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  1. Years have passed, and i'm here again!) I wonder if somebody remembers me...
  2. Reamonn - Supergirl.... an old one... just walked by the evening streets, after saying "goodbye" to my girl... and... well... just an old one)
  3. Under The Radar Over The Top (2009)\ scooter_-_ti_sento
  4. maybe Hancock? there were so many movies, and you guys talking just about 2 of them))
  5. it's more comfortable i guess... maybe... they do so only when observing area?
  6. awesome photos!!! superb quality! big thanks to the author!!!!
  7. ordinary_-_the_buzzhorn_(remix).mp3
  8. scooter\10_No Time To Chill (1998)\003_Scooter - We Are The Greatest
  9. I have nothing against this game. I think we better close this topic...
  10. I call "this" double standarts! I can see only peacekeeping operation against georgian agressor! I wonder why you guys not discussing past situations in Kosovo or others? maybe its time to stop seen' threat in every OUR action? We've just done what every coutry have to do! Ossetians DON'T want to live in one state with georgians and that is theirs right! I know, its hard to find out what is truth when you watching western propaganda every day on the TV! In Russia we saw the truth! we heard these Ossetians speaking about unhuman unbelieveable acts of terror by georgian army! bombing civilians... that's your freedom, democracy... damn... sorry for my ugly english... but you're waiting the threat from the wrong side... I know I'm unable to open your eyes... You may continue scaring yourselves by evil communists trying to capture the world... thats all I had to say...
  11. Corstens Countdown 060 Aly_and_Fila_-_Future_Sound_Of_Egypt_044
  12. вам вÑем пора лечитьÑÑ, парни! btw, I thought "political discussions are hereby banned."
  13. Duran Duran - Falling Down (Sebastien Leger Remix) not bad....
  14. hi, doc) I'm lost on my job.... I'm just noticed,you got some russian font?
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