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  1. SOPMOD, That's looking great! I can't wait to see the final package!
  2. Lancer, No, I haven't seen them. For some reason I am not getting your emails. Check your PM.
  3. Rock On, Blakarion! Thanks a lot. I will PM you my email address. As for snow covered vehicles, BMP-2 would be great.
  4. Here's a sample of some of the players in the world of Chernay Noch: Zhabri Abrikasov, age 42, born in the city of Shatoi. Fought in the conflicts of 1995/96 and 2001 and joined Shamil Basayev as a field commander in 2004. Orchestrated the tragic hostage taking of Aeroflot Flight 934 and the Alagir massacre of South Ossetian OMON troops in 2006. His physical appearance is typical of Chechen Islamists with full hair and beard and his most distinguishing physical trait is a large burn scar on the left side of his face from an accident when he was a boy. Abrikasov ascended into leadership of the Chechen Islamist movement in 2006 following the death of his mentor, Shamil Basayev. In late 2006, Abrikasov successfully unified several of the fractioned Islamist terrorist and separatist groups from Dagestan and Chechnya into one organization, the Army of Islamic Martyrs (AIM). Like Basayev, Abrikasov has rejected any conditional authority of Russia and is committed to using both traditional guerilla tactics as well as spectacular acts of terrorism to further the Islamist cause. In early 2007, the movement grew even more powerful due to withdrawl of Russian troops in the region under pressure from politicians in Moscow attempting to win international support by displaying a new 'friendlier' approach to Chechen reintegration. Abrikasov exploited the political situation by assuming control of more territory and successfully rebuilding the Chechen's capability to wage conventional warfare by bolstering the Chechen ranks with international jihadists and rebuilding their logistical and training capabilities. However, it would not be until a crisis event in the Fall of 2007 that Moscow would realize the size of the monster that had been growing under its nose. Mohammed Zakayev was the leader of the Vedeno Islamic People's Brigade until he joined Abrikasov's AIM in early 2007. In February 2007, Zakayev was photographed at a summit meeting at an AIM training camp in Ingushetia. Shortly afterward KAVKAZCENTER accounced that Zakayev has assumed the position of AIM Chief of Martyrdom Operations and began planning special terrorist attacks for Abrikasov inside Caucasia and the surrounding republics...mostly hostage takings, kidnappings, and assassination of government officials. Salaman Ruduyev, age 53, born in Shatoi. Moved to Lenningrad (St. Petersburg) at age 13, and grew up in the bootlegger underworld of the communist-era Soviet Union. By age 18, Ruduyev was recognized as a ruthless organized crime figure due to his brutal exploits in the fued between the Chechen and Georgian mafia. By age 24, he was promoted to underboss and moved to Moscow where he ran the largest prostitution ring in Russia for the Chechen mafia. In his thirities, he expanded his business enterprise into smuggling of restricted goods and narcotics. After perostroyka, Ruduyev assumed control of the fragmented Chechen mafia in Moscow and emerged as undisputed leader. In 1996 and 1997, he survived several assassination attempts in wars with the Georgian mafia and the Armenian mafia and consoldiated the Chechen control of all prostitution and white slavery in Moscow. In 2001, after the death of his brother in a clash with Russian troops in Chechnya, he restored long broken communications with his family and started providing funds and smuggling capabilities to the Chechen forces of Shamil Basayev. Although it is unconfirmed, it is suspected by GRU that Ruduyev is currently aiding Basayev's successor, Zhabri Abrikasov, by providing weapons and money laundering services. While Abrikasov and Ruduyev have obvious ideological differences, they are both Chechen nationalists and more improtantly, both are related by clan.
  5. Actually I am pretty good on the insignia issue. There are many units involved and I think it would be too much to try to do individual unit insignias on vehicles. If we did anything with alternative skins I would do a winter version of the Zil, BMP, 2S19, and T80BV with snow on top on areas not around the engine or air intakes. What I really need most in the way of vehicles is the crashed Hind. I have two missions involving shot down hinds that could really benefit from this model. The other destroyed vehicles are also very welcome additions. If there were any other vehicles I could really use--a full-size BMW or Mercedes! Apparently in the earlier Chechen conflicts, there were tons of BMWs and other luxury sedans used by the Chechens for everything from recon to trucking troops around...most stolen from other parts of Europe and resold via the Chechen mafia. It was an issue of humor that there were often parking lots of BMWs and Mercedes close to the battle front from Chechens who drove themselves to the war.
  6. Are the voices English voices translated to Russian or are they just the sounds from the russian_voice folder? ← Russian translated voices in replacement of the english voices--basically the voices of the player's team.
  7. My day job brings up copyright issues all the time, so I am somewhat familiar with the potential problems. The fact that the files are not used for any form of monetary gain plus the fact that the game is anchient, pretty much eliminates any potential litigation (no case for any kind of damages). The fact that is just a port of sound files from one version of the game to another also diminishes issues somewhat. I can see the issue with SOAF maps (as porting the maps from one game to another may reduce potential sales), but in this case I think UBI could probably care less. I don't think there are too many non-Russian gamers that will not buy the Russian version because the mod used the voices from the Russian version and thus eliminated their need to buy the game.
