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  1. Added: 20/10/06 23:33:56 Description: MVD Osnaz is the Russian Interior Ministrys special forces/units. You will be playing the role of a very secret force consisting of highly trained individuals from some of the best Osnaz/Spetsnaz units, such as: Vityaz, Rus, OMON and Krechet. Creator/Author: Ingeloop I cant download this great mod. Everytime i try to download it just takes me to the front page on filefront. Could anyone get me the link please? My thanks to all.
  2. thank you very much!!! spasibo!!!
  3. Im trying to find this mod again, everytime i click the link, the page aint there. Does anyone still have this mod???
  4. NO desertranger is right... GR2 and GR2SS are not a GR by any part of its game play.... But I will give GR2SS a small bit of credit for making some mission objectives in what ever order we want to complete it. Just a small bit though. Look at The Sum Of All Fears on PC, to my opinion it was pretty good also, and I consider it part of the GR series. And as for the R6 series, I stoped buying new R6 and stayed with Raven Shield on PC cause it just went all the way down to hell and never came back with a bang. I almost stoped with GR, but GRAW PC is making me question it. We want [GR] back in the day when it was 'A' PC game... It was a game for all of us slow tactical fans to play!! Ive been at it with R6 and GR since I was 13 and loved until recently... Two to UBI, thanks alot guys for ruining a couple good games!!
  5. I like the idea for the revolver it is different for a mod
  6. Why element11, he's rolling away with it!! He's got his 2nd model if you rather want to see it and get a idea.
  7. Hey swartz, its been awhile but im back... and your G36C is beautiful, I love seeing your art, everytime you show off a new step up of progress!!! By the way, will you be making a HK416, or put any thought into it? And ive got into modeling!!! and I want to thank you for that, seeing your art and my brothers got me into it. But Ive just been working on making worlds right now. But anyway... you all HAVE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! Last But Not Least YAY!!
  8. Looking damn GREAT with your projects swartz. I havent said anything in awhile, but im keeping a eye out for your work
  9. When do you plan to release this mod... And how many weapons/kits you thinking about putting in it?
  10. actually this happened to me playing GR2:SS, on the map with all the buildings, what is it business district or sumat? basically a city. Whilst playing co-op, theres a section where you gointo this court yard. So i clear out all the enemies arround it and enter from the back knowing I've cleared the area, once I go down the stairs suddenly theyre all over me, coming from an area i know is covered by a team mate, who effectivly would see them coming up the road, or from a dead end... happened twice, the first time i thought i mus tof missed a hidden group, but the second time i made sure it was clear. and there they appeared. BOOOO! ← The map is Government District. Ive had that same problem with that court yard. I thought it was just a few i missed, but I cleared it out next time, and there they were when I was going down those stairs. But it wont do it once or twice, but everytime I go back there. Its the part in the game that Ive seen with them respawning like that, and I just start going through the stairs to the west part of the courtyard. But other than that, Im very very very happy with the way GR2 SS turned out. Its way better then GR2, and they brought back alot of the game elements from GR. WK, Dannik is right about the system's specs and so on so forth. It does it to a few other games, but not as the red x, but its a similer message. For example, and is the real truth. Doom 3 on PC was made for a pentium 4 1.5 proceesor or a AMD Athlon 1500 or higher, those numbers are mininum requierments, and people dont get it running without it. But... I have a Celeron 2.8 AND it runs perfect. It just took a few changing and twisting in the systems data and rerouted where I want some clocking done at, and it made my PC and Doom 3 better then what it was supposed to be. Microsoft does have problems with there XBOX's about putting the same cards, chips, DVD drives and drivers. But just as long I can play games then im happy.
  11. yes, but not in a seperate SCAR mod. ← So you saying your going to put all the weapons you modeled up into one mod? And that some BEAUTIFUL model you done with the SCAR!!! You plan to make it into the lights 5.56mm?
  12. But the other SCAR mod is based on the 2004 prototype, would you hook all of us up with new and improved?
  13. And still for over 20 years the M16A1 was in service, and that is a Full Auto M16.
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