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  1. I used a very similar tactic, SAW. I had to try several times, but I finally got it. I couldn't get my sniper to take out the second bridge guy, but once I got that problem fixed, I completed the mission. FINALLY!!! Thanks for all the help.
  2. thanks guys! I now enough new campaigns and missions to keep me happy for a day or two
  3. Thanks Kurtz, but that didn't work. I even messed with some of browser and security settings to no avail. Cleared the cache, open in new window, reboot...all the ususal stuff. I'll keep tryin.
  4. Hi again y'all, I finally finished Saving Pilot Ryan...what a ride!!! There was one casualty, though...my keyboard. I had to go get a new one last night because I broke mine when I slammed the F7 key a bit too hard (seriously!) d'oh!! Anyway, since I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to get Jack57's other campaigns but I kept getting errors on the downloads page of this site. Red x's, "done but with errors on the page" messages, etc. I know this probably isn't the place for this, but is anyone else having problems? Furthermore, I searched fileplanet for Postcards from Peru and couldn't find it via their search function. I want to do Postcards and BoB but can't d/l either of them. By the way...thanks for all the help with the SPR mission 1 post. I finally finished it with a mad rush and a few lucky shots The rest of the campaign was stunning. THanks again.
  5. Snake, yes I am playing on recruit. I'm going to bump it up to veteran and see what happens. I'll let ya know...thanks for the replies!
  6. hmmm...I only have 1 guy on the bridge. I even ran my sniper around the truck after I killed him to make sure no one else was on the bridge. Definately only one guy up there by the truck. Maybe a hiccup with my install? Maybe I'll reinstall the campaign to see if there's something wrong.
  7. Yeah, I could see how this would be easeir doing a MP co-op. Doing so with AI is tough...tried some more last night with no luck. I can't seem to get my people to move for the kill fast enough (or maybe I'm too slow switching teams.) I get 2 teams into position in the valley just out of sight of the guys at the base of the pylons (I can see the tangos from my positions but do not get the "back off or we blow the bridge in 30 secs" message). All teams are close enough to take the shots from their present positions. A team is usually 2 riflemen and 1 support with AT equipped. B team is 1 rifle and 1 support with AT. C is sniper set up overlooking the guy on top of the bridge by the truck. I've tried controlling each team for the assault, but I am never fast enough. I've tried setting waypoints for the pylon teams that take them directly to the pylons, then set them to advance at all costs and supress, while I control the sniper for the one guy by the truck then any stragglers I can see by the pylons below. No luck. I've tried this mission on both recruit and normal. I have played through GR, IT, DS, and Frostbite on normal, so I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the single player of the game. Oh well, it's still fun trying
  8. yeah, I am bit late in picking up this awesome title I gotta tell ya, though...I haven't been this engrossed in a game since I first bought R6 and Rogue Spear many moons ago. This particular mission has me wishing I had some hair left to pull out. Thanks anyway!
  9. Hi All, I'm a noobie so bear with me I used the search feature within these forums and couldn't seem to find an answer to my question. I'm on my first run through of this fantastic campaign, but I can't beat the first mission (must've tried 10 times with differing tactics...still no joy.) I can get all of the lookouts, position myself close the groups around the pylons, and get a sniper in position for the bridge dude. I even seem to kill all of them but still...BOOM. Is there supposed to be more than one baddie on the bridge by the truck? I only see one, even after reconning both sides of the bridge with a sniper. Is there another one hiding somewhere on top that detonates the charges? I can kill all fo the pylon guys with AT and GL while simultaneously sniping the top guy but the bridge always blows. Any and all suggestions welcome. Sorry if this is dead horse, but I just GR Gold Ed last week and I'm loving it. Thanks again.
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