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  1. Thanks for sharing this news. I'm sure I'm just one of countless people waiting in the wings for a return back to quality tactical first person shooter gaming. Least I hope that's the case. Can't wait to experience Takedown: Red Sabre.
  2. Not sure you are following us. The issue we both have with the cover system is that the same bind is used for sprinting. As a result, it is quite easy to latch to cover by accident when you are just trying to sprint and not use the cover system. The fact that the right stick is locked out while sprinting just makes it that much easier to latch to cover by accident due to lack of control.
  3. The AI can not be controlled, so no worries there.
  4. Thanks for sharing. That made my day! I also know now not to bother playing the coop campaign unless I do so with 3 friends. I already played through the campaign with 3 team AI. Have no desire to play through the missions again with 1 team AI much less 2 team AI. :-P
  5. I will play some Guerilla mode with you if you like. I'm on EST here in the states and normally play for an hour or two each evening. I do find occassion to play earlier in the day from time to time. Not sure what time zone you are in. I'll send you a PS3 friend request. My PSN ID is LastOneToKnow.
  6. The camera angle in-game is not providing for seeing the actual line my shot is going to take as if I were standing there aiming the weapon myself. Obviously I shouldn't expect this to be the case as it's a 3rd person shooter, but I've played 3rd person shooters before and don't recall having to deal with this issue to this degree. When looking over my left shoulder the camera is above and behind me to my left and looking back to the right. When looking over the right shoulder just the opposite. This results in me seeing the reticle past the cover it's actually pointing on with no point of reference for my true line of sight as I'm aiming the weapon. Using the laser sight in turn allows me to see the actual line my shot is going to take as the laser sight displays a direct path from the muzzle of my weapon to the reticle on-screen within the 3d space.
  7. Well I figured out a technique to always see where my shots are actually going to hit versus where the reticle is pointed. Added the laser sight to the weapons I use. Would rather not use it, but it's worth the trade off as the laser will show me if my shot is going to hit the wall/cover in front of me to the left or right versus where my reticle is actually pointing. I can then adjust my aim accordindly, so that my shots always clear the cover in front of me. Trying to compensate for this on my own just wasn't working out too well. Third person shooters really are ridiculous.
  8. I'd like to see the traditional coop game modes Firefight (a.k.a. Terrorist Hunt) and Recon added to the game. The game modes should also be playable on all maps. Seriously UBISOFT, it's not rocket science as you well know having included these game modes in all prior Tom Clancy Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six titles. I personally would pay $10 just for those game modes. For the coop or solo player it would greatly enhance the replay value of the game. Short of playing the campaign missions over again or playing the Guerilla mode which I absolutely despise this game simply offers nothing for the coop or solo player.
  9. I took a deeper look at this issue and determined exactly what is going on which appears to be more prevalent when looking over the left shoulder than the right. In the video linked to above you can see where I have a clear line of sight to the left of the wall in front of me, but my shots are hitting the wall when they shouldn't be. Without moving my aim had I looked "down the irons" at that point I would have seen that the game then has me aiming at the wall instead exactly where my shots were hitting. When backing out of "down the irons" at that point my reticle is then still positioned on the wall in front of me, not well over to the left where it was positioned originally. That my dear friends is totally screwed up, no matter what perspective the game is being played from.
  10. From day one I've been encountering an issue I have yet to hear anyone mention both here and over at the UBISOFT forum. In-game I find myself constantly firing at a given corner in front of me by accident. In the below video I'm looking over my left shoulder. I'm clearly positioned way off the corner in front of me as is my reticle, yet when firing I'm still hitting the corner. Happens with any given weapon. Can't begin to tell you how many times I've gotten killed because of this. Am I just crazy or is this not totally messed up? http://www.lowpro.ne...ticle_issue.wmv (6mb)
  11. Glad to hear the patch it out. Hope it addresses some of the issues those of you are having with the PC version of the game. I'm currently only renting the title, but for the PS3 via my Gamefly membership.
  12. Your arguments to my post Oelmuvun don't have a leg to stand on. This thread is about the GR.net server. That's the topic of discussion here. I simply posted a very sound and reasoned reply on the merits of having access to the server setup screen and how that will have a positive impact on the usefulness of the server to the Ghost Recon community here 'as a whole'.
  13. I absolutely agree. In fact, as far as I'm concerned they really should do away with it completely with the exception of the single player campaign. The larger issue at play here which is responsible for most of the "latching to cover by accident" in my opinion is the fact that when sprinting they don't allow the right analog stick to be used which you would normally use to actually look at where you are going which in turn guides you in that direction. Instead you are limited to the left analog stick only which makes sprinting more like driving a vehicle which can only make very wide turns while at the same time driving that vehicle while in a neck brace where your head is completely immobalized allowing you to only look dead ahead in front of you. I personally find this very ackward. It's actually my number one complaint with the game. After all, if you're not comfortable controlling your player in-game what's the rest of it matter anyway.
  14. If it doesn't get used on a "regular" basis it is going to waste. Are you paying for it? If the forum members here don't have access to the server setup screen what's the point? Seriously. We might as well just use the server as a meeting place to decide who is going to start their own server instead. What if those of us on the server at the time don't want to play whatever mission it happens to be on? Maybe we all want to play a different mission. Maybe we'd all rather play a different gametype like Firefight. Maybe more people start joining and we decide to play some Last Man Standing. My point here is, the server will never establish a regular following unless access to the server setup screen is provided. Do yourself a favor and check out this website, http://www.dk-force.dk/. They've had a Ghost Recon server running 24/7 since 2001 which unfortunately is going offline in August of this year. It's the only active Ghost Recon server that I know of today which still has a strong following. All forum members there have access to the server password which changes every month. In fact, I took the time to register on the site and now have access to the server password as well. They make it work and have for all these years. The community here at GhostRecon.net could make it work for this server as well. Just the other day I was on the DK Force server playing Last Man Standing with 16 other people! It was like taking a trip back in time. Earlier this week I joined the server and no one else was on. I decided I wanted to play some firefights. Just accessed the server setup screen, queued up the gametype, map I wanted to play and so forth. After about 10 minutes another person joined, and then another, and then another. We played firefights on various maps for about an hour or so. Eventually we had enough people on the server to play some Last Man Standing. No script was needed. No hand holding required. One of the regulars at that point just jumped in to the server setup screen and queued up some Last Man Standing (limited respawns, primary weapons only), picked a map and away we went. It's really just that simple.
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