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  1. Heads up for anyone interested, the DLC is on sale this week on Xbox. $4 apiece for the MP map packs $5 for the SP DLC. I picked up the SP DLC, but am not sure if there is any value at all in the MP. I just don't know if you can even get a game on the MP DLC.
  2. So, by that picture that the GRFS: Next" team want to "work with us." Does that mean that a different team is working on "Next" than worked on GRFS?
  3. More than anything, the loss of the wide open co-op missions and co-op firefights is what ended it for me. If they had even given us 8 player co-op modes like we got in GR2 - GRAW2, I would have picked up this game. There were so many co-op games in older GR games, that you could keep it fresh without having to play adversarial modes. So, to fix it, for me, they would have to add co-op modes and maps like we had in older GR games.
  4. I am fine with 4 player campaign, but I would love to see 16 player missions or firefights like in previous games, but I would settle for 8 player modes like that. 4 players leaves us having to split up among friends for co-op, which is no fun to have to do. If more than four of us are on we would rather go play some adversarial in BF3.
  5. Thanks. Sorry about posting this in the wrong spot. Since he was the authority on doing GR weapons charts & testing I thought it was appropriate.
  6. Anyone hear from or see any posts from Ick in the past couple years? I have not seen much from him since around the last DLC release from GRAW2. I was wondering if he is going to be coming back and doing more weapon testing for GRFS, he had some of the best weapon testing tables for the GR games.
  7. When I saw "Winning Formula," I was expecting to see a post about loading up a team of Engineers to keep a constant spam of intel and lock the opposition into the spawn area to allow one person on your team to capture the objectives at will.
  8. Smoke will also break the red outline of detected player. I think you have to be in the smoke to break the detection.
  9. Source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-04-17-ghost-recon-future-soldier-more-realistic-than-cod-says-dev Whoa! They are withholding game modes for future paid DLC?
  10. I have a group of about 6 guys that started playing together on GR2. We played this for maybe an hour and everyone quit to go play BF3. My general feelings where the controls are a bit clunky. Sprinting, running cover to cover, and going in and out of cover all cost me more than several deaths because my character did no do what I was trying to get it to do. I describe it as trying to control the avatar for the first time in Avatar. So much gunfights, even on mill were players right on top of each other. Very few medium to long gr style gun fights. intel spam will maybe be a problem. A team full of engineers could be unbalanced OP. They did a nice job with animations, they look good and natural. No more back to cover, now it is shoulder cover with a lean out, not the full body swing like in rb6.
  11. Thanks. That is the first really innovative thing I have seen associated with GRFS. Using the kinect in gunsmith didn't really impress me. I find the kinect to be clunky to use for any sort of menu navigation or manipulation of in game stuff that can be done with a controller. Of course, I think that with the glasses, there would be a setting in whether you want the info showing up in screen or through the glasses, because they are not going to have info available only to people that buy the glasses, i.e. enemy coordinates, objectives, etc... So it is a bit of a gimmick, but I like it for the immersion factor. Still wish a shooter would implement head tracking on the console so we can look around without spinning our whole character. I have seen it done on Armed Assault on the PC and it was slick.
  12. I would be concerned this would violate the XBL terms of service. leading to an account or console ban. Especially seeing as there is software running between the controller and K/M, seems like it could fall under system tampering even though it does not internally change any XBL operating system.
  13. I have seen some MP video with players using ADS when firing at the enemy, but not much. Still I mostly see people just using hip fire or focused hip fire and spraying full auto at the enemy. (I know it isn't technically hip fire in GR, but it is firing without using anything but the default reticule on the screen). GRAW started the game down this road with the LT zoom, which I was not a fan of, either. I much prefer the GR2 style where there was a substantial penalty to accuracy if you were not using ADS and using single or burst fire.
  14. Cool. Thanks. XBL Gamertag: Cons72 Male PS - Nice job, Rocky. Looks like you got a lot of first time traffic to the board with this.
  15. I saw the trailer, where they used the camo to walk right up behind enemies and stab them. However, in the game play, it appears that almost all if not all of the active camo stuff is purely a cosmetic gimmick and did nothing to change the way the game could be played without them ever using it. What I mean is at the beginning, in the river, they are right up near the enemy, with no camo, then they turn the camo on, don't really move much closer, and start shooting. I don't see where the camo added anything there that a shooter couldn't do without it. Then, when they assault the warehouse, they turn on the camo to run up to the Jersey barriers and then proceed to start an all out firefight. Again, I don't see where the camo added anything that you wouldn't do in another game that didn't have it. Without the camo you would still either sneak up to the barriers or run up to them and start the same firefight. Now, that was only two small parts of the game, so there may well be parts where they actually implement the camo to purpose. Or maybe that mission could be played out differently if they stayed cloaked and moved in closer to the VP without firing. Who knows, I tend to doubt that, but it is possible.
  16. Absolutely using a controller would be easier, particularly for anyone that has ever played a game with a controller before. Now, if you can also say something like M14, Acog, Suppressor, and it builds that weapon for you, then that might be a little easier or as easy.
  17. I think that is because they intend to make the game playable with the Kinect, so even though they were playing with controllers in that demo, you still see the architecture to allow people to play with the Kinect. That is just a guess, but the tech demo earlier in the day showed the guy using just the kinect to test fire the weapons at the firing range.
  18. I wouldn't put too much on what it says on the back. It sounds a lot like it was just taken from what was released for the Wii. We don't even know if they were printed up by Ubi and sent out, or if the store chain printed them up.
  19. You are welcome for the quote, Joystiq. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/3291043913/m/5021097668?r=9581018078#9581018078 Let's put it this way, when it comes out on PC, they are just going to call it "Ghost Recon: Soldier." I kid...
  20. It appears to be continuing on the same engine as GRAW 2 for the PSP, so I would think it plays like that, rather than a redesign like GRFS seems it will be.
  21. I found it interesting that all e3 coverage was about the same. There were a number of follow up questions from earlier information that could have been asked, based on what they were saying at e3. Frankly, some of what they said at e3 seemed to contradict what they were saying about the game just weeks ago. Like linking up to share gear,like the cloak. Now they say all ghosts have access to the optical camo at all times. And Ubi did not display or mention link up at all. Is the media really that apathetic, or was Ubi that controlling about what features they would talk about?
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