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  1. old GR rejuvenated? doh! please dont use these words together again, the pacemaker went into over drive 8-) .....got a bit excited there thought UBI had wised up seems not duh! oh well back to the dark room someone wake me up when its done please.
  2. wow! i got a bit of a twitch GR4? sad to see its still only a discussion, ubi lost control of gr1 to the people that bought and played the game(not good for profit margins im sure) it unlocked a lot of talent within the gaming community and set a benchmark that has yet to be matched in its genre.....simplistic to say rejuvinate the game but if the format works and theres potential for profit to be made then it makes sense? or are the big game companies left with creative drones who can only play checkers(draughts) and not chess? still life being cyclic maybe some forward thinker at head office will realise that its ok to look to the past to stimulate the future and give us what we want ......GR ApeX 8-) Hey Rocky good to see your still keeping the ship afloat gj m8!
  3. I probably should have mentioned that your official job is to drive me (even more) insane! great to see gr still being modded its going to take awhile to play through this one gj MODS 8-)
  4. ahhh col you shot me in the back agn ok ok its true back to throwing pots for me
  5. ok need more fingers then lol
  6. not sure wich end of the horse is handling the pr for you ubi but im sure were in for a good game when it arrives we have the centcom and year of the monkey mods gr1 to keep us busy nice work
  7. best to find out now that its not for you as for sbs no chance my friend no green beret no sbs sorry APE X
  8. yep breath deep GRIN n stay focused im sure ubi's marketing men and accountants know exactly what they are doing? and all the foot stomping and throwing toys out of the pram from the gr fans wont remove any £$ from next years profits or tax returns, im sure when xmass is over and they clear the shelves in the stores of old stock and we've all upgraded are pc's to 64 bit with microsofts new operating system, and the 360 is finally ready. the gaming world will be ready for what looks like so far being a MASTERPIECE. keep it up Grin your efforts are appreciated and i look forward to playing GRAW. ps note to myself: cancel stay @ clinic for addiction to gr 1 new addiction imminent All the Best APE X
  9. one thing that officers and enlisted men share is the green beret, your going to bleed hard to earn it but know if you get through the commando training center at lympstone and "useless" wont make it through the gate you will be the equal of all who have completed the course, respect is a very mutual thing in the royal marines as a man you must earn the respect of the men you will lead whatever your rank, if you complete training you will be just begining a journey possibaly a short one , the life expectancy of a bootneck in combat is 8 minites so be under no illusions there is no rank in death so learn well to cheat expectancy and if you have 7 hours to complete the 30 miler try for 6 3\4 so you have time to make a cuppa tea for your men as for having faith in our officers, without doubt there are none finer. ps for getting fit: fill a bergan with rocks and carry it everywhere you go it will help lessen the shock when you get fully kitted up or strap a fridge to your back :yes good luck 99.9% need not apply APE X RM Retired
  10. i will take a box of kleenex around for colin and confiscate his alcahol im sure the kids will be fine as for gr3 well grin are working hard to give us the game we want if it takes a bit longer np, the kids may get something for xmass now instead of me spending all my money on a new pc and game i hope they like the box of fruit santa brings them.
  11. Realism?. not possible so no expectations. it takes about 20 mins to fully regain your sight after using night vision,darkness is your friend. sf teams members are all medic trained so you do dont need to take one with you just a medi pac, non verbal coms are important so i hope theres a good selection of hand signals. (( nothing beats the Knowing that comes from working with a close team) shoulder switching for r/l hand cover. frag, smoke/ phos flashbang would be good as standard with all kits. BALLISTICS. alot of the weapons in gr1 are a bit of a joke mainly from the modders smg's that can take down a sniper at 400 mtrs pistols out shooting assault rifles ect ect keep the effective range of all the weapons within realistic yardages,the iron sights on brothers in arms are v/good as is the floating effect on aa get the breathing right. 6 figure grid references would be useful on the command map the compass on the hud was good thou a bit loud(a bit redundant if you have real time satelite/drone intel with thermal imaging for calling in fire support ect ect on the hud as long as team members are chiped to avoid ff incidents?)a little off track there but smart bullets are not that far off. Safe zones for respawns. and yes open buildings for that 360 love what ive seen keep up the good work grin thanks
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