regarding the 20 bonus points for the buildings

    To earn these points you must get them all per building, miss one and no bonus points at all

    The shack has: All external windows, 2 Buckets, 1 Shovel, 2 cooking pans, 1 radio, 1 cup, 1 lantern & a glass panel in the kitchen cupboard

    The Hut has: All external windows, 2 cups, 1 Bucket & a canteen

    The low value of the bonus on offer here denotes that you should really be out hunting something else, but if you have the opportunity & maybe time is running out it might be an idea to bag a few extra points in this way.

    The twenty points are for each building (you don't have to clear them both) ;)

  7. Those of you who have been playing P2 or following the varous P2 threads will know that there are beasties walking around on the Bridge map.

    These Beasties can be killed.

    So I've put together a little hunting mission to see who's the best hunter among you.

    You have twenty minutes to shoot as many things as possible.

    The scoring goes as follows:

    Wolves (5 available)= 100 points each

    Buzzards (4 available)=20 points each

    Goshawks (4 available)= 20 points each

    Carp (8 available) = 10 points each

    Trout (7 available) = 10 points each

    (Sorry there are no Wabbits) :P

    50 bonus points are awarded for each species that is wiped out (so all 4 Buzzards would net you 130 points)

    20 bonus points are awarded if all destroyable items are shot in either the wooden shack or the stone hut

    This is an individual event (no team play, one hunter only), you will be given a rifle & a pistol (no redneck fishing techniques, no anti-materiel rifles)

    The mod includes a hunting guide which outlines the locations of your prey.

    This is just a bit of a laugh so I'm assuming here that you're all going to play nice, I can't stop you cheating if you really want to, but I'd hope we're all adult enough here not to do that <_<

    At the end of the mission you'll be given your score & total shots fired (it flashes up on the screen for 30 seconds at the end)

    You can post your results in this thread

    A tie will be decided upon shots fired (the hunter who has fired the least number of shots is the winner).

    You can post again if you get a better score

    There are no prizes though, except to know you're the best (you guys and your egos)

    May the least worst guy win


    [Edit: this goes without saying really, but P2 has to be active as the mission requires the blackwolf map]

  8. Phew finished mission 5! What a blast that was!

    I have updated my intel post with more images and requirements.

    This is only mission 5, still got around 16 more missions to go.... if the standard keeps up like the first 5, this will be my favourite mod of all time I think.

    Going back a few missions, can I ask, how did you achieve the effect of the crashed plane injured soldier recovering and standing up groaning, I don't recall seeing a GR animation of a prone character actually standing up like that, looking all groggy... or did I miss it?

    I use the same bag of tricks for all my dynamic/ animated stuff:

    Ghost Recon has small animations built into its game engine, an example of this is the spinning rotor on one of the IT maps, or the destroyable cars on the Embassy map.

    These animated parts are very simple, but the opportunity is there to expand on this idea.

    Each dynamic object can have a "death animation", usually these are just bits falling off etc but I used this for the injured soldier routine.

    When the guy is lying on the ice, he is not a soldier as you would imagine, but a part of the map (a dynamic object), in the script, this "dyn" object is destroyed when you approach him, then the death animation kicks in, in this case, the standing up/ shaking his head etc, at the point where he aims his gun, he is swapped out for a real soldier (he is hidden & Mig unhides the real guy in exactly the same place)

    Unlike the actors in the game who's bodies are flexible, dynamic objects are not, so I made the soldier for the death animation like a GI Joe, each body part is a seperate object and these are all animated by hand.

    The same technique is used for the Heli routine/ the Jet attack/ the demo disarm. Each of these are death animations that are triggered in the script.

    This is done so that the scripter can control the timing of the event.

    Items such as the Wolves are animated to continually follow a path, their death animation is their actual death. But each body part is just like GI Joe and animated by hand. They are all part of the map and cannot be placed anywhere else.

    Vehicles can also carry a death animation and these were used for items such as the cases that open etc (these are vehicles pretending to be simple objects so that they can be placed into stock maps in the normal way).

    Going back to animations for the regular actors in the game: many people have tried to get new character animations to work, but I'm not aware of any successes. I cheated, to get the soldier to look injured after he is swapped and is under the control of the scripter.

    The body "mesh" of the actors has an invisible set of "bones" which are animated by the game engine. I detached the injured guys broken arm from these bones so that his arm does not move

    Hope this helped you more than it confused you :D

  9. Rocky, what AT are you using?

    I think that some demo launchers are only meant for light armour.

    Something like the HEAT rounds should take out the Tor first time out.

    The Tor has full destruction animation (the dish visibly is damaged & panels pop open)

    The smoke & fire effects are timed to cut down on lag & FPS Issues.

    As to the rotating dishes, I will say this:

    We found an issues with rotating vehicle body parts restarting after loading a saved game (even if the vehicle is destroyed). This has been fixed for the Tor (but the Tungaska is an older model and the original max files are not available to carry out a similar fix), it may be you're firing at a dead vehicle.

