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  1. Hop!

    Here at home I share the PS4 with my son (the kid is 9 years old and likes to play Fortnite with his friends from school). In order to play both GRW and GRB (and its update) I ended up buying a used PS4 (which should arrive by the 17th of this November, if the post office isn't late).

    Once I get it, I'll install GRW and GRB to be able to play MotherLand (which, from what I've seen, must be pretty cool!)

    When you play, let us know what you think! Will it be proof that Ubi is "alive" and attentive to the Ghost Recon community?

    Thanks guys!


  2. Hop!

    Hi friends, I hope you all are well!

    I don't know if you already know the channel "Ghost Island Thunder", so I took the liberty of coming here to promote it. I make it clear, in advance, that the channel is not mine and I don't even know its developer (creator), but I found it so cool and rich in relevant information for lovers of the GR series (and also related games) that I decided to come here it.

    As the saying goes: "when the tide rises, all boats lift"!

    I hope you like it and that you have no problem posting it here!


    Ghost Island Thunder - YouTube



  3. Hello guys!

    Well, here in Brazil Ubisoft is in bad shape... and apparently, not only here!

    I don't know what marketing people think at the company, but if we take the 3 core franchises of Tom Clancy's series (GR / R6 and Splinter Cell) they just screwed up a lot...and it looks like they STILL DON'T WANT TO HEAR THE COMMUNITY! The reaction of social media today is practically instantaneous, so there's no excuse for not producing something the audience wants/would like to play!

    The DELTA project looks like it wasn't "so" good, after all, the community says what they would like to play and they present something like GR Frontline...joke!

    Either they understand what their audience wants (especially about the Tom Clancy's franchise) or they're going to be in more trouble.


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  4. Hello guys!

    Glad you took up the topic again, because I was going to open one about Insurgency on consoles! In 2018 I followed the movement of the game's launch, and it was very frustrating (for me) not to have the game launched for the consoles. My laptop wouldn't run the game satisfactorily, and as in my country building a PC for gaming is very expensive, playing Insurgency 4 on PS4 would be the solution.

    I thought this game wouldn't come out anymore, but thankfully the developer didn't give up on the release for video games! As soon as it came out, I bought the digital version and despite the bugs (many already fixed, including!) I say: what a game! Very rare to see this type of game on consoles! Maybe the only ones were Operation Flashpoint (for the first Xbox I played) and Operation Flashpoint Dragons Rising (PS3 / Xbox 360) which was VERY good! I even remember ICK (member of this forum) on his page making a PDF document about some game tips.

    I pretty much abandoned Ghost Recon Breakpoint to play Insurgency, especially the COOP version of it. Fantastic!

    Do I recommend it? Without a doubt!

    My gamertag on PSN: AranhaBR


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  5. I didn't get to play the first GR (on PC) because my start with the franchise was with Ghost Recon 2, from the first Xbox.

    I remember when I saw the game for the first time, I was blown away by the great graphics and "combat system". When I started playing online (through the KAI network, connecting the Xbox to the PC, and this PC to the internet) I never stopped! Right after it was GR2:Summit Strike. With Xbox 360 I think I've had my best, playing GRAW and GRAW 2 even with people from other countries via LIVE (like @Ick himself, member of this forum!)

    In search of more information, I registered here in 2005, but due to lack of proficiency in English, I ended up not participating as much. Now, with a system like "Google Translator", I can come here to participate and talk to other fans of the franchise.

    A few years ago I created a site about "For FPS / TPS tactics", but due to everyday life and all our responsibilities as an adult, I ended up abandoning the site.

    As a curiosity, I leave it below (in case anyone wanted to visit LOL)




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  6. 9 hours ago, Rocky said:

    It's actually worse than that, they didn't ask Delta Force members for their thoughts about Frontline at all - they went ahead with this gametype without engaging with anyone in the GR community.

    Your posts are perfect English, don't worry!