  8. Thanks. I will! I have about a dozen missions that will benefit from this!
  9. SOPMOD, You the man! I recevied all three folders and tried it out. So far looks like it will work without having to replace the voice .xml files. I only tried it in a few applications so far, but it looks like it will do the job. It adds another 25 MB to the mod, but the price is negligible. It sounds really great! Now our spetsnaz troops are speaking Russian! Great idea! Bolshoye Spaseba, Costya!
  10. Yes! You are a god, Blakarion! As you probably know, I am using your OPFOR vehicles extensively in Chernaya Noch and I have many missions that could benefit from destroyed vehicles...particularly the BMP, Hind, and Zil. This is great news!!! Do you have any idea when you think they will be available?
  11. QUICK UPDATE: * Mission 14_A almost finished...after creating about 50 new actors needed for several of the last missions. When this mission is finished, we will have 8 more to go! * The campaign ending has been finalized and I think you are in for a treat! I have spent several motnths now trying to come up with an ending worthy of an epic campaign like this. I think we finally have it now! * Two new maps are now underway and will be used in some of the later missions (one you heard about in this thread, the other you haven't ). * Current mod size is getting huge (680 MB uncompressed). It will be a big download, but I think it will be worth it. * New screen shots to come soon...the first intel briefing before your new assignment to Chechnya!
  12. Looks great, SOPMOD! Let me know if you'ld like to see it scripted? Check your PM.
  13. SOPMOD, Good to hear from you. I didn't know you got my email about the map. It's looking good. Thanks!
  14. Almost all of Earl's weapons are there, plus several new weapons from SOPMOD: AS Val, Vikhr, PP-90, PP-93, RPO-A Shmel, and the SA-7. The current lineup includes almost everything in the current Russian small arms arsenal. The only weapons we cut from Earl's Vympel mod were some of the handguns (a little redundant and hardly anyone uses handguns in game). We also created new reticles for almost all of the weapons. Ingeloop did a particularly good job with the rets for the sniper rifles...excellent renditions of Russian optical sight reticles!
  15. I was trying for a realistic feel to the ret. The real sights on the RPO-A are bulky and give a small field of view. When planning the rets, Ingeloop and I went back and forth a bit on realistic vs abstract. We compromised...the AKs, PKM, RPG, RPO-A, and AN-94s have realistic-type rets (ala Sixpence style...my preference). All others feature abstract rets (ala traditional-style GR...Ingeloop's preference). The way I look at it, if players prefer it one way or the other, they can easily customize their version by cutting and pasting one type of ret or the other in the GUN files.
  16. Some new reticles... RPO-A Shmel (With rocket in flight): RPG-7: Both screenshots are taken from Mission 14 on Bitshot's excellent Hidden Forest map.
  17. It says they both have 2.7X magnification, but unfortunately doesn't state much about the reticle appearance. If I can't find an actual photo or drawing of a RPG-29 reticle, I will probably just use the RPG-7 reticle.
  18. I'm not sure, but I don't think so. The RPG-7 uses the PGO optical sight and has ranging lines and stadia specific to the PG-7 rocket propelled grenade. From pics I have seen, the optical sight on the RPG-29 looks different and I would assume that the ranging lines and stadia are specific to that projectile. I am hoping that SOPMOD can dig something specific up through the Rus Internet.
  19. I'm back in town and plugging away at the missions. Mission 14_B on Bitshot's Winterized Forest map is almost complete and looking good. Igeloop: I received your screenshots of the civie specialists and they look great. Right on target! Now I just need to find out the status of the map we needed them for. I haven't heard anything in a while and I am getting a little nervous that the map has been dropped. If worse comes to worse, I may need to take Harntrox up on his offer of using his city map for that mission and see if I can get his permission to winterize it. SOPMOD: Do you have access to any Russian field manuals that show the real reticle for the RPG-29? I have made some realistic looking reticles for the RPG-7 and the RPO-A and I would also like to complete the AT/TB weapons with a proper reticle for the RPG-29. I am also looking for a good photo of the sights on the ASVAL. I think at the current pace, missions 1-16 (including all parts) will be complete by the beginning of next month and ready for expanded beta testing. At that point I will put out a request for a few new beta testers to sample the campaign from begining to mission 16.
  20. My apologies...23 mission files now complete and in beta testing, 12 more to go! Of the 23 finished, 9 are 'briefing missions' (no action, just briefings in game) and 14 are 'action missions' (execution of the mission itself). In the end, there will be about 35 mission files altogether. Keep in mind, many of the missions are multi-part, so Part A is a briefing on one map, Part B is the execution on another map, and there may be a Part C, which is a continuation of the action onto another map. For example, in one mission, there is a briefing at the airbase in Hankala (Part A) followed by a night recon of the enemy encampment (Part B) and then an assault at dawn while most of the enemy is sleeping (Part C). In another mission, the team is briefed on their new mission of providing convoy escorts in the Vedeno valley area (Part A), they respond to an ambush on a convoy (Part B), and then pursuit the retreating survivors of the Chechen force onto another map (Part C).
  21. Some new specialist characters by Ingeloop... The player's companion unit (Black Two), an OMON spetsnaz unit from Ingushetia...
  22. I am shooting for Christmas, but that may be ambitious. Right now there are 17 mission parts (mission files) complete and in beta testing. I have about 12 more to go, although about six of those are already started and just need to be finished. In the end there will be about 29 to 30 actual mission files. As for actors/charactors and weapons, that's about 90-95% complete. Ingeloop is finishing those up now.
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