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  1. Hatchet, any chance of access to this bit of your site, sounds interesting?
  2. Me too! I beat you to it, but I wasn't going to brag about it!! Stand to Sergeant!!
  3. The best way to do this is to get everyone to join you whilst you've got the server set to an unpopular game. We normally use solo objective - flag capture or some such. Your mates know where to look for you, but hardly anyone else will come in. Once you've got your mates together then you re set the game type to what you what you really wanted to play, and the room will fill up quickly with your new opposition.
  4. This has happened to quite a few people, includingme. I just had to restart the whole mission and miraculously when I killed the guys on the second roadblock, it just opened up and I could complete the mission. Bit more discssion on this in the pinned threat on GRAW bugs above. Enjoy!
  5. I'm stuck on 4 as well. I understand you have to be on the winning team to score for rank, it's not enough to get lots of individual kills and be on the losing side. As well as this, you need to find higher ranked people to kill. Slaughtering rank 1s ain't going to do it!! See ya
  6. I agree with you. However, having spent 4hrs flat out online on BF2, without any downtime between games, I went back to GRAW last night and spent ages trying to get into games, getting dropped, trying to find my mates (and failing). After an hour of this, in which I probably played only 20 minutes, I gave up. The online experience in GRAW is just so frustrating, I'm beginning to fall out of love with it. It desperately needs patching on the online side. Does anyone know if there is a fix coming on the "friends invites to ranked rooms" issue?
  7. It's because the majority of them haven't earned them the way you or I would play the game. They've spent a very sad period of time shooting their split screen dummy or putting the split screen on the other team to team-kill them all before they leave the spawn point.
  8. ummm....what if the best GRAW player was unhappy with the total BS way the ranked games are set up and only played player matches......he/she would still be a good if not the best player......don't get 2 hung up on peoples rank....its just a number and there are many ways 2 get that number into double digits...!!! ←
  9. This level does seem to bug a bit, I couldn't get it to clear the second checkpoint where the tanks turn left, even though I'd killed them all. I had to replay the whole level and then the checkpoint cleared and I could get onto the last bit over the gantry. The only thing there is to do is to clear the soldiers on the checkpoint, so i suspect you've got the same bug as me, just on the next checkpoint. if you really have killed everyone then replay the level and see if it clears. Don't know how to link to it, but there's a discussion on this in the GRAW bugs pinned thread. Cheers M
  10. If it's the first doorgunner mission then make sure you're set up with the weapon in right direction and practise when to pull the trigger so that the minigun spins up and you're spitting bullets at the right time, not one sec after you want to be. If it's the mission after you've come along the rooves, then you need to make sure you take out the RPG soldiers. There are two of them near the end of the map, they'll kill you every time, the pilot will warn you of them. Otherwise, general helicopter tips, go for the trucks and cars that groups of enemies cluster around, when you blow the car or jeep then you kill everyone nearby with the explosion. Goes without saying that any vehicle with an HMG on board needs to go first!! You can zoom with left analogue click to get accurate over long distances, but don't use it unless you're at long range. Other than that, make sure you rest the weapon while you're scoping for targets, once it's in the red it's always better to stop firing for a while rather than try and limp on with the crap RoF. Shooting fish in a barrel!!
  11. There's a little bridge across the buildings to the second roadblock, but I can't remember if there's a ramp off the building or if you get picked up off the roof. I'll need to load that mission up again and take a look. ←
  12. I've got so far along the roof, then the tanks turn left away from the rooftop after the roadblock and I can't get any further. if you go along the rooftop further, it says you're heading away from the combat zone??
  13. You did that quick!! I'm stuck on mission 9 (I think) where you escort the tanks down in street by staying on the rooftops on the right, aim being to destroy two AA sites. I can't get off the roof once you've reached the second road block. How do you move on from here? All polite suggestions greatly appreciated
  14. Yeah, I've had this problem too. Still, only 3 weeks to wait for the new one!!
  15. Hi all, looking for help again........... On BF2 online, my xbox used to work just fine (got me to Command Sgt maj so far), but has since developed a fault. It will connect to Xbox live and allow me to choose a game, but as it's loading up the map, it always fails. A message seems to fly down the screen but it's too fast to be readable. This is during the loading section when it shows you the skeleton of the map. i thought I might have scratched the disc and so bought another one, but the new one does the same (how frustrating?) I have downloaded the dlc ok and am out of ideas, any thoughts?? I have an x box and a xb360 using the same router, but never turned on together. Cheers Martin
  16. Yes, just this one. It does seem to have eased up quite a bit since my first post, but it's still not as slick as if it was on the original machine cheers
  17. Hi all Is anyone else having trouble playing the backward compatible GR:SS on the 360? Started off with just being a bit slow occasionally, but seems to have developed to locking - up, sound getting screwed up etc. Is it just me? Cheers Hollers
  18. There seems to be a slight delay when you play GRSS on line on the 360. I was wondering if the emulation software slowed it down a bit? Made me a bit less competitive. Agree with you about the colors looking a bit washed out. It looks as if I'll be keeping the old Xbox connected up just to play GR2 and GRSS at the moment. Anyone else?
  19. Is the female character a smaller target and therefore harder to hit? or is that another myth?
  20. Chances of overt action are nil, but if "explosions" happened accidentally in their nuclear sites then that would be a terrible accident that could be blamed on almost anyone from Israel to any coalition country <obviously not France though, cos they only blow up Greenpeace ships rather than terrorists>
  21. Try www.ick.bz for some excellent advice. other than that, getting your ###### kicked is good for you cos its the best way to learn!!
  22. Best Weapons depend very much on your own choice and what you want it for For general stuff, most people use M8 carbine, M4 Scope or T95. You'll find the best players tend to use these weapons most of the time, no matter what they're doing, because they're jack of all trades. You can snipe, you can go full auto, and you can move quickly about. If you're sneaking about on Mountain Falls etc then the silenced MP5. It has less impact per round but if you're taking people by surprise then you'll do just fine. Don't go in head first against people with other weapons tho'. If you're sniping on Trainyard, Battlefield etc and want to stay hidden then the silenced sniper. Takes ages to zero in for each shot, but no-one knows where you are. If you're sniping more generally and want a guaranteed one shot , one kill then the KBU88. Sounds like an elephant rifle as well, very satisfying. On Ghost village and peninsular, people tend to use gunner, MG36 or SAW. Using any gunner weapons means you move more slowly, especially sideways, so you may prefer a riflman weapon where you can dodge incoming fire much better. Don't forget that on most maps and on most games esp things like LMS Quarry, it's a race to get to the best spots quickly, that means not wasting time choosing your weapons, crack on with the M8 straight off the bat. You run quicker stood up, than you do crouching. LMS -Last Manstanding SS - Sharpshooter HH - Hamburger Hill DS - Double Siege SIE - Siege RCR - Recovery My favourite is Sharpshooter because you get much more involved in a 10 minute game. trouble is, some people do love to spawn camp. Much argument as to whether this is acceptable way to play or not. Personally I don't think it's very clever and people who do it ought to go and play halo2 instead. <ducks for incoming> Most people seem to like LMS as it's more realistic ie you get killed and you're dead!! Also avoids spawn campers. Enjoy!!
  23. Does anyone know how you get on the roof of the central building on the dam level on the multiplayer map? There's obviously a "special" way to do it!! It took me a long time to realise that someone else had worked out how to do it!! I must have been sniped 20 times trying to work out where he was..............
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