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  1. Nope, no luck I've cured the problem within the lighting tool but now I ctd in Igor scratch one flag thanks anyway moving on
  2. Hello Deleyt, Thanks for getting back to me I'm pretty sure that I've done this. I have considered a rebuild but the thing was such a pain to animate convincingly I have thought of a work around but I won't get a chance tonight to try it. I'm thinking of making a very small room (made out of portals) for the flag to live in. I'll post a reply if I solve it. Thanks anyway man Lets hope the GRAW tools are a bit more user friendly
  3. Hello people, I can't beleive I'm still writing in to beg for help (but I think I may have found an issue not covered in any posts). I have, at long last, finished my very first map and I'm just going through the lighting process and applying little tweaks. I have a couple of dynamic objects in room 1. one is a wind speed measuring thingy (you know, one of those little spinning things) It constantly rotates and works perfectly with the lighting tool. The other is an animated flag. This moves in a slightly more complex fashion but functions perfectly well in the game. However, once the lighting tool does its stuff, the flag becomes totally black on both sides. Room one has a sun as well as an ambient light source. I have tried different lights but when the darkmap is created I always get a black flag......................... I would be very interested to hear from anyone else has discovered this bug (and fixed it) Any replies are, of course, very appreciated (Looks like I'll have to make a pirate mod now to use my black flag )
  4. That did it! Fantastic, thank you very much! I changed the opacity bit and gave a suffix to each helper point and now I'm up and running. You the MAN! Thanks once again to everyone who replied to my post. Now I just need a clone to go out and earn my wages while I spend the rest of my life finishing this map.
  5. I think so, the portals are in room 1 (outside the building) they have their normals facing to room 1 and are outside the glass. If I remove the glass panels completely you can see into the building without any problems. It really is a mystery. If it wasn't my first time at this I would know if it's just a bug or not. I hope to get a basic version of building 2 working tommorow so I'll have something to compare to. Thanks anyway guys
  6. Sorry Bitshot, Thanks for trying but it's just not playing nice I'm working on a second building now so I'll try that one for glass as soon as I can If it works out OK I'll reconstruct the first one from scratch. Thanks again for the input
  7. Hello people, I really do hate troubling everybody like this but I have a little stumbling block I just can't seem to crack. I'm attempting my first map (currently just one small building in a snowy valley). The building is very similar to Mike Schells demo and is poorly concieved, badly textured and generally pathetic (but it's my baby and I'm a proud dad). It now has working doors and windows that are taking the total ######!! I have: Set Alpha texture destination in the exporter. Set the map editor as instructed (line of sight etc) Used a double sided texture with alpha channel (set to alpha blend) In fact I am currently using glass_dusty.rsb as found in the RSE missions. I have grouped the window mesh and helper point "O" as "2_<n><glass>glass01" (it's in room 2 window frame but not grouped with the room). The LOD 1 name is set to "glass01" In fact, I can't see anything in the various tutorials that I've missed. But without fail here's what happens in game: One side of the window is completely transparrent and bullets just pass through (non normal side obviously) Other side of the window is solid white. Shoot at this for instant CTD! I must have made a really obvious mistake but I just don't see it HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Gotcha Thanks man! This map making is turning out to be a bit more in depth than I'd anticipated. Thanks for helping me out so quickly
  9. Hello once again Ladies and Gentlemen, it's another begging letter I'm trying my hand at map making for the first time (a little late I know with GRAW coming out (but you never know it might suck )). I've read all the tutorials I can find but none of them cover the edge decals found on maps like Aurora. I'll explain: I've made two height maps (one for the playable surface and one for the surrounding hills which will enclose it) The hills pass through the playable surface and at this point you get a nasty zig zag effect. I think that what RSE have done with this is to layer over the distortion with a decal effect of some kind. If you want to see this for yourself find the Aurora map and replace edge_decal.rsb with a solid colour (and remove the mask channel if you're overwriting). You will find that this layer travels around all the places where rocks meet with the sand and covers over the edge of the road to blend it with the desert. As this decal is painted over the existing mapping (to see this make the mask layer solid black) it must have been laid over the top somehow.................. HELP!!! My skills with this stuff have just found their limit. Does this mean that a new object has to be created to take the edge_decal texture or is there some function of 3dsm I haven't found yet? I can't even headbut my screen now I've bought a TFT! Any help, is of course, very much appreciated.
