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  1. man that sucks. I got a p2.4 mb and cpu I could send, but it would probably take a month or so to get there from the states. Anybody know about shipping to down under, cost and time. Most of the motorycle people i know down there say it takes forever and costs a bundle to get anything shipped from the states. I'll check with the usual suspects though.
  2. A few from the various mp games lately... Hind getting mashed on morning insertion morning insertion 2 two just messing around in sp... coming in low sorry little buddy
  3. I'm down, depending on the time of the game, of course. Probably be best to have the game on the weekend then I can play anytime.
  4. I myself sonny boy have fought from the Pixel beachs of Normandy through France and Germany. Then through a full hi tec slighly low res campaign in Russia. Then a few months later to be shipped out to fight in the sands of Eritrea with some lovly colours. Then shortly after that I was sent to the jungle of Cuba to sort our druggies. Then after that I went solo and went all over the world doing what the Ironside Voice told me to. Then after that I had a breif spell in the jungle of the carribean man, fighting some mercs, but when they turned into evil monsters I quit the only army man army and instead went on to fight with the Special Forces trying to either rescue or kill this VIP in a hospital most of the time. So yeah quite a lot! In my day we had respect, I remember one day old chap, chalks were away and jerry was coming in his focker wolf down from the sun, and I had respect for him coming all the way to fight us brave RAF piolts, then there was the time....... ←
  5. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but saying the above about missons that people create for free and using much of their own free time to do so is tactless...IMO of course 2nd, just out of curiosity how many actual combat scenarios have you been involved in? I'm not trying to berate you or something just trying to see where you are coming from. I have been in no actual combat or even the military, so I have no clue. I have read a few books (mainly vietnam LRRP and mobile gorilla force ones) and the current vbs missions don't seem too far off base. The MGF would be in their AO for months just taking out targets and doing recon. That is of course unless the ###### hit the fan then they would be exacted or killed one.
  6. That is why there is a misson editor...have at it. You really can't complain, unless you paid for the missons. Dekela, hotshot, etc make the missions for free just so their vbs mates can have more fun. I find that there are a wide variety of missions available. From single objective missions, ie capture the airfield, to multiple objective missions with all kinds of stuff throw at ya. And I like them all.
  7. Got the new stuff installed over the weekend. Pretty big difference. My fps is now constantly in the high 20s and 30s in the heavy forested areas (bumped the LOD to high IIRC) and around 50 or so in the desert. The best part is that the fps hasn't dipped down below 15 where as before it would go down to 2 or 3 fps. Some times in the menu screen I get 150 fps when not much is in the background. With the old stuff I would get above 20 even at the same menu screens. I had the HD from my old computer first and then a day or two later I picked up a serial ATA drive and it seemed to give me atleast a few more fps.
  8. I love it when he is talking to eva(or some other hot chick) and you switch to FPV, he is checking out her boobies. First time I saw that I about fell out of my chair.
  9. Yeah the game was playable for sure and the fps really didn't bother me. IIRC my settings are: 1280 x 1024 and normal detail on about everything. But it has been around 2+ years so I thought it was time for an upgrade. Plus this will allow me to take the parts from my current computer and build a home theather pc type dealie.
  10. I was getting frames in the low to mid teens in VBS with my current system(2.4ghz P4/512mb DDR/9700PRO). Just ordered a new MB and Althon 64 cpu. I got an Abit AV8 VIA Socket 939 MB and the 3400+ AMD. Also picked up a dual channel 1gb ddr pack (2x512). So know I should get some more performance out of VBS. Hopefully it will be enough to keep me from upgrading the 9700 Pro.
  11. Cool thanks for the info. I emailed BIA a little while ago also. Hopefully they will get these back up soon.
  12. Nah I don't see that. This is all I see in that addons section:
  13. Cool. I'm in NC...5pm MST sounds like a good time. I get home from the grind around 6pm EST. I need to add you guys to my contact list in messager.
  14. Hey Para or anyone for that matter where can I get your Rangers mod for VBS? I have read through your post on the VBS forum and there is a link to the addons section, but I can't seem to find the Rangers addin. I'm guessing your work was folded into the Special Forces Addon? Thanks
  15. VBS1 arrived today I got all registered for the forums, but the site seems slow ATM. I have only played it a few times, but very slick indeed. came a little early this year. I'll post more later. Gordo I'll add you as a contact as soon as msn messager is installed and working hopefully I'll get to that tonight .
  16. Yes but you can only dual wield the 249 SAW and the 240 LMGs.
  17. Just ordered it. with ADF 1. Hopefully it will get here in a five days or so. I'm looking foward to it. You guys have hyped it up so much, I'm sure it is a gnarly game. Where did you guys get the dirt bike? Is that the bike listed in the OPFOR pack? What about the light fifty was that an OFP mod, didn't see it listed under SF pack? How come dropbears and hoop snakes weren't included in the animals pack seems like they would be more dangerous than the tangos Look foward to playing with you guys.
  18. When will ADF 2 be available in the US. I just ordered VBS and ADF 1 from the US company, but they didn't have ADF 2 listed.
  19. play co op! I have only played team battle once and I think it was with easy co on the bunkers map. Build your friends list up so you can just join them whenever you are on. I have still yet to experience this it takes four shots to kill the AI crap. Well except if I shoot them in the bulletproof vest. Try going for the head, or get a gun with three shot burst and aim for the chest. Maybe get a LMG and just spray a couple of bullets the AI's way.
  20. This is true. Serallen has/had one and the one time I played airsoft with him the mag would unwind(spring) and he would have to wind it back up. But he shot me sooo...
  21. I find that in singleplayer I can sneak up pretty close while prone, that is until my team comes to regroup(even though I told them to hold) b/c they don't seem to go prone. That is the problem in SP. Its like whenever I tell my team to hold they stay there until I get out of radar range then they try to regroup, ###### up my stealth. I also think that is why stealth works in MP Co Op, b/c you can go out on your own with no teammates screwing you up. I have been crawling around in the bush in Co Op, turned and saw a tango not 10 feet from me on the other side of some bushes. He walked right by me. I have used steath many times in Co Op to flank the enemy and crawl up a few yards away from the tangos. In SP you can keep telling you team to hold, but its hard to determine when they will try to regroup. Also if you roll when prone it is a dead (pun intended) give away as to your location. If you lightly move the left thumbstick you can scoot left or right instead of roll.
  22. Just goto an EB games and play it for yourself. You guys are just being silly and trying to find anything to ###### about. Don't you remember, "Its cold, cold, too cold for me" from GR and that didn't make it a bad game.
  23. These two statements seem to contradicte each other. You want more realism but you want to be able to switch to another character after you die? Following everyone else's "I know everything about special forces quotes" In SF if you die you can not switch into someone else's body! Or do you mean Great! in a good way. Just remember that RSE interviewed, watched, read up, and spent time with Special Forces for GR and GR 2 so they probably know more about them then most of us. There is a save feature for GR2? I personally love the game, of course any game has bugs or areas for improvement. Just go online and try the battle mission on HARD with a few of your friends. You will get at least 96 kills or you die. The US and NK arty attacks are gnarly in that mission.
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