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  1. I think the longest shot you can take is on the mission in Ft. Worth. If you clear the water tanks to the left of the fisrt objective you can send you drone to the far right side and spot some guys on a roof top. They are so far away that there is a delay between shot and impact.
  2. I do have a complaint now. There is no way someone should be able to run around with a .50 Cal sniper rifle and rapid fire. I see guys rushing people all the time with one and it is crazy.
  3. Thanks Guys I will be adding you all shortly. I am really impressed with the 360 though. GRAW/2 look and run so much better on it...Honestly (and I have been a soley PC gamer for over 10 years) I can say that what I am seeing has changed my atitude about ports. I would have much rather gotten a port of GRAW than what was actually released. I have a new PC with 8Gbs of DDR2 800, Core 2 Duo 2.4 and a 8800 CTS 640, and GRAW and GRAW 2 Beta dont come close to the 360. I have Vegas for the PC so that will be my next 360 purchase, I may even try some MP on the PC with the 360 controller to see how I do.
  4. I just got a 360 and Im looking for some regulars to play with. The whole Controller learning curve is kicking my ######. My gamertag is Wilvoeka. I have GRAW/2 and plan on getting Vegas shortly.
  5. Im not posting to poo poo on GRAW. But because of the games weak release a MP pack that was stronfg was needed to get this game going. Sadly this pack isnt going to do it. After playing it for a few days I found no problems with it(for a beta) or the game itself. But I dont feel this release is going to get more people intersted and playing the game. With an average of less than 100 people on at any given time its hard to find a good game. AFZ server when full is good games, but there just isnt enough interst to keep this game going much longer. Perhaps an expansion pack could really beef the game up...
  6. I have used it, but I dont own a copy of it. I wouldnt get enough use out of it to own a copy. Will blender work? Regardless, I do aprieciate you taking the time to help out Wille.
  7. 1. When adding props such as barrels or lite polls is there a way to raise or lower them to meet the ground? 2. Is there a way to slope terrains or are we stuck with flat ground? Like making a level thats flat on top then slopes to a lower level hills etc.
  8. Also....In limited death servers what do people do when they are waiting for the next round? The majority chat, they get to know each other, trade info. This type of conversing helps build the community, you get a sense of friendship going. This is something I didnt even realized I missed playing games like BF2 and CoD 2. Sitting back having a drink, smoke, snack etc. and chatting with players is a great part of a COMMUNITY. It can get anoying if round times are too long, but most servers dont run longer than 10 mins with no respawns. If you are waiting 9 mins for a ten minute round to end you probably need to re think your tactics.
  9. After playing more GRAW yesterday on TDM than I have since the game came out I can says one thing. In the 9 hours I played yesterday in about 6 differant servers the only servers I seen that were empty were the ones with unlimited respawns. 5 more maps like the ones that came with this patch and some SA server files and this game will be hudely popular with the Calns for matching.....and that were the majority of public servers come from.
  10. Is anyone planning on running a TDM server with NO or LESS THAN 3 Respawns? I am downloading it now, if it gets the game back to a more tctical team oriented type of play I am willing to put a server up on a Deicated machine. Post your server name if you plan on doing so. I will post again if I decide to run one.
  11. My comment wasnt directed at anyone. I have never read anywhere GRIn saying there would Be STAND ALONE files, everything Ive read say Dedicated files, but if it has been said there willl be SA files released then thats a good thing.
  12. There is a differance between Dedicated server files and Stand alone server files. I dont think dedicated server files will make much of a differance in server availibilty. We need STAND ALONE SERVER files not Dedicated server files.
  13. Here is a direct link to a Aliance HD video of Gamplay. Weapon selction from WW2 to Current day with ballistics chart. Iron sight adjustment. Cool particle effects. Destructable enviroments. Pick up dead bodies and use them as shields. http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=...wmv&pl=game
  14. - dedicated server support (plus ASE support) Sure wouldnt hurt anything. - voice chat There ahve been numerous polls about this and they all come out the same. The majority dont want it. - more easy-to-understand text chat (with different areas for shot status and info exchange) Depends. - rank system (plus unlock weapons) Once again the overwhelming majority of the GR community opposed any type of rank system. - more detailed score report Sounds good - medic support (for healing) Another that the majority opposed. - etc. People that enjoyed GR enjoyed it becaus it was nothing like BF. You wont find many people here sympethetic to any ideas that would make GR "more" like BF2.
  15. Ok, we've beat the Stand Alone server files need into the ground. We still have no defenite answer on when or IF we are going to get any. So at bare minimum we need to have some sort of remote admin features patched into the current version. I.E...... Remote admin abilities. Playing admin controls like. Restart Round, Change map, Pause game launch, Kick/Ban controls. For Deathmatch/LMS game modes we also need some form of Kit restriction. And since what seems like a given to us may not be so. Deatmatch/LMS mode needs to have the option for ZERO respawns. To many games have a default unlimted so I wanted to make this clear.
  16. you do realise thats not very tactical... right? ← Actually thats one of the only real world tactics that work in games. But your not doing your team any favors if your not in a postion to cover them.
  17. Well my copy was at my door On Tuesday at about 10 am. The pre orders from Ubi shipped monday and if you paid for overnite you had it on tuesday. There are alot of people with retail version already.
  18. Alot of people may have this problem. I had it and Ive had 2 friends call with the same issue. If get the error code 6001 when you try to install do the following. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files and delete the Install Shield Folder. Dont worry it will re install itself. Make sure you exit your install before you do this or the folder wont delete.
  19. When you go to the multiplay creen and click on internet I get an error that says. GameSpy Unknown error. I cannot log in, or create a NEW account.
  20. I cant login into gamespy through the game. Says password is incorrect(but I can log into game spy) Wont allow me to create a new account....Says I need to confirm my password. (which I have tried several times.) ****EDIT**** Also Game sspy does not detect GRAW as an Installed game.
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