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  1. Thanks, Tinker. I'll take you up on those civie vans. I appreciate all the help I can get. Does anyone know of anyone who is still doing helicopters? I'd love to have a Russian UAV for one of my missions. I need a way for the player to be found by friendly forces after his radio goes down...it would be a perfect solution.
  2. Thanks. I could definately use it. Please let me know when you have it ready. I don't suppose I could entice you into making a luxury sedan while you're at it?
  3. Has nayone in the last year created any civilian vehicles that can be used in mods? I am particularly looking for a luxury sedan like a Mercedes or Rolls Royce. Anything like that would be great. I can also use any other extra civilian vehicles if available...vans, trucks, cars, etc. Thanks.
  4. Update: I have been going over the campaign the last week, modifying some things so we can get the first half of the campaign out in the next week or so. There will be 15 "Action" Mission Parts and 10 "Briefing" Missions. The campaign Part 1 will follow our team's adventure up to a pivotal part of the story plot. Part 2 (to be released within the next few months) will then conclude the campaign. I am still looking for beta testers if anyone is interested...
  5. If any of you guys would like to assist with beta testing some missions, PM me.
  6. Part One will be released first. Look for it within the next two weeks. If it wasn't for a business project deadline due Monday, I would probably be releasing Part One next week. I am glad we're doing it like this. I was holding off on adding some new stuff for fear of "inflating" the mod size even more, now that shouldn't be an issue...Although you will need to have both mods activated to play Part 2.
  7. Okay, after several weeks of R/L buisness, I'm back to scripting. I've conversed with Ingelop about the size of this mod...It's huge. Here's the idea we've come up with. We're going to release it in two parts. Part 1 will contain the first 13 missions. I am only one mission away from finishing the first part. The second part will conclude the campaign.
  8. Sorry for the delay in updates guys. Modding the past month has been very slow owing to my wife's pregnancy and a houseful of sick kids. However, I am happy to announce that the kids are feeling better and yesterday my wife gave birth to our fourth (Annalise), and hopefully things will get back to normal soon. Thanks for your patience. I promise CN will be worth the wait.
  9. Thanks for the post. This is the best compliation I've seen yet about GRAW's features. But has there been any news about GRAW's modding capabilities? Will GRAW accept custom level creation? If so, any news on what the platofrm is for level creation (Max 7, Aegia Tools, ???)? Will GRAW allow modding of the HUD/Cross Com feature? If not, we may be very limited in being able to do mods for historical and contemporary conflicts. That would be a real shame. Let's face it, GR is great...but it's really the modability that has made GR 1 such a long term success and the phenomenon that it is. Other wise I would have left GR behind years ago.
  10. Just a quick update... * Scripting has been progressing, although a bit slow due to the holidays and RL issues. * I am not adding any new missions at this stage, other than the one I am finishing right now on Cobaka's city map. That will leave me five missions to complete, plus one more if SOPMOD comes through on his Moscow streets map. * Revised ETA: End of February (OR BUST!!!)
  11. Does anyone know if the "Far Clipping Distance" influences the amount of polys loaded into RAM? I wonder if reducing the far clipping distance would improve FPS.
  12. WORM, YOU ARE THE MAN! I used the togglemovetrees command and it improved FPS by 10 to 15 out the gate! Somebody should pin this discussion. I have several missions I am going to do this to. Great tip! Now when the action gets heaviest, the lowest the FPS falls now is around 18 to 20. Still pretty low, but playable. I think with some more refinement to the vehicle plan timing, I can salvage this puppy yet. Thanks everybody! BTW...I saw another console command that may also improve FPS. I am going to do an experiment and if it works, I'll post it here.
  13. I tried breaking the execute plan commands in script blocks of two vehicle plans per block and usng timers to space them out a bit. (such as execute vehicle plan for tank A and execute vehicle plan for tank B in one block, timer for 10 seconds, timer expires and execute vehicle plan for tank C and execute vehicle plan for tank D in the next block, etc.). I'll try breaking it up even further and see if that helps. I am really confounded by this. I scripted another mission on the m08_battlefield map that is much more activity-intense with more tanks plans all executing at the same time and my frame rates are much better than on this one.
  14. Tried removing the smoke effects...not much of an improvement. Something else is killing me here. Does anyone know what all of the various drains on frame rates are? Any good tips for optimizing frame rates?
  15. I'm not sure if this is possible to do with the way GR's weapons work. I needed to do something similar in a few of my missions...to get the effect of an SA-7 hitting a helicopter. But in my case, it was a scripted event witnessed by the player. I did it using a SA-7 made as an anti-tank weapon and placed an invisible dummy target at an effect elevated along the helo's flight path. When the helo gets close and the SA-7 is firing, I triggered an elevated explosion and debris effect at the location of the helo in flight. Again, this was a scripted event so I don't think it would work for what you want to achieve.
  16. Thanks. That helps. But do you know if the lag continues after the effect is over or should it go back up again?
  17. I am hoping someone can provide some good insight on what things in GR, other than map complexity can be tamed to keep frame rates under control without sacrificing action intensity. I have a new mission I am scripting on a new urban map that is driving me crazy. The enemy force is composed of six tanks and about 70 enemies and the friendly force is composed of two tanks, one truck, and about six friendly soldiers. There are also about three additional static civilian vehicles serving as tank targets. When the mission begins, all of the enemies are hidden but two tanks and about six troops. Frame rates during the beginning of the mission go between 45 and 24 depending on where you are looking and standing. Once the assault begins, several smoke effects are initiated to create a smoke screen and three enemy tanks are revealed and begin moving into assault position. Three tanks then begin firing at various points and two tanks start rolling toward their objective...not a lot of activity altogether. But by this stage, frame rates are plummeting to 14 and as low as 7. UUggghh!!! What can I do to get this under control? I already have about 12 hours of scripting into this mission and it is driving me nuts. The map is intricate, but it is soooo good! When the map is bare, frame rates are running at 60. Once I add just a bit of activity, it all goes south. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I really want to salvage this one of I can.
  18. It's one of the best urban maps made for GR yet! Last night it just became the western Dagestani city of Khasavyurt and the subject of the new Mission 8 in Chernaya Noch. Oh, I have got to stop adding new missions to this mod...it is never going to see release.
  19. Here's a few links that may be useful: Russian Words Often Used in Sgins Belarus Street Signs and Traffic Laws
  20. The airbase map does and I think the Embassy map may have some of them too.
  21. Very cool!!! So that is different than the Inner City map that papa6 was/is working on. I wasn't sure...the photos look very similar. Excellent. I'd really love to use it. I wasn't joking about it looking like Grozny...it looks like alot of pictures I've seen of Russian cities in the Kafkas. Whenever you are ready to release it, just send me a PM. Craig
  22. Is it your's or did Papa6 hand it over to you? Do you plan on dusting off someday soon? You know, it looks an awful like Grozny...would be a terrible shame to see it just collecting dust.
  23. Don't leave me out in the dark here, brother!
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