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  1. Now talk about bringing back memories. Jeez. Havok reappears out of nowhere, and then posts like this make me really, really miss those days. I really hope a few of us from Team [GRNET] can catch up some time soon.
  2. Good, because that means I don't have to waste my time refuting your fabrications. I think you're a bit confused, because when pledging on Kickstarter you are supporting Ground Branch. The funds raised via Kickstarter are funding the game.
  3. Dude, it's pre-alpha. That stuff either isn't in the game yet, or is so broken you can't show it. Most Kickstarters, by the way, only have screenshots, "Concept Art" and a talking head. Most projects don't show nearly as much as BFS has, in game, real time. Games today cost $60, you can get a copy of GB for $15. I spend that for two days of lunch. Takedown didn't take all the money, they got it from different sources (ie. Socom community and Notch followers) and had more media exposure, both good and some bad. When was GB ever going to be free? They NEVER, EVER, EVER said it was going to be a free to play game. It has always been a game you would have to buy. You'll give money to a project that had nothing but words, but one that "just" shows a training level isn't enough. What? Logic disconnect... I didn't pledge for Takedown simply because all he had were words. No engine, no name, no concept images, just words. Haven't we had enough people shoving words in our faces all these years? GB has in game, pre-alpha footage of solid working features, the core of the game. More maps and other content mean jack if those aren't right. What do you expect to see from Takedown when they finally, if ever, reach the same state as GB? You're not going to see a bunch maps all done at pre-alpha. That's not how the process works. Speaking of maps though, John Sonedecker created some some of the best R6 maps ever, and lead the art team for GR. You want good maps, he is THE man for the job. Personally I'd feel more risk of $200k for "startup costs" walking away than $425k that is directly funding development and release, but hey that's just me.
  4. That was slightly unexpected. Haha. Pretty cool.
  5. Yup. We've been doing the constructive feedback thing for YEARS now. I mean at one point we had a heavily moderated GR 2 PC wishlist thread that was entirely constructive feedback, and any negativity was immediately removed. What has all of that gotten us? Nothing much really.
  6. Hey Ubi here's an idea. Make a better PC game and people might buy them again. The reason their PC sales are down has nothing to do with pirates, it's their poor efforts on this platform, and overhanded DRM that people want nothing to do with. Other developers and publishers have no problem selling good PC games, so enough with the lazy excuse of blaming :pirate:
  7. Only the "Limited Editon" comes with Back to Karkand for free. Either download, or DVD. However I think you could only get the Limited Edition, via download, as a pre-order.
  8. It's UBI, they don't follow what the real world calls logic. Its not going to hurt anything to simply say yes or no. If they aren't releasing a PC version, it's not like they are killing sales.
  9. That's working as intended.
  10. Tried that actually, didn't look so good. I wanted to fix that too, couldn't get it to change though so I moved on to more important stuff. I might go back when all is said and done and try again. Nothing we can do, that's on IPB. The blogs section still is WIP. He and I are some of the few people who actually have uploaded one. Quick edit is the default now, you can always click "Use Full Editor" after quick edit loads. One of those wacky character issues between forum version, an easy fix. IPB seems to think it is... not that I agree with them. Yup. Nope
  11. Until a runaway truck takes down your cable/phone line and your internet goes down. You will really be enjoying your brand new $60 coaster then.
  12. The SP campaigns followed the same plot, but the missions were very different.
  13. Mine as well, the OP clearly brought RSE into the equation. So "we" are NOT talking about the console version either, "we" are talking about a possible RSE involved PC version...
  14. Knowing what studio is doing what means a lot actually. There was a major difference between RSE's work, and Paris' work, on GRAW1 and 2. The whole feel of the gameplay was distinctly different. It will weight heavily on my decision to buy or not. Heck, if GRIN was still in the picture, for example, I know I wouldn't be picking it up.
  15. You do know the last Ghost Recon titles RSE worked on supported 16 player coop, right?
  16. Why does everything have to be cryptic? It won't hurt anything to say a studio is working on an unannounced title (which EVERYONE knows they are doing and have been doing for 2 years now) or that they are contributing a specific portion of FS.
  17. According to the press release Ubi Paris is doing the 360/PS3 versions, no mention of Red Storm. They haven't said what studio is doing the PC version yet, so it's one of those wait and see deals.
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