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  1. Cheers guys, These day's I'm making the textures first and making the model for the texture, it seems to be working out ok (I'm still learning here ) BTW: Foxtrot: Pressure is in the campaigns section of the downloads (bottom of page 2), admit it: you had a man-look didn't you? Mig: Yep, sorry I keep getting carried away with this map, I still have a few little things to finish up: Barrel textures Dead guy in the Vodnik Fix the texture issue in the splash screen Plus all those other things that I've forgotten and you're going to remind me about
  2. A few more development pics: I've strung a few Pillboxes along the high ridges Mig's got a thing for snipers (so you might have clean these out before too long)
  3. Aaah, these Russkie soldiers are really hard, besides, I bet there's some Vodka in that flask
  4. Thanks mate, Now for another addition. This is the gate house for the bridge, But I think some bad people have moved in and are using it as a base
  5. Hello mate, WOW! you mean, you mod out there? OK, well, the way most people do it is to get the (30 day) demo and go from there. The demo was given away with copies of the "3dsMax 5 Bible" and "3dsMax 5 for dummies" Both of these should be available from Ebay, Amazon etc. The first one is by far the more useful book. Don't forget to check that it comes with the CD Good luck.
  6. Like most people I do the "new posts" thing, however, I actively ignore most threads that feature the word "GRAW" I think I know where you're going with this thread though, I'm sure there are many of us still modding for GR who would like an idea of how large an interest there is still in it. But, interest comes with product, and at the moment, the product in the news is GRAW 2. When Centcom was released there was a huge buzz over it. To keep an interest in the game, it's up to people like ourselves to keep the product on track.................. That was what you were asking, right? (BTW, nice idea with your Golden Triangle thing)
  7. I thought I'd post a few more shots to keep the thread alive. I've been a bit busy with RL commitments, but I've finally got back to adding content to this map. The waterfall/ cliff below marks a playing boundary at the edge of the command map The two shots below are of the road and rocks on the high plateau of the map. This area will probably be the focus of a vehicle based objective for the mission. This work marks the completion of all terrain for the map. Still to do: Trees and foliage Rocks and other hard cover items Man made structures (there may not be as many of these as I'd like due to time constraints), but this will give the map an [GR] Feel, as it's based more on forest environment. Dynamic objects Game play issues
  8. Oh No! (another one gone) Sorry to see you go mate, good luck
  9. Phlookian

    Rocky's meds

    Just found this in my spam folder: The lengths that man goes to in order to keep this site going
  10. Well, I'm probably going to tell you the long way of doing it (I'm not as experienced as Oso so I won't be telling you any shortcuts, I can only tell you about my own experience) The shermanlevel boxes need to enclose all the floor polys of the level. You can do this in several stages, i.e. you can have several boxes named alike. If you had a map with guard towers. Each guard tower upper floor could have its own little shermanlevel box doorways aren't important, its floor polys that count If a piece of floor is not in a box, that floor will not be accessable (like walking into a wall) For your example, the lower floor would be, say, level 1. the upper floor would be level 2 I would make each staircase as a seperate box (shermanlevelstairs) you might have to make part of the ground below the staircase not a floor poly (if the staircase has a floor below it) I have recently messed with a spiral staircase I started out enclosing the whole starcase in a box and putting a portal top and bottom I found that the pathing for the staircase was broken In the end I split it up into three sections with portals between (I called the middle section a landing) With all this stuff you have to experiment until the pathing works
  11. The game can handle more than two levels in the map but the command map cannot This makes navigation difficult and I believe that the insertion zone has to be on level 1 or 2 You can also make minus levels for basements etc just remember to plan your levels around insertion zones and to put the maximum amount of terrain on the command map if you have lots of levels in the same room it will require lots of shermanlevel boxes/ transitions and portals You sometimes have to make intermediate levels to get over little game issues let's say you have a small footbridge on level 1 and you want your AI's to walk over it and under it. This cannot be done in the same level because of pathing, .sht issues. A good work around is to put the bridge on it's own little level (1.5) with the slopes leading up to it as shermanlevel(ramp) objects. This extra level would not be visible on the command map.