  10. Thanks Brazzo

    The Heli may not be in the same place every time (darn things keep flying around)

    But Wombat is right, there are three possible locations & none are accessible to the player (better load up with rockets or GL's if you're hunting for Heli's) ;)

    I don't want to post any more revealing spoilers but if you're really stuck, PM me & I'll point you in the direction

  11. Thankyou (glad you liked it)

    This map first started as a request from Jay 316 as a jungle map for the Korean Centcom add-on (but he kindly let me steal it back and turn down the temperature a little for P2)

    Its much the same in principal as the Centcom idea (except that Mig gave me free reign to indulge myself)

    Hence it now over-spills the command map by a good 100 metres & has lots of dynamic objects & cool stuff

    (congrats on letting your sniper loose on the beasties, most of these so called special forces types have turned out to be pretty poor hunters, good thing they carry lots of rations :P )

    The only thing that dissapoints a little is the trees (but you can't have 1000 trees & bushes without oversimplifying them)

    Your other questions really are a mystery, I did make an invisible vehicle for the cinematics ( a kind of camera platform) but I couldn't see it in the script anywhere

    Can you give me the grid loc of this "control panel"? just go into the console command and type: loc (or maybe describe a little where exactly near the caves it is)

    I certainly didn't include it in the map............ weird

    Any how, have fun with the dusk mission, its the same map again but with different dynamic objects :thumbsup:

  12. Ok mission 3 this night. Demo kit??? Where I suppose to find them? do I need to go back on those posts on top of the bridge with the only man left I have??? This brings me to the question: is the cave/waterfall the only way to go up/down the levels?

    But.... the injured ghost!!! WOW!!! (no spoilers)

    The demo kit is very close to the demo charges

    Yes the caves are the only route (the idea was to make the most out of the 400 x 400 map, & even there I failed because I overstepped the boundaries)

    Glad you're enjoying the mod :thumbsup:

  13. Following a recent enquiry (along similar lines) I'd just like to clarify the situation regarding some of my content for this mod.

    Items like the placeable objects will be released at some time or other in the future as a stand alone mod so that modders can include them in their own missions

    If anyone has looked into this already, there is a confusing number if different versions of the same items

    These were all made for different reasons and some have issues regarding servers etc

    I plan to make a document that will catalogue all the objects and their various advantages & disadvantages (but have not done so yet)

    I plan on including some reference max files for the various objects as I discovered a couple of useful tricks during my time making them (these may not be news to modders who have made similar items but they may help someone)

    The Blackwolf map & my vehicles will also be released seperately, and again I intend to release max files and modding guides.

    None of this is ready just yet (and it wouldn't be appropriate at this time in any case), this is of course not of interest to anyone as you're all too busy playing P2 anyhow (it has been kinda quiet around here ;) )

  14. The water sounds are a bone of contention.......

    This mod is Frostbite based, and the water footstep sounds were over-written for the Blue Ghost map (the deep snow is tagged as a river bed). This allows the "Too Deep" voice over to work (a nice little trick by Sleeper), however this means that any river bed will sound like you're walking on snow with Frostbite active.

    This was not realised until the river had been created for Blackwolf and it seemed a shame to scrap it

    We tried to make a footstep sound that was a happy medium between the two (to allow Blue Ghost to be used as a map in P2) but the jury's out

  15. Hi there, (& thanks for your interest in modding GR)

    Answers: yep V5 is good (but no later than that)

    You'll need the plugins (from the Island thunder disk I think) but if you have both expansion packs the various files & utilities will be in there somewhere

    Also on one of the disks is the levelbuilder pdf (which was written by the devs but not quite finished) regardless of this, its your bible so i'd start with that

    I have a whole bunch of tutorials (Including a couple of little ones I did myself on starting a map from scratch)

    Having said that, a map is the biggest commitment and largest task you can tackle, you'd learn just as much by making a vehicle etc

    If you need the tut's I have, PM me your email address and I'll send 'em over

  16. Personally, I quite like soul jumping into the various team leader positions and micromanaging stuff (but then i'm not much good at playing GR even after all these years :P )

    just hit 1, 2 or 3 as shortcuts and you'll jump into the boots of A,B or C team leader (and you can go from there) you might give them the odd waypoint if you think there are good odds they'll not meet people with guns (they're scary)

    I usually play 3 two man teams as: A= assault, B= demo or assault 2, c= sniper or sniper/demo according to the mission

    remember to change the movement and ROE settings as required (4, 5 & 6 are universal "hold", "advance" and "go and do something stupid", while 7, 8 & 9 are universal "recon", "attack" & "waste all your ammo" modes

  17. 1. Are most of you in the tech/programming business in "real life" or perhaps are you in a completely non-related field?

    In real life I'm in the construction industry (I can be pretty technical with an SDS Hammer drill :rocky: )

    2. If you approached modding as a hobby and did not have a tremendous programming background did you "cut your teeth" on GR/Igor or perhaps another game and editor?

    I started with Igor, and made a pretty louser scripter. I get too hung up on technicalities, so I made my missions very clever and really rubbish at the same time.

    Example: I made a prison breakout mission using the GR1 POW camp map. Every time you killed an enemy you could pick up their weapon as long as it was better than your own (so if you had an AK47 you wouldn't pick up a hand gun). You could pick up secondary weapons to add to your own kit etc. The script was so large I had no room to add more than about a dozen or so bad guys :P (see what I mean?)

    3. Did you have a mentor as you learned to mod?

    The forum really helped & other modders did reply to my endless requests for help (most notably Sleeper, Cobaka & Bitshot)

    4. If involved in a large mod, how many people were actively involved in producing it?

    My only callaboration is P2 (quite a few people involved but its Mig's baby).

    5. What do you feel is the ave. age of the current modders?

    The mental age of all modders is about 8 and a half (their bodies are probably a little older)

    6. How does the amount of time you spend modding compare to the amount of time you game? (not counting test runs on your mods)

    I don't get to play the game much (I think that's probably true of all modders). I'm really, really good at running away from the bad guys.

    7. If you were to start over learning to mod (without previous experience) - How would you approach it and what mistakes would you avoid.

    I think I'd approach it the same way (just do it and learn along the way). The mistake not to make is to be pressured into hurrying anything out of the door (take your own sweet time and make sure its right)

    8. Finally, perhaps I left off another question that should have been asked - please feel free to add it...

    Had a long think about that one......nothing yet (but I reserve the right to edit one in later)


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