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  1. Hey all, I went on XBox Live last night to play Summit Strike, but couldn't find any games of any types. I had to check and make sure my connection was working (which it was). What's up? Are people playing something else now? Stuntroc
  2. Thanks, Not the answer I was hoping for. I did just get Live and it's great.
  3. I have finished the campaign and wanted to go back and complete some of the tasks. When I try, it always puts me in the last map. Is there a way to do this with my current dossier, or do I have to start all over with a new one?
  4. The box says 1-16 players on link play. Has anyone figured out how to do this? Seeing you can only link 4 boxes together, doesn't that suggest that you can have 2 players on a box? Help!
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