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  1. Hi Mate, thanks.

    OK, well this is for the Blood Oil Specialists.

    So far I've Completed 3 models:

    Susan Grey (she's OK I think as she is only lightly camo'd)

    Henry Ramirez (At the moment I've used his IT Face but have added his chinstrap), he still looks pretty unconvincing. I'd really like a clean version with the chin strap in place.

    Scott Ibrahim: He's not too bad (I've used his DS Face) but a clean version would also be an improvement.

    I am just starting work on Lindy Cohen. However I'd like to make some radical changes to her and the face texture needs some work.

    I definitely want to lose the chin strap (so that she can wear a cap or bandana) and again clean would be better.

    My final model will probably be Nigel Tuney (this depends upon the 1.4 patch release date). But I'd like to give him a boonie or a bandana (so again no strap and clean faced if possible)

    Many thanks :thumbsup:

  2. Has anyone ever suceesfully removed the grease and camo paint from the GR1 specialists (or know of a mod featuring this)?

    I recently asked this question in a restricted forum, but this is probably the best place to ask.

    My photo-shop skills are just not up to the task and it would be nice if I could clean up the faces of some characters I'm working on.

    If anyone can help out with this it would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks, Phlook :thumbsup:

  3. The bridge demo charges are not placeables (they are part of the map)

    However I could look into doing a placeable version

    Some I left out: PC's, a parcel, flight recorder, WMD Suitcase nuke

    Please note that the placeables that sit upon tables etc are effectively floating in the air at desktop height. I exported these at several heights (suitable with the P2 maps) but they may not match up with your location. I can try to adjust to suit this.

    I also have a placeable tool (a tapemeasure) which will give you some idea of the heights of surfaces in your map

  4. When P2 had been out for a while, I was fully expecting to release all my stuff as stand alone mods (along with modding tips and user instructions). this would include alternate versions of some placeable items that were never used.

    However, when the banking crisis hit, I found myself working long hours and 7 day weeks just to stay employed (and competing with others who were willing to do the same thing and for less money).........

    My modding PC grew dark and dusty.

    I still have plans to release this stuff (I can give you the OK for specific items (if they're mine) and some verbal instructions. Or I can try to package things up if you give me a timeframe.


    Maps: Blue Ivan (day & night)/ Blackwolf bridge (day, dusk & mp)

    Vehicles: TorM1 (AA Launcher, unarmed) / Gaz Vodnik (APC with turret machine gun). I was planning on creating different skins for these but it never happened.

    Placeable items (off the top of my head here): Wall safe (animated), Control panel (animated), CCTV Cameras (some animated, different heights), Laptops and cases (some animated, different heights), capture props (maps, CD's and documents), Chameleon transmitter (floor standing), WMD Barrel (floor standing), WMD Crate (Floor standing), Bomb/ demo charge (inert prop), Exploding barrels (various animations).

    There may be a couple I've missed here, but nothing of note.

    The placeables used in P2 were of the destroyable variety (example: you walk into a trigger zone and the script triggers the destruction of the laptop, the destruction animation of the laptop is the lid gently closing, you can then hide it in the script to simulate that it has been captured).

    I experimented with versions of these items that could be opened/ closed using the spacebar (these were never used and were not included in the mod)

    Also, if you want to re-skin I may have some PS files.

    These (and the instructions) were all going to be in my stand-alone placeable items mod.

    Let me know what you have in mind ;)

  5. GR is a very simple game and there aren't many objects that can be added. However, they must all be exported (via the plug-in) into a RSE Filetype:

    Maps (the game environment) are .map

    Characters are .chr

    Weapons are .qob

    fixed weapons are .pob

    vehicles are .pob

    Some modders have exported placeable objects (crates/ barrels/ sandbag emplacements etc) as vehicles to allow them to be placed into maps by using scripts. Once again these are .pob

    These must all be exported via the plug-in from 3dsmax version 3,4 or 5 (sorry)

  6. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 3d assets (can you explain what you are trying to do in a little more detail)

    As to the 3dsmax version: RSE created a plug-in to allow 3dsmax to export maps, models and characters to their own proprietary format. after version 5.1 these plug-ins were no longer compatible with the host program and the plug-in was not updated for later 3dsm versions. I'm afraid that version 6 will not export to any of the RSE Filetypes

  7. Ha cool, I look forward to seeing that!


    I have always been partial to Jack Stone and Scott Ibrahim.

    I Like Jack too (seeing as he is a Brit), but he's SAS through and through (I'll have to find him some Limey Footwear, if I do him as a character)

    So, Scott it is then :thumbsup:

  8. Hey WK, thanks for taking the time (those jungle boots are fantastic)

    At this point I have Susan Grey already completed and Henry Ramirez will be wearing Rocky's donation.

    I guess I should ask if there's any particular specialist you have a soft spot for :rocky:

  9. Thanks for the replies guys.

    @ Rocky: Those are great, I don't need any higher res (the texture for the entire character including his uniform will only be 1024 x 1024). Am currently working on a Henry Ramirez model (early stages only), he'll be wearing your boots :thumbsup:

    @ Ruin: Tan is good. I will mostly need high sided military boots (as most of the GR characters have their trouser legs pulled up), but I'll consider anything. If they've served their country, I can't see any specialist character objecting to wearing them :D

    @ WK: Those sound great, looking forward to 'em


  10. Actually, I'm going to come at this from the opposite direction.

    GR (as well as most other shooters i've played) seem to develop superior weaponry as a counter balance to an unreasonable enemy AI.

