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  1. I hate to get into such a thing, but I feel I need to set some of the record straight here. (The following reflects my opinion and my opinion only, it does not necessarily reflect that of +SD's or any of it's affiliated members) I find this somewhat offensive to be honest. I was on the beta testing team and put in many a long hour trying to help Jay and the other centcom modders stress test and (sometimes) break their mod to help deliver a product that would be as stable as possible. Obviously, no application is 100% stable on every machine... this is very basic, and stuff is going to happen. IIRC, you were offered a position to help script for the mod and provide your input on the issues that came up, yet declined. But now you are now criticizing a project that you did not contribute to? I'm not trying to make any enemies here, so don't shoot the messenger. I'm just saying plain and simple, some of us have a slightly different take on the matter and I can't stand by and watch some good folks' reputations be shot to ######. With all due respect to Tinker, who can seemingly work miracles with regularity, it's still the centcom modders who own the rights to the mod. It would be the correct thing to get the OK from them... morally, respectfully and legally. Perhaps they simply don't care for the political ######storm that has ensued over a free mod for a six year old game? Food for thought...
  2. Yep folks, leaderboard has been updated with mission 2 scores and SD/9MS scores for mission two. Hope you enjoy Mission 3!
  3. Hey folks, the third and final tournament movie is up... Enjoy! http://www.specialdetachment.org/tourney2007/ -> Mission Three
  4. I take back what I said earlier, movie will be up by this weekend, most likely sooner. Keep checking here for updates.
  5. Unfortunately due to circumstance, there will be no mission 3 teaser movie. The 9MS briefing is officially up: http://ninemansquad.forumup.org/viewtopic.php?t=1869 And, lastly, block 3 has been activated so you can all get to thinking (and inputting) some timeslot choices for 9MS's mission!
  6. Downloads are now available for the polished mission you all played, as well as the prelude mission (described in the briefing): http://www.specialdetachment.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=687
  7. MISSION ONE ENDS! Hello all, Mission One of the 2006/2007 Community COOP Tournament is officially over! All the teams who inserted did a right fine job and we thank them for participating. Scores will be posted shortly at: http://www.specialdetachment.org/tourney2007/standings.php You can also see how Alpha Squad and 9 Man Squad measured up to the challenge, as well. You are probably wondering why so many zeroes? Well, dodger couldn't have said it better: Further discussion can be seen here: http://www.specialdetachment.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1992 Again, we thank every team for participating and wish you the best of luck in Alpha's mission two!
  8. I added it under the assumption not too many fools played coop missions. That aside, remember teams, you have just a few more days to get your insertions scheduled for Mission Two! TEAMLEADERS... If you haven't done so now, please navigate to the tournament webpage: http://www.specialdetachment.org/tourney2007/ -> Tournament portal -> Login -> Request Timeslot It is important you do this quickly... the sooner you do so, the better chance you have at getting a preferred timeslot. Secondly, if you don't schedule a timeslot for mission 2, you WILL get the lowest possible score, -45.
  9. Mission Two teaser is up: Tourney Webpage
  10. There's only a few days left to request timeslots, folks. If you haven't done so already, I suggest you do it ASAP. REMEMBER. IF YOU DO NOT REQUEST A TIMESLOT FOR THE UPCOMING MISSION, YOU WILL GET A ZERO FOR THE MISSION.
  11. +SD Dedicated checking in.
  12. OK OK OK... I'll come clean... I had to put SOME sorta BS to fill in that Clint Eastwood theme music... it was loooong and I already cut it down... SO ###### ALREADY! GR ISN'T GOING AWAY! THERE! Now that that's off my chest Can't we all just get along? OOOOOK back to business. Those of you who didn't get your team signed up, well, it's too late now. All teams may now start requesting insertion times. You can do this by going to the tournament website ( www.specialdetachment.org/tourney2007/ I would hope you knew that by now) -> Tournament Portal -> Login and request a timeslot. You can view the schedule here: http://www.specialdetachment.org/tourney2007/schedule.php As you can see, slots are filling up, so the sooner you request your desired time, the better. If you fail to request a time by 05JAN2007 then your team will receive a "0" for mission one. Oh and merry christmas.
  13. Remember folks, you can still register for the tournament! Signups end on December 22nd, so you have about 2 and a half days to get your team signed up and ready to rock.
  14. It's official... with everything up and running, we figure'd no use just sitting around until 12 AM EST to launch the tournament... so it's up people. You can now register your teams for the 2006 Community COOP Tournament! Read my above post or the quote below on instructions on how to register your team. Good luck! (Though I honestly don't see why you'd need it)
  15. Tournament schedule is up people. Check here: http://www.specialdetachment.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1931 On December 8th you can visit: http://www.specialdetachment.org/tourney2007/ -> Tournament Portal -> Sign Up For Tourney ... to signup your team for the tournament. Remember, slots are limited (we haven't exactly decided a cutoff number, but when enough's enough, we will shut her down... so be quick!) Scheduling for Mission One starts on 22 December 2006 and ends on 04 Jan 2007 (so be sure to schedule before your eggnog and champagne hangovers). Also, the briefing for Mission One will be revealed on the tournament website and +SD forums during this period. The bloodbath starts on January 5th 2007. Keep checking this thread and the tournament forums at: http://www.specialdetachment.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=49 for further announcements.
