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  1. Diesel (though it may translate to a slightly different spelling). And yes, GRAW2 is more of an extension to GRAW1's tech than a completely new game, from a software side. In fact, it's not only the same basic engine (with heavy revision, I'm sure), but it's minimum specs are actually slightly lighter than GRAW1PC had. I like the sound of lighter specs... but what are they exactly? And if the graphics aren't really the focus this time, is it time to get hopeful that the gameplay has significantly improved?
  2. How many members in this forum? 1000? 2000? How many copies of the PC version alone do they expect to sell -whenever- it comes out? 30,000? 40,000? Starting to understand why any hardcore fanbase means nothing to any large software publisher? Only the numbers matter, not which month it gets published or who gets upset over it. The only way they would stick to a release date is if their stock price depended on it... Well, guess what? It matters zilch. Have a nice day.
  3. The French have an Army??? LOL... and it figures, their soldiers' helmets look like bicycle helmets.... no offense to our French readership, just a little ribbing...
  4. Maybe this time we'll get some binoculars? For me, it's the little things...
  5. All of the comments regarding the lackluster actions of the AI in GRAW are on-target... I think I wouldn't be as disappointed if it weren't for the fact that it was taunted that some sort of advanced AI was going to be used in GRAW. It still seems like GR's AI is more advanced... and since they don't automagically detect you like GRAW's AI, they allow for something that GRAW just can't ... ... stealth. There is just zero stealth in GRAW. You approach an enemy, use cover as needed, and engage them. And that's the problem... without any stealth the creativity of play is greatly reduced.
  6. I think the lack of PC development being mentioned is no big deal... Red Storm didn't develop the PC version of GRAW, so why would they be talking about about the PC version of GRAW2? It was a console mag interview for a console game from the console game developer... I wouldn't freak just yet. I'm just happy there is more talk about GRAW2 at all... the PC version talk is sure to follow.
  7. Well I can say that I'm definitely torn on GRAW (being an [GR] lover)... it fits the reqs for a tactical FPS, but some of the design/play characteristics can be downright frustrating... and that's where the rub is... Our particular clan has scoured the game market in search of a viable alternative to [GR] (which we played since it came out) and in the meantime settling with BF2 (I know, forgive us please). We couldn't find anything that matched [GR] (FSW, BF2, AA, CS, COD2, etc.) ... GRAW came the closest. But this is the really frustrating part... I personally believe that it would have
  8. We are having issues as well... I believe we have followed the directions properly, properly modified the xml files correctly... but it crashes at "Loading..." and the familiar Windows error and subsequent error submission box pop up... with, of course, nothing really useful. -Does the path on the new 'server' need to exactly match the installation path on the original box it was ripped from? -Does the silly Ageia physix thing need to be installed on the 'server'? Any insight is appreciated.
  9. She joined ALL of those forums yesterday (as well as joining GR.net forums yesterday.) She also provides different email addresses in some her profiles under her "nadenkkka0741" moniker. Some of those fourms have appeared to deleted her account, or given her a tag under her avatar that reads "Spammer" well that is some serious detective work folks, LOL just teasin'... working in the webhosting business, we see this constantly... russian gangs that have hackers on the payroll trolling around forums with their bots, seeing if anyone bites. the best part was about her email being priv
  10. exactly. It actually stinks that I have had to revert to BF2, but the game isn't worth it right now, what with all the issues rehashed a hundred times over in these forums... I seriously hope they come out with dedicated server before an expansion pack... otherwise, you could pretty much kiss GR:AW goodbye in the community.
  11. I simply can't understand with all of the 'community involvement' and the time that GRIN has spent communicating with us why... why... WHY WON'T THEY DELIVER TDM???? My clan (ETF) just sidelined GRAW in favor of BF2... and I'm upset. Not upset at my clan... rather at GRIN/UBI ... and there are two reasons I could say my clan dropped GRAW- - you need a rockin' system, and most of our clan just can't afford a rockin' system. You know, we're real people who can't afford to pump a couple thousand into their system, for what... not-real particle physics, HDR and crappy AA? - there is no TD
  12. I still can't find it... is it supposed to be a new button on the main menu page? is it enabled as a switch to the command for graw itself?
  13. an example of decent, necessary criticism, even if I don't necessarily agree with it- "Unfortunately, UBI and GRIN decided to throw out ALL of the successful GR game play system, and to start anew. Now, we are left with trying to explain to a fanatic arcade style, game console company about how the real GR game should work,... when it was always THEIR job for the last several years to be the true experts on all aspects of Ghost Recon... " an example of indecent, unecessary criticism, and I definitely don't agree with it- "Still patting yourselves on the back guys for that 'sterlin
  14. Name another pc shooter that doesn't have any patches... I think you're being a little demanding considering this is only going to be what, the third patch? You sound like someone who just isn't going to be happy with GR:AW period.
  15. that's exactly how i feel. it's all about timing. if they don't really fix some of these key issues soon, they're going to see some serious erosion of their fanbase. and while i agree that this game has potential, quite a few people i game with appreciate it's potential, too... but aren't playing it
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