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  1. Does anyone know whatever happened to this city map: {a malware infested website}/games/ghostreco...city/index.html It looks very promising and just what I could use for a particular mission. Does anyone know its status?
  2. Thanks! That's exactly what I needed!
  3. I am trying to find a way to start a mission with a helo already in flight rather than taking off from the ground into flight. I tried using executevehicleplan from the preload...nothing. Is there some way to do this without doing a cinematic or maybe some way to delay the player start until the bird is in flight?
  4. There have been a lot reports recently of other US Military and contractor hardware being used by terrorists in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The recent hit on Edinburgh Risk on Route Irish was an example. According to the AAR, the bad guys appeared to be using a hard suburban as their cover during the ambush. There have also been recent reports suggesting new advanced IED techniques too, including explosively formed projectiles (EFP) for attacks against armored vehicles. The last time we saw terrorists using EFP against mobile targets was the '89 Herrhaussen assassination by the RAF. Afghanistan and Iraq have definately turned into some rough neighborhoods.
  5. Looking great, guys!!! I can't wait to see it when its finished! What a testimony to the greatness of GR as a game...over four years since its release and there's still so many new and ambitious mods being made!
  6. New Mission 14_A (Part 1) and Mission 14_B (Part 2) now complete!!! 28 parts done, 7 more to go! --------------------- INGELOOP: Several missions have been reordered since the last beta I sent you. The new Mission 14 didn't replace the old one, it just took its place in order. You'll see in the next beta when I get 14_C done. The new order is final. The pace should be picking up now as many of the remaining mission parts are already partially finished.
  7. UPDATE: * Realism modifications to gun files and kits complete * New missions is underway * Lots of refinements made on the 15 completed 'action' missions. The last two weeks have been pretty slow on new mission scripting due to some tedious sound work and a lot of refinements to effects, kit changes, and various realism mods. Nine more missions to go!
  8. Thanks, guys! I've got 'em now. Sounddogs is great!
  9. How did the pics help? Do they look like anything you can use?
  10. No, it is only for the gun files in Chernaya Noch (all Russian weapons). I have since revised my strategy and gone with a variation of Blakarion's idea...separate .gun files and kits for the bad guys and AI allies with (90% accuracy increases and 80% stabilization time increases). Creating teh new gun files and kits didn't take long...going through all 13 completed missions changing the kits though is a @!!@#!!!
  11. I have adaware and F-Prot on my computer with Ghost Recon mods and no problem at all. I am no expert on viruses, but I can't imagine how the file types in GR can carry virus code...(no executables, no macros, etc.)?
  12. I ended up going +50% on accuracy values for iron sight weapons, +30% on accuracy for reflex sight weapons, and +30% stabilization time for all weapons. It seems to have improved realism a bit, but isn't irritating at all.
  13. Hell yeah! That would be cool! I didnt find a lot of decent stuff on google so yeah, if u can send me some. Thx ← No problem. I'll see what I can do. PM me your email address.
  14. I did some testing and I think +60% (to accuracy values) and +30% (stabilization values) are my magic numbers. It's more interesting, but not drawn out enough to be agitating.
  15. Thanks for the tips guys. I'm going to try the 40% accuracy and 20% stab change first...then adjust as necessary. My goal isn't to tick off the player, but just give a touch more realistic feel to the firefights.
  16. Thanks! I think I am going to try an experiment by increasing the accuracy values by 40% accross the board and raising stabilization time by 20% and see how well that works.
  17. I was thinking of upping them by 60% proportionally for starters. Without being familiar with the hit probabilities model, I am just guessing as a starting point. Any idea if a 60% increase would have much effect, or should I be trying higher?
  18. I would like to achieve more realistic firefights with a higher exchange of fire and decreased hit probabilities. In most real firefights, a considerable amount of ammo is expended between hits. Considering I have a lot of AI force-on-force activity going on in many of my missions, I am trying to find an effective way of dumbing down hit probabilities without affecting all weapons (I am going to leave sniper weapons alone). It seems the best way to do this would be to modify the accuracy stats in the GUN files. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any guidance or even references on this in the archives or Igor guides. Does anyone have any recommendations for how to selectively decrease hit probabilities for improved realism? Also, does anyone know of a way to reliably slow down reload time? Its amazing how fast those Chechen buggers can reload an RPG!!! Thanks!
  19. Incedible work Zeko! It's looking very very good. Zeko, is the lab for agent production. If so, you might want to put in an incubator, centrifuge, or maybe even a dryer. If you need reference pics me know. I have plenty of open source pics at the office that you can use for reference.
  20. Yeah why not. After is done i can send u source files if u wanna make snow version. I'll keep in touch. ← Thanks, Zeko! I'll save a space in the campaign for it! I know exactly where it will go.
  21. Update: * Blakarion's new destroyed vehicles now integrated. * Mission 18_A is now complete. 8 more to go. * SOPMOD's russian radio voices now integrated plus new edited Russian radio voices for scripted radio messages. * New special map by Bitshot is now complete (Subbasement of the 'Aquarium' - The GRU headquarters in Moscow) Some new stuff in the works that is sure to be a treat. Stay tuned!
  22. Great site. I haven't seent this one before. Thanks!
  23. I have been scouring for some sounds I hope someone in the GR community may have... 1. Heavy metal door closing...solid feel (not like the rusty gate or tin door in GR and MP1) 2. Buzzing sound (like an eletric door buzzer in a secure facility) 3. Creaking and popping of a hot water pipe in an old building 4. Boulders or large rocks falling (not like the pebbles in GR, more substantial) 5. Eurpoean-style police car siren...It will be in the distance, so not with audible radio chatter. If it is loud, I can edit it in Adobe Audition to get the sound echoing and distanced a bit. Thanks!
  24. Looking great, Zeko! I especially like the work on the AA missiles...very, very good. If you'ld like to winterize it, let me know! It would fit great into the end of the Chernaya Noch campaign...the northern air defense position for Shatoi, the last Chechen stonghold in the campaign.
  25. Great map, Cobaka! I am really glad to see a new urban map. There's some great possibilities with this one!
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