  16. Am I missing something, or have they failed to fix the GIANT prone bug? The fact that you cant view practically anything, use the q/e keys or shoot down hills if you are the hill's crest while prone is one of the few major bugs keeping me from buying this game. I can easily forgive most others but this is inexcusable. Let's hope that it comes out in the June patch (or sooner)... along with text briefings. :-P
  17. Mmmm yes, I was just corrected of this by my buddy asrock. Ooops. Ok, so you can coop over the internet. But its still through gamespy... which sucks!
  18. EDIT: *Corrected* Why do we have to keep referring back to the original GR, which came out 5 years ago, to get things done right? It makes no sense. Ubi or whoever was the driving force behind making GR3 the "new eye-candy-of-the-month" game made a fatal error in doing so. Sure, you get to be on a high horse for a month or two, but only until the next big game comes out. GR3 has no SUBSTANCE to go with graphics. I don't believe, with the way it is now, that we will ever see half of our requests realized. Why? Because they are too big! Look at these things. Server briefings, debriefings, fixing of a million and one bugs (including the biggest of all: the PRONE bug), DOORS. Even something as simple as doors, or a decent map (ever notice the fact you cant walk up a very small hill? You always slide down to the one-route, one-objective, walk-through-the-gauntlet map). All I'm saying is that we, as the GR coop community, got royally screweed.
  19. GR2 sold 1.4 million copies in seven weeks and is one of the top Xbox Live games ever. I don't think Ubi are exactly slapping their foreheads over it. First, I wasn't assuming that ALL console gamers are "13-year-olds-with-gallons-of-coke". I was simply stating that it seems most all "13-year-olds-with-gallons-of-coke" love to see lots of blood and gore in a very unrealistic manner. Secondly, if GR2 sold 1.4 million copies, then why did they feel it wouldn't sell on PC? 1.4 million copies is no small amount...
  20. Then I stand corrected on the price. I wonder where I heard the $400 quote. Oh well. Still, $299 is too much for a console... for me.
  21. That's cool to hear. Although it will probably spawn some really intense and nicely-done mods, I just don't think that I could let $400 slip out of my pocket; $50 for a game, and then another $20 or so for a mod. That's a lotta dough when you add it up. But I guess the bright side is that people now have the ABILITY to make mods.
  22. I didn't think I was twisting your words. You are correct with the fact that it is indeed their game, they can do what they want with it, and we ultimately have no control. I would just hope for the best, and hope that they would take what we say into consideration. Your list was very well thought out, and it definitely outlined the key aspects that made GR1 such a hit. I think that Ubi has come to a fork in the road. They can either accomodate the larger "13-year-olds-with-gallons-of-coke" group, or the much smaller military, ex-military and paramilitary gamer group. GR1 definitely was geared towards the latter- if by intent or a fluke, as harntrox suggested. Unfortunately, it seemed as if GR2 was exactly the opposite. Basically, that is why I am somewhat optimistic about GR3. Hopefully Ubisoft learned from it's mistakes and is licking it's wounds, while getting a clear and concise message that GR was NOT meant to be another counter strike, or another battlefield 1942.
  23. I have only used three in my life. Winzip (trash), Winrar and 7-zip. Winrar is a great program. Really jammed pack with features (and handy because it can open everything... or so it seems). 7-Zip is also a good program. Especially considering its free and can open seemingly everything that you come across.
  24. Yeah, the new xbox/ps3/whatever else anyone comes up with are, as you said, mini computers. All in all, its surpisingly cheap. According to an article I read somewhere the new xbox AND ps3's are gonna take $400 out of your pocket for the machine. But when you consider the specs, its really not too badly priced. I still think that $400 is WAY too much for a console, but I'm just not a console person. Computer gaming will never end. There is too much potential and advancement in the field. You can't mod a game for the xbox, AS FAR AS I KNOW. (It might be possible. Never heard of it though). But look at Half Life? Would there have ever been Counter Strike from a Half Life that was only released on a N64 (sheeesh, might have even been more like a Super Nintendo when that game came out). Nope. As for me, I will take a keyboard over those controllers ANY day.
  25. Although the cause is noble, Ubi just isn't going to do it. The time and effort would be too great. But then again, if Ubi thinks with their wallet and not with their brains, then I could see this happening. The maps are already made, they would just have to import to a GR1 setting. Not sure how hard that is. Never done it myself. Then they could sell it for $19.95 and make more money! Yay. (and I gotta say, gr.net has the widest selection of smilies i have seen on a forum to date. )
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