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  1. Hey I downloaded the mod and played the mission with friends in multiplayer. How come the enemies don't shoot at the person thats the host? I'll go stand right in front of an enemy and they don't shoot at me. This happens on the (mp) mission of Operation Save Santa 3, I played the (sp) mission and that version the enemies shoot at me. Is there something wrong with the (mp) version? [Edit: Merged with the existing Mod thread - No need to start a separate one]
  2. Thanks for the help OSO, also do you know how they got this texture from IT to light up? Is this a self illuminating texture like you were talking about? I would like to make the signs and billboards for the stores and other stuff to light up like that all across the boardwalk. I think that would look pretty cool.
  3. Well it would be neat to do with the ferris wheel if its possible but I don't want it to cause bad FPS on the map. Here's some early screenshots of this map:
  4. Does anybody know if its possible to create a texture that changes colors and has movement? If it was designed the same way some of the water textures are. I wanted a ferris wheel at night with changing colors and doing other things. Ferris wheels do some neat movements with the light effects at night and I wanted to know if it was possible to make something like that.
  5. I still have one last incomplete map on my computer that I'm gona try and finish so all my work doesn't go to waste. I have no pictures right now because it isn't textured but these are pictures its based off of. Its a massive map building project which will take time. Its a boardwalk map based off of any boardwalk you would find at the beach. I wanted it to be one of the coolest looking [GR] maps ever made and something fun to play. I'm gona go crazy with the sound effects here using a lot of carnival/boardwalk/beach sounds. The map is very detailed with a lot of building access. This
  6. Thanks I fixed the tree's and added a few more around the map. Also tried modifying the cliff edges like you mentioned. I would like to add a low poly helicopter to the map if anyone has one they can donate. I need something that comes with textures. Here's updated download link for Jurassic Park Map: http://files.filefront.com/JurassicParkbet...;/fileinfo.html Also I'm adding a download link to a .zip with .max files of all the maps I created. You can add this to the ghostrecon.net downloads section. I'm giving this to the community of map builders here as a gift to help people
  7. I've had this map sitting on my computer for a couple months and I never got around to releasing it for public use. Because Ghost Recon is an old game and I've moved on to newer things I've lost interest in building Ghost Recon maps. So this is my last Ghost Recon map and I'm releasing it here for you guys to play with. This is the 22nd Ghost Recon map I've created. I didn't realize I created that many until I went and counted them all. I believe I hold the record for most Ghost Recon maps made unless someone has done more than that. You can find all the maps I created in the GRPA Mod
  8. How about ditching [GR] 4 and making a game called Ghost Recon: Source. The original [GR] game with CoD:4 quality graphics and other modifications. Every single [GR] 1 map included with graphic improvements and other adjustments.....weapons such as the flash grenades, stun grenades, smoke grenades........I think I'm dreaming someone pinch me. UBI should stop telling us what we want and give us what we want!
  9. www.gameranger.com PC Gameranger was released today for PC users. Ghost Recon 1 is still played by Mac users on Gameranger for those interested in coming on and playing with us. Theres usually a few people hosting it.
  10. I plan on building a map or two based off the Indiana Jones movies and I wanted to do missions for them. The problem is I wanted an Indiana Jones character to use for the missions. Can anyone make an Indiana Jones model? I have good reference pictures here to help. I assume making the textures for it can be real easy. Maybe 2 different models, one with the jacket and one without.
  11. This might be great for single player to make the game look better. But if your playing multiplayer why would people want to use this? Isn't this basically handicapping your vision to the point that you can't see things that other people can see if they had it turned off? Would be cool if it was worked into a "Mod" somehow where people can't change the file and everyone is forced to use the same settings.
  12. I don't think any .rsb files need to be changed for the PC version. I use a Mac thats why I never made the mod for the PC. Here's a DL link to the Mac version /tc/GRPAModv4NEW.sitx]http://www.edgefiles.com/file.x?id=/edgega...PAModv4NEW.sitx
  13. I'm not a mission editor so I have no idea how to make them but I was just wondering if there was anybody that would have the time to make this multiplayer gametype for online play. "Chicken War" The game starts with each team spawning at its own base and places 5 chickens in the middle of the map. The point of the game is for each team to bring back chickens to their own base to score points. The 1st team to get 3 points wins or whatever team has the most chickens when time expires wins. Also when a player is shot while carrying a chicken the chicken is dropped on the ground and stay
  14. I added the sound effect of a subway train coming in and going out. But no I didn't make the trains move or be active. You can actually walk onto the tracks and the underground track curves a little.
  15. Here's some images of my new Subway map that should be done sometime next week. -PUNiSHER
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