    @Rocky I believe that this kind of posture will further weaken Ubisoft, reducing its credibility (if it still has any with the Ghost Recon community).

    I've been going through some youtube channels (famous and not so famous) and it seems that the opinion is unanimous: GR Frontline (as announced) is a freak and it was a huge mistake by the company!

    Wake up Ubisoft, there is still time to resolve this error!


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  7. Today I was reading about the issue of DELTA COMPANY, and it seems that there is a lot of criticism of this program, because in addition to not selecting people who are really part of the "Ghost Recon community", Ubisoft simply did not listen to the comments of the community itself.

    I think they should schedule a new meeting with us, tell the fans that they messed up and that they are developing a new GR, in the mold of the classic games we love so much! How about a GR in the Middle East in a "fictional country" (to avoid any problems, as there was with Bolivia) .

    Let's go ahead!

    Note: As I don't speak English fluently, I use Google Translate to write my posts. I apologize in advance for any contextual error in my entries.



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  8. That's right, @Rocky ! 

    It seems that they accused the blow received by the community (I think it was almost unanimous!). Now they need to move to release (or at least demonstrate that they want to release) something that respects the legacy of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon franchise!

    In the contemporary world, to think that social networks don't make "noise"... are completely wrong!

    I also think they made an effort to improve Breakpoint (which in the end really improved a lot), but now they need to take a clear shot and release a NEW game, tactical and respectful of the franchise!

    Let's wait for an official position from Ubisoft.


  9. What I don't understand (sincerely) is how Ubisoft hasn't realized what fans really want is good old Ghost Recon.

    It could be a "GRAW3", a "GRFS2" or even a "GRWildland 2", but not this Frontline crap!

    Does the company's marketing department not see the repercussions of fans? That talk of "listening to the fans" doesn't seem to be reality, doesn't it? I didn't see any video congratulating the company for Frontline on the web.

    Either they wake up, or they should forfeit the right to use "Tom Clancy's" in their games!





  10. Hello everyone!

    I saw the presentation from beginning to end, and I confess that the beginning excited me (all that stuff about listening to the community, tactical games and etc), but after I saw that LEGACY wasn't a "collection" and all the other slips, I think the franchise is nearing its end (at least, as we know it).

    I've been following GR for many years (like most here), and I was expecting a nice (updated) collection and a new game...maybe Wildland 2, in the middle east, with "semi-open" maps and a great backstory .

    They talked and talked about the importance of the community and all the fans, but when they present something like FRONTLINE, they are clearly contradicting everything they said! Could it be that only us fans we've followed for years (and spent money buying the games) see?

    Ubisoft will have to work hard on a completely new GR to trim this disastrous presentation!

    Hugs from Brazil.


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  11. On 31/12/2019 at 00:40, 5timechamp said:

    tactical shooter...Ghost Recon 2 & Summit Strike

    Black Hawk Down action movie...Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 & 2

     corridor shoot 'em up....Ghost Recon Future Soldier

    season of Narcos...Wildlands 

    Great considerations, I think the same! I believe that the essence of GR (for consoles, at least) was maintained until GRAW 2.

    With GRFS they have already started to "experiment" with some new mechanics to try to "revitalize" the series, which in my way did not happen.

    In Wildland they tried a "war against narcos", which even worked for a while, but then everything becomes boring and repetitive.

    With Breakpoint they had a very interesting premise (in my opinion), which is to leave a soldier behind enemy lines and give him the opportunity to survive after a major setback.

    However, that is not what we had ... a pity! I hope you come back with GRAW ... how about a GRAW 3 in Rio de Janeiro? I would love!



  12. I believe that Ubi has made much-anticipated updates to the game, and even though it has this more factitious aspect, it is justifiable since all action will take place on an island where a high-tech product factory has been implemented. Ubi has heard the community was also very good, and shows that she is attentive to what the consumer (mainly the GR franchise) wants. Purchase right at launch!


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