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  1. Hey, how is the progress with this? Looks like there is a lot of info in .dxe files, been wondering those game mode scripts.
  2. So im not alone, lol. I had to replace my data folder many times during i was editing the gui files. In some point the game kept crashing even every .xml file was ok. Mayby it corrupts something or leaves some bad temporary files. Really don't know the real reason.
  3. i took x86 for my 32bit cpu and os. if you are using 64bit stuff you may take x64. .NET Framework
  4. I liked GR1 a lot, and will do in the future, there was awesome maps and that you were able to mod so much made it the best game for me. That was really the first game i played online. If GRAW will get a mod support like [GR], it will make it live longer. Let me guess there will be expansion packs for this game too.
  5. Thanks for GRIN, great to see they are working so actively.
  6. Try DXT1 ARGB to enable alpha channel. -Looks like it worked.. Will test some more! lol, i really dont know much about textures. No it didn't work.. Here is my new leafs and grass lol.. oh they disappeared. hehe Have to sleep, before i have to do too much work getting the alpha channels back.
  7. Hmmm, that exact same thing happened to me, like with Dealer. But i edited some vegitation. I didn't save the ALPHA channel from the .dds. somebody to say that which settings I should use? Im thinking to start a winter conversion for some maps.
  8. Be sure you edit only the .dds from the diffuse folders, no need to touch bump maps. And remember to merge all the layers if you are using photoshop.
  9. Hey Dealer, You need a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, indeed any software which can use NVIDIA's .DDS plugins. All the skins are in .dds format. Secondly you have to unpack the quick.bundle file, after that you can alter all these skins and textures. Here is more about Nemon's Bundle Extractor , which you can use to unpack the quick.bundle file.
  10. Yes, would you tell me that should they be more darker or more transparent, different colors? There is much you can do to them, so i would like to hear your opinion to make an example edit.
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