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  1. 1) QUICKSAVES !!!!!!!! 2) ANY SAVES !!!!!! As in a save from the menu? Anything beside the stupid checkpoint system. It gets really old fighting off 3 tanks, 4 armored vehicles, rescuing one VIP, and fending off 30 or more enemies without a save or checkpoint therein. 3) Vanquish the stupid GAME OVER when teamleader dies. Instead, implement at least ONE feature of the [Ghost Recon] where you can jump into and control AI squadmates when you die (for both single player and multiplayer co-op). This could be in lieu of saves since you'd at least have 3 more chances at life without "spawning." 4) Better pathfinding - so my AI compadres don't get stuck behind fences, walls, and the like. 5) Grander, wide open space desert/wooded maps. Again, what set the original GR apart from the rest. 6) Multiple squads (alpha, bravo, charlie), again as in original GR, to go along with those grander maps. 7) Be able to set squadmates disposition from the tactical map. Such as "recon", "assault", and "Advance at all costs." 8) Binoculars 9) Fix prone shooting problem. 10) Bodily damage model (limping, slower movement, etc when you are wounded). Again, please see [Ghost Recon] for PC for reference. Should we all really need to keep referring to the original 2001 Ghost Recon for suggestions? HELLO! It's been out there for 5 years! It wasn't "Game of the Year" for nothing! -- BH
  2. Good point XENO, but I still like to shout everwhere without thinking. Perhaps "port" was an inaccurate term. I was referring to the Microsoft XNA framework which stimulates simultaneous development for both PC and XBOX. Since consoles are obviously the big sellers, I would only assume that development teams will favor their development first, and with more resources. Of course, this puts an interesting clamp on PC features which to me is very unfortunate and evident in more and more recently released PC games. Control is beginning to become limited (almost as if due to the fact that a default console controller has fewer buttons), gameplay and simulation depth is dwindling, and it seems that the PC gamer is getting the shaft more and more frequently. Like you said the XBOX360 had 2 development teams. Yet PC gamers are those who defined the Tom Clancy genre. I just feel strongly that this game should have at least maintained the core features of the [Ghost Recon] as opposed to completely abandoning them. I'll concede its a good game, cool graphics, physics, etc. But maybe it should have been called something else. Seems like distributors are merely cashing in on franchise names to help sell which is just wrong (e.g. "Close Combat: First to Fight" had nothing to do with the Close Combat franchise but was still a good game). HOWEVER, the lack of a quicksave is just unacceptable for any PC game. Why not add spawn options, quicksave options, etc. to the game options so that players can choose how they wish to play. Its not about strategy and challenge, its about being able to leave the game at dinner time without having to play the entire leg since your last checkpoint over. That's simply just not fun. -- BH
  3. Its not a console port? For which hardware did GRAW release over a month ago? The PC? For which hardware did Ghost Recon 2 release on? The PC? I don't recall a lot of "FPS simulation" PC games that state "GAME OVER" when you die. GRAW did nothing new to improve the genre or the GR Franchise. I'm surprised that the members of this site, who used to be die hard Ghost Recon fans, stand so united behind this game. Also, it's not a whine... it's a rant. To stimulate conversation. Tell me what's great about the game then instead of simply labeling me as a whiner because I think GRAW missed the mark. And to state that games are never perfect when they release and are always improved later? COME ON! Updates are mostly cosmetic, bug fixes, maybe new maps or vehicles -- not core feature additions. And i'm hardly a kid "coming in claiming cause THEY played Ghost Recon 1." Give me a break. If that was the case I'd be touting console games, not bashing them ... Tossing my GRAW box next to my Final Fantasy MCMLXVII box, you know, which probably also states GAME OVER when you die
  4. Hmmmm, perhaps quicksaves were omitted because the wondrous, finally released, Ghost Recon 3 **AHEM** I mean Advanced Warfighter is simply a console port, and the death of a fantastic, dedicated PC franchise. Seems to be the demise of most current PC games. We should all just buy XBOX 360s and call it a day. I'm personally sickened that this game has been so muddled up. No longer can you control multiple squads. No longer can you jump in and control from man to man, no longer do you automatically spawn into the body of your comrade when you're killed. Pretty much every concept that made the original GR so cool and different has been omitted. Oh, except co-op play. Frankly I'm amazed it made it in! Oh, but at least there's physics! I think I'll take gameplay over that any day. As for my comments to the developers? Do a search on Google for "Far Cry" + "quick saves" and read what PC gamers have to say about checkpoint saves. Do you guys even play PC games? Of course, this is not even a case of over-expectations. I expect a game to be at least "As good" as its predecessor. Not worse. Pretty graphics though. And nice campy first person dialogue. Makes you feel like youre right there in the middle of a cheesy Jerry Bruckheimer flick. Has the Grin team even ever played the [Ghost Recon]? It seems not. If I were Tom Clancy I'd remove my name from this franchise.
  5. I just started playing it. Stalker_Zero's comments are right on par. The game would be funner if it had some larger and different maps ala Ghost Recon. I'm not a huge fan of close quarters games (Raven Shield, SWAT4, etc), but this one is not bad. Needs more than 5 or so all-urban locales. Its pretty fun if you play it in simulation mode, otherwise its quite rudimentary. There is an update patch available, but I haven't applied it yet. Maybe it will fix some of the sound issues. I would have liked to see a lot more physics other that ragdoll, and better grenade control (like in Call of Duty). However, the muzzle flash, tracers and sounds are great. It does have a different "feel" to it. Probably because I think we've come to expect more from a game these days. It feels a little "static." And the enemy vocabulary consists of the same 5 or so sentences over and over. Reminded me of "Durka Durka" from Team America:World Police. But it can be really fun. I like how the enemy sneaks up behind you. You really need to watch your a** in this game. Its definitely something to tide me over until something better comes along. Unfortunately, nothing upcoming really looks that good (Besides S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and that is so delayed now it's looking like Half-life 2. And its not really a militay sim). When will someone make a killer military FPS with the Half-life 2 engine !!?? Or even the Far Cry engine? (no, not Counterstrike)
  6. I have the game sitting here on my desk unopened. Just wanted to make sure I bought a computer game and not another console port like BIA before I open it. I need something to tide me over until GR3 besides Vietcong.
  7. I was being facetious. So does that mean "no it doesn't?"
  8. Hmmm, so does this game let you go prone and lean? or is it another BIA with commands limited to the number of buttons on a console controller?
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