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  1. With Ubi doing the marketing, I don't think a "reason" is needed. I agree that it is very confusing though. Or is it GRIN that releases the screenies? In that case I'm sorry.
  2. Yeeez. It's a delay, not a cancellation. And it's not that uncommon you know. Delay doesn't equal Ubisoft. All publishers suffer them. It's unfortunate, but I believe developing a game like GRAW isn't exactly a walk in the park. Unforeseen problems is likely to occur. And sure, maybe you should be a little more careful about predicting release dates (goes for the whole industry) but I'm sure everyone involved wholeheartedly set out to complete it until the holidays. This crap about it all being a market stunt just seems unlogical. It seems more likely that it has something to do with Ubisoft w
  3. It's always annoying when you have to wait for something you really long for. On the other hand, I have waited about 4 years now so what's another 3 or 4 months if the game is going to be as rock hard cruel as most of us hope? If these extra months for the PC dev team gives them the opportunity to add extra features and fine-tune the already implemented ones, balance gameplay into perfection and so on, I will be more than happy to wait a little while longer.
  4. ← I think that's actually supposed to be page 63.
  5. At first when I heard about the 2-4 coop multiplayer I was just as upset as some of you guys. Then it got me thinking and this just doesn't add up. Support for 32 players TvT but only a maximum 4 player coop? Why would GRIN want to do something like that? So maybe there's some sort of misunderstanding here? Could it be that the campaign coop differs from playing separate SP missions coop? I don't know, but all this just sounds a little bit too strange. Other than that, thanks for the report Whiteknight. And to GRIN, keep up the great work! Can't wait until november. Who would have believed
  6. I believe it's all really simple actually. GRAW will be GRAW and GR will be GR. GRAW is a sequel, but still a new game in many ways (new developer, new engine and so on). I don't know if I will buy it until I hear and see more, but it's very probable I will. Why? Because it's a tactical shooter and that's a game type I love. Then, will GRAW be as good as GR was back then? I don't know. Really. And I guess the same goes for the rest of you. It doesn't really matter either as long as it's still a good and fun game. It hasn't got to be exactly like GR to rock. It hasn't got to be exactly the s
  7. I agree. First, I just can not, no matter how hard I try, see the difference between a healtbar and a "figure that changes color" (thanks Dan ). It's just visual appearance, indicators. It's the damage system in itself that makes the difference. Second, if, and I say if, they manage to create an AI that is up for the job then I have no problem if my sniper is the one taking care of the critical shots while I'm leading the team. Character switching isn't what tactical gameplay is all about, nor is it what GR is about. It was a substitute for an underachieving AI. In my book, GR has never b
  8. I'm not sure what that means. Do we have absolute confirmation of the development of GR3 PC? Do we have a scheduled release date for the PC version? What I can see is that we've got no new info on the PC specs yet. But the title seems to be decided.
  9. Long time lurker, first time poster. Hi y'all. I just wanted to say that Colin's post just now was one of the most balanced, well thought and best I've read here in a looong time. Thanks!
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