  12. Hey, that's pretty cool! The white mixed in with the camo really works well Nice job
  13. Nice of you to say so mate (but I've already spotted a problem I've got to put right ) How do you do this map making thing again?
  14. Hey, nice map Just Like Sleeper I'm going to point out the obvious faults (I really like what you've done here and I know you wouldn't want a few little issues to remain unchecked) 1. Collision walls. As Sleeper said, a few props have strange collision properties. If your AI's get stuck on the furniture it can ruin a good mission. (the worst offender is the wooden ski racks out side one of the buildings (with all the bits of wood sticking out)). 2. As Sleeper also mentioned, you don't have a groundmap. Many of your lighting/ shadow issues can be put right by adjusting the groundmap by hand in photoshop (but you haven't created one on export). 3. Some of the foliage on the fir trees doesn't end convincingly at the edge of the poly's and just kind of cut off squarely. It's a matter of taste of course, but trees are hard enough to make convincing without clearly being able to see the edges of the poly's 4. One tree type doesn't have a static foliage object. 5. It's hard to see without the groundmap but did you smooth the ground/ terrain? If not, you should apply the smooth modifier set to smoothing group 2 6. There is only 1 room. This makes it hard to convincingly use the lighting tool to dramatic effect. Some of the rooms would look better if they were darker with streams of light coming through windows etc. In addition to this it will rain/ snow etc indoors as well as out 7. You have a multi floor map but it would seem that you only have one map level even though you can walk above other levels. This means that there are some areas where the AI won't go because they think that a wall on another floor is blocking them. Sorry if this seems like a long list (or if you are not finished and are just showing your progress) If you want to PM Me and I'll see if I can talk you through some of this (I know from past experience that you have an earlier version of max to me so I can't give any practical help) It seems that there are a just a few game engine rules that you need to get under your belt because you have the design part worked out Nice one, Phlook
  15. My work on Cobaka's (very nice) Fort map is now complete. I did a walk around taking a few screen shots (quite a few, actually, got a bit carried away there )
  16. Sorry, gotta join in: All my life I've been searching for something, something never comes, never leads to nothing.....
  17. Things shouldn't be locked (although you need to complete the campaigns to play the missions in quick mode) To get around this I beleive GR Retreat still has the unlock codes as a downloadable item so that you can pick which missions to play straight out of the box
  18. Depending on which unit measurements you have max set to (inches/ centimeters) you will get a good rule of thumb for the size of the weapon (although the GR soldiers do seem slightly small when measured against this scale) The best bet is to import/ merge one of the character meshes (available in the download section) and use it as a reference. If you have to fine tune this in terms of size or scale, keep the same model for import as a reference for future weapons. If the character model is vastly out of scale, don't rescale by hand because it will be exactly out of scale by a factor of 10 or 100 etc. right click on the scale tool and a drop down box will appear which lets you scale accurately. As to poly count, most modders push the envelope a little assuming that people have faster PC's nowadays. It's really your choice but I think it matters less with weapons as your model won't be on screen too much.
