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  1. Yeah you sleep well! Get your well deserved rest! You're gonna need you rest for the GR.net <-> GRIN showdown!
  2. My membership here is one I'd gladly sacrifice to get the truth out there.
  3. "Tell me please tell me! Please-please-please tell me! Bohooo! Sob sob. The world depends on it!" :'( Tone down the drama queenin'. I assume someone took your family hostage and threaten to kill one member off each hour until you can elicit the answer to that question? Gee, must be hard...
  4. So they should at least give us a demo? Well then, if they really wanted to lube us up, what should they give us then? TWO demos? Give us each a jet pack? The ability to become invisible? One or several of the solutions to intergalactic travel?! Let's not put the expression "at least" in the wrong context. A demo would be nice - but it's hardly the least they could do.
  5. Haha, excellent causerie. So true, so true. I guess the fact that Bruckheimer has already paved the way makes everyone else jump on the train because now everyone accepts this as THE music that is supposed to go with that type of movie/game - you don't have to fear that people will reject it becasue it's strange to them. That's how things become cliché: at first it's fresh and great, then out of other people's lack of innovative thinking or fear of failure, that one great thing gets worn out.
  6. Haha, that's hilarious - you're in the console forum and kicking up a fuss about how the PC version is gonna kick the consoles butt. Hoho. I'm sorry I was being a dick. We may have different criterias for what is "auto aim". When I'm talking about "subtle auto aim", I'm not talking about an aim that pretty much locks on the targets - I'm talking about an aim aid, that puts your bullets in the right place if your aim is close enough to something that the game knows you should shoot at. It helps you out ever so slightly, but makes a lot of difference for the experience. The same people who says it's not in GRAW 360 would probably say it's not in Halo either - but it's there, in both games.
  7. Yes there is, you just don't realize it because it's subtle. It's there to make you think you're more skilled than you actually are, which subsequently makes you enjoy the game more.
  8. Auto aiming is mandatory in a console shooter, because it's so hard for the player to make smooth and precise movements with a thumbstick - the trick is to make the auto aim so subtle you don't realize it's there. Bungie did the trick in Halo, but messed it up in the sequel. It is however - as you say - not at all needed on the PC, since mouselook is superior to any console gaming pad.
  9. As for Poita claiming to know anything about the PC version of GRAW and its similarity - or lack thereof - to the 360 version etc, then I say bull to that.
  10. No difference in what? Surely you know SAW has a higher fire rate than the SCAR-L. Then there's of course different weight, ammo (30 bullets in a SCAR clip, closer to 200 on a saw ammo band), etc. These guns should definently behave very differently in the game.
  11. Just because the 360 version is released doesn't mean that all the people they hope to sell it to has bought it. You think the marketing of the product a company wants to sell stops on the day the product is released? I'm just saying; don't get your hopes up.
  12. Point is, you don't know what the muzzle flash looks like. None of us knows, because all we've seen is screenshots. If the muzzle flashes seen in those screenshots are shown on one frame out of of twelve while unloading a clip, then what's the deal? Don't say the muzzle flash is intrusive if you haven't seen a movie of it "in action". Screenshots don't say much in this issue.
  13. Yes indeed, Toniezz - without any knowledge whatsoever of how the muzzle flashes look when the game is running, this really shouldn't be a discussion. Bo did say the flashes may be exaggerated - but that was because the silencer for some weapons do less for the sound these weapons produce and more to tone down the muzzle flash. Thus, the silencer becomes a very useful tool (which wouldn't be the case if the muzze flash wasn't visible without it) because it will make it much harder for you enemy to spot you visually when you shoot. Specter - although the knowledge you prove to possess when pointing out such unrealistic stuff is admirable, you have to see some things from a gameplay point of view - not always from the realistic point of view.
  14. Ouch! *covers eyes with hands* My eyes just grew sore from reading the same post too many times! Is that blood? Yeah, I'm actually bleeding from my eye sockets. Great, just... great. Thanks for that. Now how about that non-repetitive posting rule?
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