  10. Awesome!! Thanks Snowfella I am definitely not worthy Have a good one man
  11. Hello guys (and girls of course) I've been mission modding for a while now and have just taken the next step (you know, 3ds max'n' stuff) I've been looking through all the really helpful posts but I seem to have hit a wall. It seems that I need a file called GhostReconBones.max to animate my meshes. All the links for this file seem to be broken. Does anyone know of a way to download this file or have any good advice? Any help is, of course, much appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the reply mate And I thought I was just using the wrong deodorant or something! I don't recall this happening on the original missions (although lets face it they are not hard enough to require quick save anyway) I think I'll try hiding some bad guys from the game world and maybe showing them via zones. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  13. Hello Chaps, I'm writing a mission (well, written it really). It's the 2nd mission in (hopefully) my first real campaign. I've done all the basic testing and am now live testing (and hitting F6 every now and then just in case). But when I hit load last save I restart UNDERGROUND! What the? Then I CTD as my platoon is out of the playing area. Please tell me that someone has experienced this and has a solution (other than start again that is) Any help in this matter would be very much appreciated
  14. Cheers Tinker Once again you've sorted out the easiest way of doing things. But, just out of interest, (and for future use)........ Does PlayerActor work any more when scripting for multiplayer? (Sorry if this makes me a noob) Also, has anyone found a way to simulate keyboard activity in the script? (there have been many times where it would be really handy to have the script push a virtual keyboard button........) But maybe I'm just strange Cheers again for the info
  15. Sorry Guys! This is yet another multiplayer scripting question......... I am trying to convert a single player mission I wrote a while back to multiplayer and it involves the getplayeractor command, Does this actually work in multiplayer or does this have to be scripted another way. Mission: Ghosts captured and unarmed (NoWeapon.kit). The console/reticule etc turned off unless player actor has picked up a weapon (gets rid of findkey?) Will player actor designation actually work for each player logged into the game? Any assistance much appreciated
  16. Thanks Tinker, This has helped me a lot with a lot of questions I didn't even ask yet But I think the real problem is that I didn't really ask the right question. When I script a single player mission I can check it out for myself, but If I check the little box that makes it multiplayer (or Co-op or whatever) do any other changes need to be made to the script? And if so I would like to know that these are scipted OK (just to cut out the embarassment factor). All of the tutorials etc seem to pass this by in a couple of words which seem to mean that the little tick is the only thing (but maybe not???) and again, cheers for that link (I always did wonder what those constants were all about)
  17. I have been mission scripting for a while now and can just about put things together in SP mode. But co-op and multiplayer just confuse the hell out of me If any one can point me in the direction of a guide or post that covers the basics of this I would very much appreciate it Thanks guys (in advance)
  18. Many thanks for that, I have sort of come up with that conclusion since posting my request. It is strange though that by rewriting the code to use continueif instead of redirectif commands I can get away with a larger file. Also spreading this across many groups within the script seems to help. But once again, thanks for the reply.
  19. I have recently been writing a mission that uses many redirectif commands ( I admit that I am still a novice in this field so it is quite possible that I have scripted something incorrectly). When opening the mission Igor crashes. This mission runs OK in GR (however the mission is incomplete and I cannot complete it for the above reason). I have tried this on 2 PC's and have rewritten the mission from scratch to double check the fault. Also, I have re loaded GR (strangely, if IT is not loaded, this problem is not so pronounced). It seems that the more redirectif commands are entered, the more likely the fault is to occur until a point is reached where the mission cannot be opened at all. I would very much appreciate it if any one could help me with this problem. Many thanks (in advance)
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