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  1. I have talked with people who said they have had success in restricting the .50 cal sniper rifles and it refreshes the game play. I have honestly not played much MP in the last few months to have tried it out, but I believe that it would make the game play more interesting.
  2. I still see no place for vehicles in GR. There are other games that do that. It is not what GR is supposed to be about.
  3. Good games last night. I liked that it was a public room and we had a good group of people in the room, no disruptive players and everyone helping each other out. Hard to find that in lots of games these days. Reminds me of the folks I met playing GR2 on the xbox. I think there is training and a firing range in the final version which should help with that accuracy. Overall, based on my limited experience firing an M16, I thought I was on target about like I should expect. Anybody have any idea what combat effective accuracy is considered in the real world?
  4. I am maybe reading too much into it, but I have been thinking there was a problem ever since Pat posted this, "Since we're adding achievements with this pack there are a couple additional hoops to jump through." I read that as a hint there is something wrong with an achievement that they have to fix. Or there was something additional they have to do that they did not consider. I really hate the achievements/gamerscore concept... Stupid worthless $#%^&^#@... @##$$%.... waiting on fun maps and missions so we can have some worthless points and pictures in our gamercards
  5. No weapon view if playing in FPV (it is the same view as from [Ghost Recon]). Of course you can see the weapon, and your whole soldier if playing in 3rd person.
  6. Another Devs vs Fans night would be great.
  7. Yes, they sound mostly the same with some variations. I don't recall taking out a convoy on Plantation, but it was a while ago. Same with taking out a fleeing vehicle on Caves. P.S. I see you lurking, Braybot.
  8. I have been noticing that on a typical night, between 7-10 central time, that there are about 3 siege matches, 10 sharpshooter matches and one or zero Last Man Standing matches. Maybe 7-15 co-op games going on. Those are for unranked games. I have no idea how populated the ranked games are.
  9. You are assuming they are not doing the same thing to AA that they have done to GR. If they have simplified AA, the way they have GR, I will be disappointed.
  10. I have played very little GRAW 2 this summer due pretty much to being bored by the game and also in part because I felt the community was not as pleasant as the community in [GR] through GR:SS. Last night, I decided to give it a try and I played in one sharpshooter and 2 siege rooms. When I searched for Siege at a couple of different times, only three rooms showed up. I did not check how many Sharphooter rooms because I went into that game via a game invite. So, while there are obviously far few people playing, my experience last night is the people playing are much more like the people you met playing [GR] through GR:SS. People were very good natured in the room and easy going, but they were also good players and worked well together and tried to communicate. Thanks to everyone I played with last night, you were all a great group of gamers.
  11. No posts in 8 days, I'd say Ubi effectively killed it.
  12. I took that as the poster's way of making an absurd comment in order to bring notice to the faults of the OTS view. It was not seriously asking for x-ray vision to be added.
  13. Or have RSE overnight Fed-Ex.
  14. I have not had a chance to try them yet, but it seems in Evasion, you start with the Officer with your group and try to get him to the extraction. In POW, there are officers that you have to rescue from AI that are guarding them and then lead to extraction. Also, in Evasion the officer has a pistol. In POW the AI hostages have no weapons.
  15. quote: In COOP EXFILTRATION mode, players must work together to protect AI officers as the escort him to a helicopter extraction zone through a map populated with enemies. # COOP EVASION: Players start at an insertion zone with an AI officer and must escort that officer through a map populated with enemies to an extraction zone. # COOP P.O.W.: Players start at an insertion zone and must rescue 3 AI officers being held as captives by enemy troops. Once the officers are rescued, players must safely escort them to an extraction zone.
  16. I agree about the x-axis. Why they didn't make it work as smooth as the y-axis is baffling. I am still looking forward to trying out the new co-op modes, only been waiting 5 1/2 months for those.
  17. Great Post! By the way, how long is your NDA? When will we see the "tell all" book? Conspiracy theories are always more interesting that the truth.
  18. I would think (hoping) it is a good chance. This may also be about the same time we see a title update, I hope.
  19. There is a great article in either the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine or Game Informer on the relationship between publishers and developers. It does a very good job of laying out why we see so few games developed that are truly unique and take risks. Basically there are huge costs in developing a game and developers rely on publishers for that money and publisher expect in return a game that will have broad appeal. They also talk quite a bit about how there is a basic lack of trust and communication between publishers and developers, which hampers a lot of projects getting made at all, though some of that is getting better.
  20. No. It was proprietary tech, an extension of the RSE engine. You are in a very answering mood today. Now about that title update for GRAW2 on the 360... Kidding... Kidding...
  21. Thanks. I just put SS back in a few weeks ago and had a blast running through those missions again.
  22. Interesting question, as I would think many different factors could go into "fun." People worked with Challenges in development Satisfaction of gameplay and/or graphics and sound (atmosphere) Production schedule etc...
  23. I would certainly like to see them get away from Ubi. I would also like to see RSE be sold by Ubi and become independent again... If wishes were fishes... Or staff from RSE leave to make their own studio. I don't care about the proprietary GR or Vegas titles. How the game plays is what counts.
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