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  1. Thanks for the compliments. Cobaka's SU-25 is awesome! I had to do some creative sound play work to mask the helo sound emitted in flight, but that is unavoidable. To make it fly, it has to be tagged as a helo. Most of the uniforms worn by Black One (The player's SOBR Spetsnaz team) are of the blue/gray camo variety with 'SOBR' back patches. The player's sister unit, an OMON unit reassigned from Ingushetia, is mostly in woodland type camo with OMON patches. Headgear varies between characters. In researching camo for the Russians, I have never seen a country with so many different camo patterns. You can also see it in the pics of Russian troops in Chechnya..some are in blue camo, others a modified tiger stripe, others conventional woodland, etc..
  2. Thanks. I'll find another map that will work for what I need. I am trying to avoid requiring other mods to be activated for the campaign to work in full.
  3. Thanks! If I do all 17 planned missions, it will be probably some time in November.
  4. Does anyone know who did the Frostbite map 'Slopes'? I have been trying to reach El-Oso by PM and email for a few weeks now with no success. I am very much in need of some specific types of winter maps for the later part of the Chernaya Noch campaign (Chechnya/November-December time period) and the Slopes map fits the bill perfectly for one of those missions.
  5. Has anyone created a winterized version of DS map 'D08_tank'? I need a map to simulate the Argun Gorge in Chechnya for a pivotal mission in the Chernaya Noch campaign. Although it is a desert map, the environment in Argun Gorge is very sparce and a winterized version of 'tank' would probably look very close to the real environment. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Thanks, I wil try contacting Lancer. Right now the RR_Bridge is the priority.
  7. I have been back and forth through the Igor guides and I still can't find the functions to make non-player actors mount placed weapons, such as the Auto-grenade launcher, standing MG, etc.. Can someone point me in the right direction? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  8. Still looking for these retextured maps. Does anyone know where they can be downloaded?
  9. MORE NEW PICS: Our SOBR Heroes in a night fight. Watch where you walk---Cobaka's OMZ-4 landmine! SOPMOD's RPO-A Shmel---thermobaric rocket launcher with a 40 meters blast radius. Chechen with SOPMOD's SA-7 Anti-Aircraft Missile aiming in on one of Cobaka's SU-25s. Slightly different angle.
  10. Based on a lot of helo scripting I have been doing lately, it just takes a lot of patience and experimentation. I am also using Blakarion's models (MI-24 Hind, MI-17, etc), but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Helos in GR are buggy and tempermental as hell, period. Moving the waypoints just a hair can often make the difference between flying off into "z" space or landing right on the money. Map geometry seems to make a difference too. Some maps seem easy to script flight plans on and the helos behave cooperatively, others seem to require a lot of playing with altitude and waypoint placement. Its frustrating and time consuming, but that's just part of the process.
  11. I don't think its new, but there aren't many out there. Chems has done the DC and I believe the YOTM crew did a jet for their pending mod.
  12. Cobaka, That looks fantastic!!! What a beauty! I can't wait to see it live in game! Great timing too... I am putting the final touches on one mission where it will be used. So far I have been using the GR Blackhawk for scripting out the flight plans and testing.
  13. Sure, as much time as you need. I still have quite a bit of scripting ahead of me.
  14. Cobaka, I can't wait to see it!!! I have some time for scripting today and I am almost finished with the last refinements to tenth mission. Once I am done, I am going to start scripting the mission I started that I plan on using your SU-25. For now I will use a helo to work out the timing of flight and effects and once you are done I will replace the helo with your jet and do whatever tweaking is necessary. Now that your base model is done, how hard is it to create a second ground version with landing gear tagged as a tank? If its a lot of work, don't worry about it at all. If its no problem, let me know. It would be a nice enhancement for the mission briefs that take place at the air base in Hankala. I am a few weeks from having all of the first 13 missions complete, including the multi-part missions. After that I will need to wait until some new maps are finished. If you'ld like to beta test it and see how your models look in game, let me know. I am not reinventing the wheel at all, but I am doing some things that I haven't seen done in other mods before with the goal of trying to make this campaign as immersive as possible and trying to create a large range options for replay and how things may occur. I think you will really enjoy the results. All beta comments so far have been excellent!
  15. Cobaka, You made my day! (Great timing too...It's been a very long week!) The vehicle is looking GREAT!!!! The SU-25 is used in Chechnya largely for air-to-ground support against troops and light vehicles. If you want make it with an AI weapon, do a chaingun. From what I am seeing scripting a lot of helos, if the vehicle is moving very fast the vehicle won't fire rockets. But the chainguns seem to work fine. To accomplish the air strikes, I will script the bombs as effects triggered when the jet passes over. By using some script trickery, a counter and proximitycompany triggers to track the enemy forces as they move, I can still manage to trigger the bombs in the general area of the enemy when the airstrike is launched. Its not precise, but then again the Russians aren't exactly known for precision air strikes. This also increases the risk of friendly fire accidents (a common problem in the previous Chechen conflicts)...Be careful where you stand when the jets are inbound! .
  16. Sorry for the delay in getting the new pics up. Things have been off the hook at work since Katrina hit. We're deploying over 50 personnel to the hot zone right now and it is all consuming time wise. hopefully things will settle a bit later in the week.
  17. UPDATE: * 10th mission is ready for beta testing!...7 more to go! (maybe 8...I'm debating.) * Two new maps coming onboard thanks to Bitshot and X69RZX * We are also doing something a little different with the specialists in this mod. Instead of giving separate specialists from other units as is common these days, there will be six specialists in winter camo and six specialists in civilian clothes. The six winter specialists are for use in the later combat missions that take place on winterized maps (the campaign proceeds from August into December). The plainclothes operatives are for two missions that take place in urban civilian environments. * Cobaka has volunteered to create an SU-25 for close air support. In a few missions you will be able to call in air support by placing a demo charge and depending on where the chechen forces are, the birds will do a bombing run on the enemy forces. * Cobaka's awesome OZM landmine is now integrated into several missions. (Better watch where you walk!) More photos to come soon, including shots of SOPMOD's RPO-A Shmel and SA-7 missile system, Cobaka's landmine, and some new characters.
  18. Cobaka comes to the rescue again!!! I didn't want to impose on you granted the outstanding help you provided on the landmine and the map, but since you're volunteering....No rush. Anytime within the next month or so. I am working on a mission now that will use it, but I will leave that part of the mission incomplete until you have it ready. I'm just overjoyed to find someone to do it! It will be a great addition!
  19. There's got to be someone out there...? Chems? Blakarion? Somebody?
  20. I'll check them out! BTW...SOPMOD, did you get my message about your winter forest map?
  21. I am looking for a sound file for an overhead artillery whistle for use during a scripted artillery barrage. If anyone can help, please PM me.
  22. If GRIN is smart, they will realize the controversy of including the futuristic gadgets and make the HUD an optional feature. If they don't, they will kill a lot of modding possibilities. GRIN seems like a sharp crowd. I don't think they'd be that stupid as to limit the possibilities right out the gate with the basic game architecture...but then again, look at UBI
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