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  1. This is the fixed weapon file: http://www.mediafire.com/?50ngjytykln
  2. Off to work at the moment (on a Sunday! ) But will upload it tonight
  3. The Demo map is on one of the discs (maybe DS or IT?..... can't really remember) It's the MP version of the castle map and has the truck and the little pick-up as part of the map. RSE also released example max files for the blackhawk, CRRC, BMP and a vehicle called the stinger as well as the fixed machine gun. I have them all on file somewhere if you need them
  4. Like most modders I've had a go at salvaging the example map/ vehicles And they all have texture issues but I don't remember it being as bad as your one. I don't know whether its a scale problem (I had to scale my one down to fit the centimeter/ meter scale of my map) sorry
  5. OK, well, H-Hours idea seems to have done the trick By reducing the room count I have managed to over-come the ctd. I now have the laborious task of gradually merging rooms, and repairing the pathing that seems to be a victim of this process. But it's definitely better than the alternative, so no biggie BTW, it would seem that 100 rooms is definitely the ceiling (I guess I'm the first one to ever hit it)
  6. Maybe you could try using the skinner utility instead of a hex editor to re-skin it see if this makes a difference to stability .........Ooops, Looks like me & H Hour both replied at the same time here Great minds think alike I 'spose
  7. This is just a guess here, but I suggest you rename the inner groups so that the engine doesn't get confused between two vehicles in the same mission I've never tried any of what you're attempting, but, if you open up the .pob in a text editor, the group names are clearly visible I seem to remember reading somewhere that you can change names as long as the number of letters remains the same I don't know if you can do this in a text editor though or whether it has to be a hex editor Good luck
  8. Oh, yes, I do. In the circular stairway to the tower in HH - Airport, the AI still won't go all the way up to the top, after rebuilding and adjusting and tweaking tons of times. I finally just gave up... Well if you ever plan on re-visiting it I'd be happy to return the favour and take a look
  9. OK, well it's been a long while since I've revisited this thread (or this map) Most of the work you see in the following images was done before the summer, in truth I just haven't had the time to do any modding at all for the last 6 months. However, here goes: Mission insertion docks area (with a big nod towards the GR Docks mission): The bad guys base (well, one of them): The Tower block sniper post: Gas holder area (under construction): Those of you who have read my CTD thread will know that I'm having a few difficulties with this map but am assuming here that things are progressing. This map is approximately half way finished, I probably won't be including all the things I had planned for it (due to time constraints) However, it should be a pretty good environment for firefights & sniper/ counter-sniper type missions Please note that I've taken these screen shots carefully (to avoid the great big holes in the floor), this map is in no way as finished as these images suggest or playable in any way (please be patient)
  10. Actually, you're right. i can probably lose about 20 rooms if I put my mind to it. A lot of "rooms" are parts of staircases which I've split up to avoid too many complex sherman boxes. You don't realise how difficult it is to make a realistic staircase work if you want to get up to a high roof I'll package up my map tomorrow and PM you the link I need to take out all the little tests I've been carrying out & put things back the way they were earlier Thanks once again for the offer
  11. Well I'm only pushing that limit if I add the sherman transitions too So I just did a quick test, I made a staircase and added 5 Sherman transitions, game plays fine I suppose if I've reached the rooms limit, I'll just have to be more creative with my open spaces. I'm not licked yet, but I am done for the day Thanks for everyones input
  12. Thanks for getting back to me guys, As for looking over my map, it's no simple thing, there are approximately 200 portals and sherman transitions and 99 rooms (although many of these are just parts of the same staircase), as well as 6 map levels In short I wouldn't wish it on anyone (especially as you guys have a mod to beta test ) Just to clarify, I think adding a new room or portal is the issue, I deleted the existing .sht,the roomlist file is good, I tried creating a collision file both in igor and by firing up a mission in game. the sht seems to be created but it has a fault which crashes the game If i remove the new room, I can export a working version of the map Since posting I have been working like mad to find an answer and I now find that I cant add any more new rooms without a CTD when making the collision map. I have tried making little test buildings at various places around the map and using different room names but all ctd. Just in case 100 rooms was a cut off point for the engine, I even deleted an existing room but this still ctd'd when adding a new one. This is pretty dissapointing if it means that I cant add any new enterable buildings (as the spread of the existing ones is biased towards one end of the map) I am now testing to see if I can still add new sherman transitions (these are essentially a portal and I don't know whether I've hit a cap on rooms or portals or on the size of the .sht file) Sheesh
