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  1. Thanks! That all makes sense. Has anyone experimented with changing the textures for these effects? I might be able to pull this off in the mod by retexturing the Type 3 explosion, but then I would have to reserve that explosion type for the Shmel. All other explosive weapons (RPGs, BMP rockets, etc.) would have to be limited to explosion type 1 or 2. If anyone has done this before, I would love some guidance. I have played with character, map, and weapon textures a bit, but messing with the effects textures is all new business for me.
  2. Blakarion, Your vehicles look great in game! Here are links to some images shot of your vehicles in some of the Chernaya Noch missions I am working on: http://atlas.cisadmin.com/craig/screens_sm...sm_hind_t80.jpg http://atlas.cisadmin.com/craig/screens_sm...hind_troops.jpg http://atlas.cisadmin.com/craig/screens_sm...btr_hilltop.jpg http://atlas.cisadmin.com/craig/screens_sm...m_artillery.jpg http://atlas.cisadmin.com/craig/screens_sm...rnayanoch_1.jpg
  3. I am planning on using SOPMOD's excellent RPO-A Shmel in my Chechnya mod, Chernaya Noch, but we are trying to figure out how to get a more realistic looking visual effect for the Shmel rocket explosion. The RPO-A fires a thermobaric rocket that relies on fine liquid-fuel vapor and oxygen as the explosive. This produces a deflagration effect with a dramatic fireball, as opposed to AT projectiles that have high explosive detonations. All three visual explosion types for weapons provided in GR are limp when compared to the effect of the Shmel. Has anyone managed to crack this limitation? Ideally, the explosion should look something more akin to the napalm effect.
  4. SOPMOD came through and we now have an nice lookng SA-7 in the campaign! Now if I can just get my hands on a crashed MI-24...(ahem, Blakarion, ahem).
  5. Cherni Nochnoi roughly translates as "Dark Night" or "Black Night". This scripting sstuff is a blast ...minus the moments of frustration as your hostages suddenly walk off on their own or your counter stops counting. You know its getting addictive when you find yourself clciking out of Igor when your wife walks by (like an alchoholic drinking alone!).
  6. I'm sort of new to scripting so maybe someone can help me with something. I had a mission working perfectly with an actor assigned hostage behavior and behaving just as it should. Then I made some minor changes to the location of some zones, saved, and now my hostage goes into hostage mode and walks a few feet, then stops...nothing more. I tried moving the zones back (just in case this SOMEHOW has something to do with this), but nada! The hostage still walks a few feet, then beligerantly holds position (until i get so ###### I shoot him out of spite!) . Does anyone have a suggestion on this. I put a lot of hours into this one and I'd really rather not have to start over from scratch! One lesson learned...start backup up copies of missions when making changes!
  7. I need a claymore mine that can be placed in a map as an item, similar to the way Harntrox did the ammo crates in HX5. I understand that he created the ammo crates and generators as vehicles. Well, I created a vehicle file (.vcl) for use with a claymore mine model, but it doesn't work...just CTDs the mission on startup. I am assuming that somehow the vehicle model (qob) is tagged as a vehicle. Is there a way to hand edit this file so that GR recognizes it as a vehicle? I do not have 3DSM. Thanks!
  8. No 3DSM. No 3-d modeling skills...just little old Igor and Photoshop.
  9. I am looking for a Russian MANPAD, such as an SA-7 or SA-18, for use in a mission. Does anyone know if anybody has created one for GR yet? I can't seem to remember seeing one in any previous mods. If not, would any of you excellent weapons modders like to step up to the challenge? I have a mission I would like to do for the Chechnya mod, Cherni Nochnoi, but the premise for the mission relies on having some Chechens with man-portable surface-to-air missiles. Thanks!
  10. I am looking for a retextured daytime version of the Airbase map for my Chechnya mod - Cherni Nochnoi. GAK_Firestar has a nice one in his Night to Day mod, but I can't find any contact info for him. Does anyone know of another good one?
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I played NED but don't remember the Russian General. I'll check it out.
  12. Thanks, but the way that the idea for the mod emerged, it is a campaign based on Spetsnaz operations for use with Earl's Vympel mod or Sixpence's Spetsnaz mod. I have always been a fan of Earl's Vympel mod (He made the best RPGs yet for GR). However, there haven't been too many mods with storylines that lend themselves to Spetsnaz operations. I am surprised that no one created any missions based on that theme or the theme of the Chechen conflict. So after several months of concocting mission ideas, I decided to finally get serious with Igor and do it. TOML sounds like it is going to be a great mod. I'll tell you one I'd really like to get in on as far as scripting a mission or two is Year of The Monkey. I've been looking forward to that mod's release for over a year now. If anyone would like to beta test a few of the missions for Cherni Nochnoi, my Chechnya mod, let me know.
  13. Thanks, Lancer. However, I am using both of those maps already for other missions. (In fact, those missions are already done)
  14. Biro, Thanks! I will check it out. The screen shot looks great. As far as the other two maps are concerned, I am really surprised no one has created something like a rural village or a UN-type urban encampment. There's a lot of possibilities for maps like that. Ossetian Woodlands also seems like a great map, but I need to play with the storyline a bit to work in the radar station. The way the campaign is evolving, the player's team begins assigned to a unit in Southern Chechnya (primarily mountainous area) in the beginning of the campaign and is eventually reassigned to Grozny.
  15. I am currently working on a Chechen campaign mod for use with Earl's Vympel mod (one of my all time favorite weapons mods) or Sixpence's Sptesnaz mod. I am already using most of the maps in original GR, but need a few in particular that aren't in the stock GR for particular mission ideas. If anyone knows of a similar map, please let me know: 1) Rural Village - European village in a mountainous area (with battlescars is a plus). The setting is Southern Chechnya. Night or day. 2) Mountain Valley - Mountains along a canyon or valley - Few buildings/mostly forest and slopes. Night or day. 3) Military Camp in an urban environment - Military camp with fenceline and sandbagged positions surrounded by urban buldings and streets - similar to what one sees at UN compounds in the Balkans or at US camps in Iraq. Thanks!!!!
  16. I am in desperate need of some special characters for a Chechen Campaign mod that I am working on. The campaign is a missions mod designed for use with Earl's Spetsgruppa Vympel mod or Sixpence's Spetsnaz mod. The missions are coming along well, but I am using stock models for some of the characters and it looks kind of crappy. Any assistance is greatly appreciated: 1) Russian Colonel - 40-50ish / In field uniform 2) Russian General - 60ish / In Russian Army dress green uniform 3) Civilian (FSB Agent) - 30ish / Civilian clothes with leather jacket (Actually a team of guys in civilian clothes and ski masks would be perfect for one mission!) 4) Chechen Leader - 40ish / Full Beard / Hodgepodge uniform 5) Civilians!!!!! (As many as possible) European / Caucasian / or Middle-Eastern looking I am currently using the Georgian rebels from original GR as my Chechens, but I would love to replace them altogether with more accurate looking characters (brearded, mixed variations of uniforms and civilian clothes, Caucasian islamic-style caps or hats, etc.) Please email me if you can help! Thanks.
  17. I posted this before the crash last week, but in case you didn't see it: First, kudos on the OpFor vehicles pack. It was just what I needd for the Chechen War mod I am working on right now. Especially the Hinds and BTRs...they were just perfect for what I need and look great in mission. As far as other vehicles... 1) Crashed MI-24!!!! I could definately use one for a mission I would like to do! 2) SS-25 Mobile ICBM Launcher. Heck with SCUD hunt...Hunt for the stolen ICBM! Thanks for all of your effort! Your vehicles are awesome!
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