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  1. Using DX10 will make for many more visual capabilities, as we can see in some of the Crysis videos. Draw distance for snipers I would imagine be a thing of the past. As far as I have read the Diesel engine used is way past 6 and is DX10 capable and has been for a while.
  2. Yep still waiting looking forward to it too.
  3. I would say the Admins here have enough to do with the GR series. A dedicated AA forum is what you need really, there are loads already, a couple really quite good.
  4. To/ Bo and Ulf and all the staff at Grin at this special time of year. I have a strong feeling it will be a busy time and not much to do with Christmas, if how ever you do get some free time from the office. Enjoy it with your famillies and friends. Thank You for the game this year and all the support that has come with it. Very much appreciate all the effort. Have a nice one
  5. Reinstall the patch, after doing a complet sys clean. Turn off all tasks before install. Consider also a corrupted 1.35 redownload.
  6. In spit of the crashes what a great gameing map, cqb, nice very nice indeed, 8 of us played for about 3 hours tonight great stuff. Keep up the modding mate.
  7. I would suggest getting in touch with WolfSong he is as far as I know doing this aswell, but much further along.
  8. I am sure its a simple thing to do, and some one here will give you a hand. Reading through the many mod posts it nearly always is a simple solution.
  9. I think if it adds load to the game resources wise it would not be good. I would much prefer the missions to be made more stealthy. It needs more Grit and nerve wrenching play ie better coding, less bells and whistles, more grit. More varied maps, different terrain. That would make it for me.
  10. I think and would like to see Grin make this next game too. The team leader dying game ends scenario is not in the game after 1.30 patch.
  11. If you dont like SC then just leave the server, the admins will soon get the message.
  12. Bugs that are in the game . http://www.armedassault.eu/forum/viewthrea...id=698&pid= http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Armed_Assault:_Bugs_List# The game is not playable on many systems. I would waite before buying.- I have German version patched, too many problems to list see above.
  13. After games stats still incorrect sometimes.
  14. I would waite. Read before you buy. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikon...ST;f=64;t=54855 It has more bugs than features acording to BIS forums. I would agree after playing a couple days, and having many video and sound issues, blue screens aswell, have not had for years. Beta testing and sending back complaints to game developers seems to be comeing the norm for game releases these days. I would seriously waite.
  15. I love the osok on a good [GR] server. Makes the game slow and stealthy like it should be.
  16. Indeed but there are things in there now that you could not do before.
  17. Mission making in graw now looks possible with 1.35. Nice patch
  18. It seems by the new file structure that you can now do complete missions in GRAW. This will please many indeed.
  19. Very much looking forward to this TC.
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