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  1. Played it today, first 3 missions in SP campaign. Ugh. I've pretty much ignored the Ubisoft GR series so far, and it looks like I'll just keep on doing that. The SP plays exactly like COD: scripted events, cinematic interruptions, rigid level pathing and pacing, needless distractions aplenty and un-skip-able "story" elements that mostly serve to show how totally l33t and bad###### you fellow future soldiers are, and how evil and deserving of cinematic melee kills your opponents are. Typical military shooter garbage. That being said, team PvP multiplayer must be insane (because it removes all the story and mission design nonsense), and I have nothing to say about the PC version. But if you're looking for an SP experience worthy of GR, it ain't here. Ubisoft needs to up their game and stop relying on cross-series recycling and hype. I think I'm gonna pick up the whole OFP and Arma series for half the cost of this turkey and play that till Takedown is ready. * * * Full disclaimer: I've never played a shooter that couldn't be improved by being "more like the original GR", and I think HX Missions is too easy
  2. I have a hunch it will be like an episode of "Future Weapons", plus a thin plot and execrable dialogue. No matter, I'm too busy playing GR mods to care.
  3. 7 Missions in now, I was right, this is awesome. Sound and graphics are super. Maps are incredible. The missions are so well structured that, even if I forget the briefing notes, I can figure out what I need to do intuitively. I've been stuck a few times, and was tempted to say "oh, there's a bug here", but then thought "wait, I'm probably doing something stupid, let's see if there's a smart, inventive way to complete my objectives". And sure enough there was. Being restricted almost entirely to 7.62 makes things interesting, I'm used to rapid single fire on the M16 (old school) but now I have to pick my shots one by one. I recognize a bunch of these maps from previous mods, but the finishing touches and use of the terrain in scripted troop movements elevates the whole package to something entirely different. This is in the same league as Frostbite, Centcom, YOTM (did Canadian Operatives have new maps? I forget. If it had at least 2 new maps then I'm putting it in the league too, 'cause I'm a raging Canuck).
  4. I've been playing GR regularly (obsessively?) since before the original game release (the itsy bitsy castle map demo). Why does it still hold my interest? Two equally important reasons: 1) superb open gameplay mechanics (with some help from the HX mission mod) mean that every replay is a challenge, and 2) the AWESOME modder community means that I rarely need to play the same mission twice, or even the same map. I've never had occasion to doubt the skill, dedication, and perhaps most importantly, the generosity of the GR innovators and artists who have given so much to the GR (and specifically GR.net) community over the last ten years. Haven't played this mod yet (preview looks mind-blowingly good), but the fact that it even exists at all tells me all I need to know about the persevering GR scene. Thanks for being awesome.
  5. "- Original campaign missions are re-scripted to improve scenario realism, e.g. "No resistance remains" triggers are changed to allow mission time without enemies showing on the threat indicator, so the player realistically never knows if or when hostile reinforcements are on their way. Also, reinforcements do not spawn out of thin air in front of your eyes and the location of some enemies varies each time a mission is done." Two thoughts from a GR hard######- 1) No magic spawning= a very good thing 2) I forgot there was a threat indicator in GR
  6. As a hard-core GR fan since the release of the first game, I have for years been amazed by the fan and mod community for this series. The dedication, skill and ingenuity of modders has extended the value and depth of the original games tenfold, and the community has been a jewel of the internets in its maturity, helpfulness and intelligent discussion of the games we love. Thanks to the ApexMods team and all the GR modders for continuing this proud tradition so many years on. Screw crosscomms and UAVs, I'm too busy continuing to have my mind blown by brilliant permutations of classic GR. The old school is golden.
  7. Finally found the leader in mission2, after taking the wolfenstein approach (pressing the space bar beside every horizontal surface). Now I'm at the end of the afghan prison rescue mission, #4 I think, and I can't get the mission to end. Got the CIA agent, killed the bad people and got everyone to the evac. Wha?
  8. "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" by Jane Jacobs Long, slow, but very thought-provoking. Author died last month, caused quite a stir. Before that it was "Freakonomics". Very cool read.
  9. Uninformed individual = Needs to be more informed. ← Information is readily available in staggering amounts. The trick is getting the proverbial horses to drink. Someone (Oscar Wilde?) once modified the old saying to "you can lead a whore to culture but you can't make her think".
  10. No worries. I'm an anglo myself, and rarely have to use French (though it never hurts to try). Keep in mind that Montreal is very cosmopolitan, and very much a tourist town in the summer, so most of the people you deal with will have at least functional English. Read up on Quebec cursing, though. While not necessary, it is immensely satisfying (mon sacre crisse de calvaire de calisse en tabernac!). ha, no asterixes!
  11. I already figured the static was created by the jacket, I was just surprised that the charge made its way up the (insulated) cord
  12. I was walking outside, with my sony earbuds stuck in my ears and my mp3 (the mpio one that looks like a little boombox) in the pocket of my fleece jacket. I started pulling off my jacket when a surge of static pops and SHOCKS zapped my ear canal, maybe 5 per second. It stopped when I stopped moving the the jacket. The only exposed metal on the earphones was the shoulder of the plug where it meets the the headphone jack in the player (about a millimeter high and a few millimeters in from the edge of the plastic plug body). It didn't hurt so much as surprise, but wow. Anyone else had a similar experience?
  13. I've lived in Montreal all my life and, while I have seen the occasional -40 arctic invasion in the january/february slog, I have been through at least as many summer days where it has been TOO hot. Probably the humidity, and the greenhouse effect in the city, but I can recall far more +40 days than -40 days. Guess that's not changing soon. For the record, the coldest day I've ever experienced was skiing on Mont Ste. Anne at -50 C. Yeah, that sucked. If anyone is still looking for Canadian travel advice, allow me to suggest this- Montreal beats Toronto and Vancouver hands down for affordability. Truth is, this town is still bohemian (read: Poor) enough to be hella cheap. And as for West Coast "alternative impairment" superiority.... But it's all good, except the 95% that's uninhabitable hinterland PS- I almost forgot, Montreal is the undisputed (by me) North American Capital of Hot Women. Men too, I guess. This is true for several reasons: 1) French population base 2) Rainbow of immigration (all kinds of good) 3) Four universities 4) European fashion (and morals). There's the surplus of strippers/naked professionals too, though I can't figure if that's cause or effect. Add those up, toss in some post-hibernation summer madness (summer=more grass than snow) and you've got a recipe for whiplash and heart palpitations. Think I'll go outside now
  14. That damnsmalllinux looks interesting. Do I download everything in the directories that the dl link sends me to?
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