    For example: the enemy may be able to turn on a sixpence, sight, aim and fire all in the space of about 3 milliseconds (this is especially true of the GRAW series) but the ghosts have better scopes. Therefore, if we do a bit of sneaky stuff we can outmaneouvre them.

    This doesn't lead to a convincing firefight.

    I'd much rather have the weapons modelled accurately in relation to the AKM's or whatever the tango's are using but have the rest of the game balanced to enable the subtle difference.

    In addition to this, the load-out regarding secondaries and ammunition should reflect real world limitations and have some impact upon gameplay (has anyone actually picked extra ammo as a GR1 secondary?)

    The danger of an ammo shortage is something I've yet to see in any shooter.

    Lastly, if something like the SCAR is to be the prime weapon, I'd like to see an actual advantage to picking 7.62 ammo (I assume I just lost 10 rounds from my clip so what did I gain?)

    Just my 2 cents ;)

  11. Those of you who follow GR1 modding will know that there's a certain (pretty fantastic) mod that's just been released.

    I'm trying to make some additional characters for an upcoming patch. I'm usually pretty good at finding interesting textures on the interweb but boots are proving to be an issue.

    The problem is that when you create a texture for a 3d model you need to have a view from all sides (and I'm just not finding pictures like that). Of course, decent artists would just create this stuff in photoshop (but my skills in this dept are close to zero :wall: ).

    So.......... , If you have a pair of military type boots (or better still, worn and dirty looking combat boots) it'd really help me out if you could take a few pics.

    I need "flat" pictures from all 6 sides (that means as little angle as possible). Just a flat picture of at least one side, from above, from behind the heel and the sole.

    And remember, no fancy lighting effects, no vanishing point 3d and definitely no vaseline on the lens (even if you do think they,re sexy ;) )

    My thanks in advance for all your help, Phlook :thumbsup:

  12. Well in the first place GR1 is an old game and you need an older version of 3dsmax (version 4 or 5), neither of these can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

    The demo was given away with a couple of books (3dsmax bible & 3dsmax for dummys) this was a 30 day trial but I believe there is a way to purchase the license (or at least there was).

    Also there are (or were) student licenses etc

    I'd have to leave this up to your inventiveness

    However, there are a large number of excellent modders who create skins and textures, missions, sound files, reticles etc and never need to make a model. So there are ways to do it without breaking the bank


  13. This has to do with the way the models are originally created and textured.

    The 3d Modeller in each case either joined each piece together or didn't (I don't really a see a reason for this myself)

    The head in each case is seperate because it holds a different texture, but the rest is just the preference of the original creator. Depending on each model, this may give you some room for experimentation (although this can also be done by altering textures in photoshop).

    Just remember to never over-write the original files, always create new ones (preferably in your own mod folder), if you keep the same file names for your new textures etc, they will be given preference in game as long as your own mod has higher priority

  14. OK, I'll do my best with this one............

    Most characters are a one piece model (the clothes/ backpacks etc), they are all one "mesh" and this has a texture applied to it and it is linked to a set of "bones" (a virtual skeleton that the game engine animates)

    This is true of the jack stone model (and because he is a one piece creation, if it were possible to take off his hat or mask there would just be air underneath........ what you see is what you get)

    When island thunder was released, the bad guy characters could be altered by adding attachments (packs/ holsters/ bandanas etc) these were exactly the right size to fit these particular models and these attachments are linked to certain bones in the body.

    Although it is technically possible to attach these pre-made attachments, they will probably not line up with any character type than the ones they were intended for. You certainly can't take bits off of one jack stone model and add it to another.

    If you would like to mess around with the attachments, I suggest you open up some of the actor files from island thunder in notepad (don't use igor for this). You can then get an idea of which attachments are available and how to apply them.

    The alternative is that you create a new mod folder, copy and re-name characters and use the skinner tool to change their textures.

    Alternatively, you could try to find a helpful modder who has 3dsmax and is willing to give up his time, all of the GR character models have been released in max format and can be altered (although exporting is no 5 minute job if it is to be done correctly, especially if changes are to be made to the mesh)

    Hope this helps :thumbsup:

  15. I think this is hard coded.

    I'm not much of a scripter but I do know a thing or two about how vehicles are put together.

    All vehicles have tags that represent the seated positions of the occupants.

    Seat 0 is the drivers seat (this cannot be occupied by a member of the player platoon)

    Insertion vehicles (helicopters and boats) have a seat 0 but it is not designed to be used and is hidden behind the vehicle.

    The passenger seats are numbered 1, 2, 3 etc and the game engine fills them in order of number up to the carrying capacity of that vehicle.

    I suspect that the player actor will always fill seat 1 (and this is logically going to be next to the driver for jeeps, trucks etc)

    The only chance you have is if you have the max file for the vehicle you are using. If the vehicle can be re-engineered and then exported with a different seating tag arrangement.

    (and it seems that once again Hammer and me are answering posts in unison :D (obviously a coupla geniuses ))

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