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  1. Well said! Bo must be pulling his hair out reading all these threads about how people don't like this or that console feature. ← If you are not going to believe what they are telling you, why bother asking any questions? ← Comon Sence Prevails
  2. Me Too I think this is a great idea. Its a pity some people have to soil it with waste Very good responce saf and sealz
  3. It seems strange to slam a Developer and a game that has not been released.?? And on very little information. And reads to be a very personnel attack on the 2 companies. It would seem by reading most of the posts on GRAW that I have read are possitive. Its a good job that this post is in the minority, which would please any game Developer reading theses forums. How ever it is very good to read, some of the members in this forum have a great deal of common sence with the replies I have read. In particular. KURTZ, Inc Doc, Prozac 360,Dick Splash,Rocky, KRP56,CDNSniper,Swartsz,TRC,RWG Jackal,Velm,=SEALZ=Colin Thank You
  4. No visual H.U.D. this is good nice pc screen shot.
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