  19. The vcl loads ok, you just need to put the vcl file into the Actor folder instead. I had a little look (nice ) I don't understand ^contactpoint3 in the track group (don't think you need that) and I think Tinker's right, you probably need 2 tracks (if you have a problem just put them really close together to simulate 1 track) I didn't check but the track rsb has to be an animated texture (get back to me if you need advice on this) I wouldn't tag it as a truck in the vcl file (a tank maybe?) the problem is sounds, GR is really screwd up when it comes to allocating sounds. To put a driver on board you need to make a ^seat0 and an ^eject0 helper points. The ^seat0 is to be put at the point where his feet will be when sitting and the eject point will be at the point where he exits the vehicle. Unfortunately the only choices you have are the ^seat or ^shotgun seating poses (these are sitting or kneeling respectively). You may need to slightly remodel to accomodate this. Alternatively you can replace the animation pose (like you did with the smoke .rsb) but finding one animation out of 300 is a real pain Good luck, Phlook
  20. TBH I've got a bad track history of taking on more and more stuff (and I'm pretty much at breaking point here with what I've already accepted) I'm more than willing to talk you through stuff but I can't, at present, export it all for you. Here are some pointers (if you want to have a little experiment with it) Dynamic ski lifts: Detach the ski lift chair from the room it's in. In the top view, create a helper point and call it O (that's a capital letter o) some people add a space and then a description for reference (O skilift) Helper points are created in the right hand toolbar/ helpers/ point (sorry, you probably know this bit) select the helper point and group it into it's own group. If it's to be in room 1 call it 1_<n><dyn><skilift> In the map editor the LOD 1 model name will be: skilift tick the box "starts animating" and make it indestructable select the skilift model and attach it to the new group now all you need to do is to add the animation select the new group, at the bottom of the screen is a slider (it will be set to 0/100 or something similar) move the slider along a bit (it doesn't matter if you get it wrong as you can drag this along by hand later) select the auto key button at the bottom of the screen, move the skilift to a new position, deselect the auto key. now if you move the slider the skilift should move You will probably need to do several stages of animation to build up the continuous loop in the bottom left is an icon, click on this and you can change animation settings you will need to change a few now to get the GR engine to recognise the animation highlight the movement setting of the group (this will be either movement or rotation or both depending on which type of animation you used. right click/ assign controller/ linear movement or rotation with this box still open select "controller" in the tool bar then "out of range types" Here you will get to select the properties of the animation loop (loop/ ping pong etc) Make sure to give your dyn objects individual names If the slider is set to too short a time: hit the time configuration icon near the lower right of the screen and add more frames. As to the vehicles, I'll have to talk you through this seperately (but you could do worse than visit Oso's site http://eloso.3dretreat.com/Eloso/Main/ If i remember correctly I can't send you the helpers because I have a later version of max than you, but I will help you get your head around it Once you understand it this stuff is fun
  21. Hey............ That map looks the Biz! Another mapper's in town (and I'm still having trouble with fir trees, yours look fantastic) BTW.. It's not too late for the chair lifts and stuff (I can talk you through the basics) The same set of rules apply for most dynamic objects in maps. I can send you over a set of helper points to incorporate into your snowmobile to turn it into a vehicle too Cheers, Phlook
  22. To some extent it depends how your model is constructed. If the model is one piece (sorry, bad joke) and the rear ,for instance, is the correct shape etc to recieve the texture: Select only the poly's you wish to work on at a time (if you hit short cut 4 you can click on the poly's you require (you might need to hold down the ctrl key as you select)) THe poly's should highlight in red as you select them Once you have the rear of the gun only selected, add an unwrap uvw modifier, which will allow you to accurately texture map the object. depending on the model you could try selecting edit/ mapping/ flatten mapping or edit/ mapping/ unfold mapping Different tools will work for different models and you need to understand this modifier if you are going to accurately texture map. good luck
  23. I wouldn't make the body invisible, I just wouldn't have a body in the first place. Go back through the process, and just use the head/ thingummy you've made there. I'd make it the torso though in second thought, because all the animations have a lot of rapid head turning Drop, the height a little and have the head somewhere in the upper torso, if it's too low you can always resize it in igor I think the invisible thing is causing the issue (but still delete those unwanted files) I gotta admit it Tinker, you've got a lot of fancy modding ideas springing up from somewhere, I might have to pay someone to bump you off before you become a threat
  24. Latest progress report: Cobaka has very kindly donated a map to P2. The map is the Fort map from the Mission Afghanistan Mod. This map started out as a desert environment and I'm in the process of turning into a cold, godless hell (perfect for our mod, really) The shots below are from the development stage. They are without lighting effects, and still feature the trees and sky from the original environment) Although I've been doing a little post production on this map, I'd like to stress that this is very much Cobaka's work:
  25. Not too sure about the .not, but the .bmf is the character animation file (in this case the rag doll death anim) Just delete these files. I'm pretty sure that its not possible to add more .bmf files to the game as they are referenced by the engine somehow (there are a few threads covering this with modders trying and failing) I know that there is the Centcom port arms thing (so it may be possible, and you'd be a modding star if you pulled it off ) But you don't need these for Chr export (also have you set the export settings correctly?) For some objects (maps, POBs) the lower left box is set to centimeters and for others qobs etc (its set to meters) There was a pinned chart somewhere (maybe in the old modding section) that listed all the export settings
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