  13. This is a question for any old school mappers out there: I've finally found some time to dust off my modding PC and get back in the saddle, and am working on my (half finished) urban map. The map itself is very complex and I'm sure the engine has difficulty drawing the collision map. However, I have hit the same issue for the 2nd time now (and I'd like to understand the fault so that I can avoid it in future) I have created a series of buildings and am working towards creating enterable spaces within these. The buildings in question use many cloned parts (the walls and doorways are all cloned and built so that I can easily add corridors and apartments as I go). When ever I try to add an enterable space to any of these buildings the game crashes upon drawing the .sht file I have rebuilt the rooms and inner and outer doorways, used different naming conventions, rebuilt the portals, made all meshes non 2d collidable & used non rendered collision planes instead, varied the size of the doorways, removed and rebuilt each piece until I've finally lost the plot. As an experiment I exported a version with the new room as part of room 01 (negating the need for a portal) and it worked without issue (although it can't stay that way for reasons of lighting etc), there are no other portals anywhere near this building. This has happened before in this map and I ended up abandoning the whole structure and building something else. This time, however, I would have to erase a whole corner of the map (as the buildings in question cover a large area and represent many, many hours of work) If anyone has encountered a similar issue and overcome it I would very much appreciate it if you could share the solution. Until then:
  14. It is Battersea power station You won't find anything interesting inside though, It was hollowed out to be turned into a theme park, then a shopping mall and finally a luxury housing development. Each of these plans have fallen through and it just sits there, quietly rotting Bit of a shame really
  15. @ Tinker..you've poured it into this thing Tinker, thanks for your efforts and to all who have made this work to date... Yup, I second that. That's a really nice looking map, really looking forward to this mod
  16. Rocky, the texture you have is meant to be applied to a spherical skybox. The GR skyboxes are a cube However, it's easy enough for Tinker to make a spherical one (I did just that for the P2 skyboxes) I have a max file somewhere that I can make available
  17. Well, yeah. Something like an M249 that actually has the desired effect on the enemies roe or behaviour. I remember this being mentioned by GRIN, but all that actually seemed to happen was that if you point any gun at a concealed enemy soldier, they won't pop their head up until you point it somewhere else (how do they know ) So I guess I'm talking AI behaviour in relationship to suppressive fire as opposed to the support weapon itself. Convincing AI all round would maybe be a better way of putting it
  18. A working support weapon would be nice (is this actually possible?).
  19. It'd have to be on the rails, linear gameplay. I love watching movies, but being dropped in the middle of one just doesn't cut it. Being force fed the next sequence of events just so that some cut scene can be triggered at the right time is just lazy and wrong, scripts should be intuitive not constricting.
  20. I caught the wrestler on DVD recently (man, what a waste of money), I really enjoyed watching him get "stapled" as some kind of payback.
  21. Personally, I only play games SP (I just don't have the time to schedule anything like a co-op match in, or wait up 'til midnight to join a decent server from another continent) So my comments are from a SP perspective The one thing GRAW really got right (IMHO) was the point and click team orders (of course it didn't really work but the idea was sound) This was true to a real life situation, if you wanted your team mate to walk a few yards and cover a street, you'd tell him to do it (not bury your head in a map) The weapon loadout also wasn't bad but it's no real difference to any number of similar shooters
  22. Hi Lexsis 1. I usually boolean my doors. I create an intersecting cube or a rectangle that I then extrude, select compound objects/ boolean and set to reference/ cut The shape I'm using as a cutting tool must not have the same edge as any of the wall I'm cutting, so I move the lower vertices below those of the wall. Doing things this way generally creates the odd unwanted vertice which you'll have to remove by hand. 2. All faces are made up of triangles. depending on how you created the face you can either see these or not. it matters if you are using meshes or poly's etc and if you have removed the face from a larger object. Welcome back
  23. Nice try, but this is me we're talking about..... I'm just older 'n' uglier (This is a film quote, although I can't remember the film just now: "Stupid people get old too", kinda sums it up)
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