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  1. Using DX10 will make for many more visual capabilities, as we can see in some of the Crysis videos.

    Draw distance for snipers I would imagine be a thing of the past.

    As far as I have read the Diesel engine used is way past 6 and is DX10 capable and has been for a while.

  2. To/ Bo and Ulf and all the staff at Grin at this special time of year.

    I have a strong feeling it will be a busy time and not much to do with Christmas, if how ever you do get some free time from the office.

    Enjoy it with your famillies and friends.

    Thank You for the game this year and all the support that has come with it.

    Very much appreciate all the effort.

    Have a nice one :santa:

  3. I think if it adds load to the game resources wise it would not be good.

    I would much prefer the missions to be made more stealthy. It needs more Grit and nerve wrenching play ie better coding, less bells and whistles, more grit.

    More varied maps, different terrain. That would make it for me.

  4. I certainly hope Grin is the company developing GRAW2 for the PC. The single player game was quite good. And the part about the Hero dying "end of game"..that seems to be Ubi's thing. The Brothers in Arms series has it that when either "Baker" or "Red" dies in their two respective games ; Game over! And the part of having your one of your team members die in one mission and then miracoously "rise from the dead" in the next is also a BIA "trick". Worked for those two games (although, those games were based on history and if the soldier team member lived in the actual mission, they would have to be in the next). I only point this out, because there was a lot of griping about some team member killed in a mission and suddenly appearing in the next! But, back on topic, Grin would be the logical choice, since they already have everything in place to make the next game. And Ubisoft would "lose" money having another company develope it for for the PC. :g_withgrin:

    I think and would like to see Grin make this next game too.

    The team leader dying game ends scenario is not in the game after 1.30 patch.

  5. I would waite.

    Read before you buy.


    It has more bugs than features acording to BIS forums.

    I would agree after playing a couple days, and having many video and sound issues, blue screens aswell, have not had for years.

    Beta testing and sending back complaints to game developers seems to be comeing the norm for game releases these days.

    I would seriously waite.

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