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  1. Phew................ I thought I was in Jumanji for a minute there OK, if you're keeping it as a vehicle, you can have doors (they'd be triggered like the Humvee doors (not very reliably)) But it can be done I'll talk you through that eventually, just assume its possible and I'll PM You when I can
  2. At the moment, if I understand it you have this set up as a vehicle on an invisible road (with a scripted path) If no-ones going to be in that vehicle (just eye candy) Why don't you set the thing as a dynamic object (it would be part of the map) You could either have a couple of these that pass each other on a continuous loop (one going up while the other goes down) You could also have it stop at the top and doors open and even make it sway convincingly (and no scripting) But of course, I've now got to teach you how to do that
  3. There is a way but it has a down side The smoke effects are dark because the .rsb texture they use is dark. If you can locate the .rsb for the smoke effect you want to use and replace it with a white texture then you'll get the white smoke effect You'll find the .rsb for this somewhere in the origmiss/ textures folder The down side? all smoke that uses this texture will be white when your mod is active You can get the smoke effect to lay over by rotating the helper point if you incorporate the effect in your map
  4. I realise that this is going way off topic, but I have to disagree The lack of any in built longevity in modern games pretty much mean that their modding capability never gets really explored before they are dropped by either by the publisher or the audience It's only older games that were meant to last past the initial sales rush or were made with us modders in mind (unfortunately not the case recently) The real threat to GR is from game code incompatibility with OS changes (but there are still a hard core of modders who have stuck at it)
  5. 50 CHR's ? (there aren't that many soldiers in the Danish Army! ) OK well, send me the Mia CHR Max file (she sounds cute ) and the texture's Also send me one of the texture problem Chrs Max file (+ textures) And I'll have a look (I'll PM you my mail address) BTW, I don't swear here anymore ( #*&$#ING SWEAR FILTERS!!!)
  6. Let's hope not eh? And you will get it. But when I don't know. A few people have emailed me directly about 'the news' regarding this mod aside from those of you posting here. Nice to know that when I speak people listen, even if it isn't great news. All is not lost though. As I said before, some of stuff originally planned for release in DANFOR will be released in other upcoming mods by GR modders. Maybe the mod got to this stage because it grew too big. Taking out some of the stuff and releasing it separately, be it in one of my mods or some-one elses, should spark my motivation to start working on it again. WD: How much still needs to be done (and what's missing?) How much is required from 3rd parties? What did you mean when you said you had trouble exporting from 3dsMax? Just trying to get a handle on what's required here I admit I can't really put anything concrete into the mix just now (the list of mods I'm involved in is growing) but if I can help in some small way (advice, helping out with technical stuff etc I'll do what I can). It'd be a shame to see this mod fall over at the last hurdle (and it must be tough knowing/ thinking you're on your own) Cheers, Phlook (sorry, I mean, Tourrettes boy) (PM Me if you want to keep anything here under wraps )
  7. I vote we do a retired marines mod! WE need someone who can make some suitable skins (surgical stockings, trusses and maybe those ridiculously checked golfing trousers), we might also need one of those little electric wheelchair thingummies. Now that'd be dangerous!
