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  1. Hey thanks guys, :'( Who's says us Brits can't get emotional (breaking open the bubbly! )
  2. Yeah, that's one of my fav's (along with Ellroy's "White Jazz", "Run" by Douglas E Winter or anything by Carol O'Connel or George Pelecanos) No-one seems to have noticed the "3DsMax Bible" in the Blackwolf maps either
  3. Oh No! I missed it again Ah well, better late than never Happy Birthday Mig
  4. I'm not playing this until you add in the categories of scores/ success (just like the dumbassed magazine quizes this is based on) e.g. 1-5 points = total mook, 5-10 points bit of a muppet etc In fact, to do it properly, each category should make some over-generalised statement about the players life or personality As I don't think I know you well enough to win, at least give me something to aim for
  5. When I designed that map, the idea was that the two dynamic barriers that stop you walking off down the road would be hidden at the point where the convoy pass through & then unhidden to stop anyone wandering off map. However, I think this idea was dropped when we had all the server side issues concerning this map So you can have a little Jack Kerouak moment and go for a road trip I wasn't aware of any unstable terrain there though
  6. Y'know? I feel almost guilty in a way, to have induced this level of obsession in guy's who are old enough to really know better. Nah! just kiddin' BTW, good recon
  7. Well the excuse I had prepared for not competing is how I'd have such an unfair advantage (yeah right, lets face it, most of those critters would die of laughter instead of bullets) BTW, you can't frag anything as you don't have any frags (unless you pull out some sneaky scripting skillz )
  8. Sorry to hear about your troubles Dannik, hope you get better soon.
  9. Yes Definitely 5 Wolves, However the last one can only be viewed from the upper level, given the time limit, it is quite an expensive task to try to bag him. I believe most of the highest scores have been achieved by staying on the lower level
  10. Yup, that really is a cracking score (& have as many tries as necessary) Better watch out, I believe that Rocky's spraying teflon on his custom load bullets & adjusting for windage as we speak
  11. Well, we knew he was fond of a sniper or two........... We aim to please
  12. I'd put some TCP on that pretty quick, those Buzzard pecks can be nasty
  13. No, I'd say you're top scorer Sorry, it's taken me a whole day to get my head around that score. Of course I'm making the rules up as I go here, but I don't think anyone's going to argue with that achievement. While I'm making up rules, and in the interest of fairness, if anybody equals that score (& with an equal bullet count), then *TEK*FF still wins (i don't like the idea of a tie) It looks like the only other contender at the moment is Rocky. I'm not sure if he'll pick up the gauntlet (there's no shame in losing to such a worthy opponent), but it has been kinda quiet around here BTW, I don't know if you've been following events in the little corner of GRNet where I usually live, I'm in the middle of making my next map (TBH it's still about 6 months away, so not exactly breaking news). The "prize" I was talking about earlier was putting some kind of winners poster or winners trophy somewhere in the map (not a real prize as such but then, you didn't shoot real wildlife either )
  14. All these are GR1 (not really a fan of the GRAW series, although the point & click without using the TAC map approach was interesting) 1. Instant death. That sickening thud as you realise you just lost a lung (then the ground rushes up to meet you). Once that happens a few times you play pretty tactical after that. 2. Soul jumping. Get your AI outta trouble before he does something dumb (& no hero character). Also lets you play all the best bits (why send your sniper to do something, when you can be the sniper/ demo guy etc) 3. Freeeedom! (Nuff said)
  15. What exactly am i looking at here? Is this the "jeep" version? have you got the vehicle into the game but have not managed animation? BTW, I do not have IM/ ICQ etc
  16. Well I have version 5 (so I guess you won't be able to open those files) We'll have to do this the hard way There are several types of vehicle you can make, but placeable objects are usually humvees or trucks because there is no engine noise unless you name the vehicle in a certain way. The downside of this is that these vehicles are quite easy to destroy, so an unlucky grenade or two might trigger the animation at the wrong time I'll assume though, that we're dealing with a wheeled vehicle here. I'll also assume that we are going to have just one vehicle part that has an animation (the main body) First of all create the model (I'll keep with the Titanic example). Create a helper point (in the top view) and call it: O (just like the previous lesson) From the front view your "vehicle" should be facing right, approximately centre of the Y axis, with the Z axis representing the floor or ground in the scene. group the helper, then add the model to the group (this puts the pivot point at the same location as the helper) this group should be called <n><body><ian>model name (in this case: <n><body><ian>titanic) The <ian> prefix is applied to all groups carring a death animation We now need to add the suspension & wheel groups (even though there will be no wheels) the game engine will expect it Place 4 helper points (all called O, all made in the top view), in the positions where the wheels would be, these should form an even pattern, exactly above these place 4 more helpers. These will represent the suspension system. It is a good idea to have a very small gap between the "wheels" and these new helper points to create a stiff suspension The suspension helpers should be named: ^leftwheel0anchor ^leftwheel1anchor ^rightwheel0anchor ^rightwheel1anchor 0 = front, 1= rear Each of the helpers representing the wheels should be grouped These groups should be called: <n><leftwheel0> <n><leftwheel1> <n><rightwheel0> <n><rightwheel1> Again, 0= front, 1= rear The suspension helpers should be attached to the <n><body> group You should now animate the <n><body> group using the method detailed in the previous example Once again you should be using linear animation Any additional animated pieces should be individually grouped, each should have a helper point called: O & each should be called <n><ian>unique name Any special effects should be attached to either the <n><body> group or another inner <n>group an example of these effects is: ^[d0]general_type33 This is once again a helper created in the top view, the [d0] prefix that the effect triggers upon the vehicles death Now you need to create the outer group for the model create a helper (in the top view) and place it at origin (0:0:0 in the grid) call it: O Group this helper and call it <n>vehicle name Attach all other groups to this group (so that it becomes the outer group) Now export it You'll need to export it as a .pob in the model folder & as a .anm in the Motion folder an example: titanic.pob titanicd0.anm the d0 (thats d zero) are necessary to indicate death animation You'll also have to create a .veh file in the Actor folder This can be done in notepad Its best to open one of the ones I sent over as an example This should get you to a stage where your vehicle/ animation works. There are a few other things I could go into but you need to get to this stage first.
  17. Please note that Rocky comes from a long line of Celtic warriors, Beating his score may not go down well
  18. The invisible wall thing is a portal fault in the map. I thought we'd cleared this map of any such nonsense. The dodgy portal would be the one you walked through before things became see-through It would be nice to know where you went, & therefore, which portal is the dodgy one Did you find the WMD crates/ barrels in the room that leads to the underground tunnel? Not on IM (sorry)
  19. Email sent When you export a model with animation you have to export as .pob & .anm, these are seperate tasks
  20. The hunters guide in the Elmer Fudd mission is not the Walkthrough.pdf, it only shows the wildlife & destroyable objects pertinent to that mission.
  21. Well that's very nice of you, but in addition to killing off all the wildlife I think you've also killed off all the competition I can't believe that all these spec ops guys & hardened gamers haven't risen to the challenge Anyhow, I'm already designing your winners poster to be put up on a few walls around the Ratsnest map
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