  8. Sorry, just kidding A while back, I finished my version of Blue Ivan for P2 and sent it to Mig He then laughed and sent it back with a series of unreasonable demands Now he has the really really finished version, and is slaving away, working his magic That's why he's kind of quiet right now, the maestro needs a little peace and quiet while he does his thang I'll be back on the case pretty soon, I'm currently fulfilling my other mod duties for UKSF Mod. Here are a few more teaser shots from the new P2 map (which might be called "Topol Road")
  9. One day the military are going to wise up and put seats in those things Maybe a nice comfy arm chair
  10. Aww, its gotta be Susan Grey (the Ice Queen) I just know she's got a soft spot in there for me somewhere (she's just gonna make me work hard to find it) I just think she's in a bad mood because they gave her a crap weapon to play with
  11. This is the first time I've published any progress reports here. I've been asked to make some additions to my Blue Ivan map for it's inclusion in this mod. The map has been retextured to desert colours by CallmeHobbes (and I've since labelled this version "Brown Ivan" Brown Ivan will be used as a weapons training map type affair (so I suppose it's the first map you'll see) I apologise for the lighting in the following pics (the map is still under construction so no lighting effects/ shadows etc have been applied) This shot shows a view from the upper floor. As you can see the buildings have now taken on a more desert style appearance. The Barn/ garage building, is now a pistol range: The Warehouse is now a "Killhouse" with dummy targets that are knocked down when shot: I have been asked to provide a target area for RPG/ missile type weapons that will feature in the mod. Here you see some standard RSE vehicles: Each vehicle has at least 10 destroyable points ( doors, lights, panels, hatches, turrets, windscreens, mirrors, aerials, etc) Bon apetite More to come! Phlook
  12. OK, Look guys............ How about a truce Lets call it: opinions vary The thing is Ronin, I do, seriously respect the support you're giving to the only pc game that I have any time for. I would really love you to prove me wrong........ I just have my reservations (and being the first to voice them has apparently made me the target) Bottom line: I am way too busy at the moment making my own contributions to this game to follow the progress, too closely, of others. I sincerely wish you well in your project Phlook
  13. I want to know what he's just stepped in
  14. I'm not really adding to the debate here (sorry, pointless post) I'd just like to add my thanks that someone is pushing gaming in this direction Nothing's ever going to replace GR for me (even if only for sentimental reasons (sniff)) but it's nice to see a worthy continuation of the original ideas and concepts of the early games. P.S. And, take my advice: Go ahead and bask in all the praise before the demands start appearing (I want university graduate AI's, I want a multiple LOD coffee cup, I want a 5000 poly shell casing................)
  15. That Id like to see, will it cause big system pull down with lots of dynamic objects? One of the best things Ive seen so far in maps is that worm has lights you can turn on and off in one of the centcom maps. I don't think there'll be a pull down as such There is a limit (255) which also includes actors, vehicles, doors, frags, tracers etc. So if I'm greedy its going to limit what Mig can do. The damaged .pob models can cause a lag as they often use effects etc, but the <n><target> objects just animate without referencing an additional model. It's just a bit of fun really, It'd be nice to make a truly dynamic environment but the engine won't allow it.
  16. Do I know how to pass the buck or what?
  17. Thanks for that Sleeper At the moment none of this has been pushed far enough by me. Mig wanted some placeable dynamic objects so I had a little play with it. The problem with that is that if you don't use them on a flat surface, the object can end up just floating in the air. I intend to fine tune these little ideas once I get the finished missions. I can then get my barrels to bounce off of walls and land in trees etc I was also thinking of using the dynamic target idea on the new map. There will only maybe be 1 or 2 buildings there and I can do a real dynamic environment. The <n><target> objects don't require a damaged .pob and are reset before the mission starts. each one will animate if shot by a single bullet. So coffee cups, rubbish bins, packets of corn flakes etc are all going to be flying all over the place in a hail of bullets
  18. Actually you can............ Effects grouped with moving objects will move also The trick is to turn the helper point in the right direction so that smoke, fire etc point the right way when the object has landed. (Dagnabbit, giving away my secrets ) The real problem I've found is that sometimes the collision plane stays behind (this appears to be a bug) Also, overcomplicating animations seems to cause issues with some models but not others (another bug maybe) Once the bigger projects are finished I'll probably drop back onto these little bits and bobs and fine tune them for Mig's missions
  19. Unfortunately nothing that dramatic yet (although it is possible to do), I haven't had a chance to really push this idea too far (although a couple of barrels have been built into the new Ivan revision which bounce off of various buildings and start fires etc) In truth, Blue Ivan is already pretty crammed with dynamic stuff anyway and I've pretty much pushed the limit there (too many doors/ windows etc) The new map will have very little in the way of man made structures so I'll have a little more headroom there for tricks and showing off
  20. Hey Mig, OK man, you win You can go ahead and post that pic of me you so badly want to (seeing as how you've embarrassed yourself in those short trousers )
  21. Nah, your mailbox is always full with begging letters from people like me Cheers mate, Phlook
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