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  1. Hey, recently ubi and rse have dissapointed many people by making the sequals to their most respected games arcade shoot 'em ups and poorly treating the community. With the development of lockdown underway, we (Silent Thunder) have decided to make a real alternative. Silent Thunder is a remake of the popular game Tom Clacys Rainbow six in the HL2 source engine. However, this wont be just a straight forward remake, we will be making new features, basing the mod more towards the novel, redesigning all the original and best maps from the game and such n such... heres some features we plan Please feel free to post your comments / suggestions / support And fee free to visit our Website (website is out of date cause im making a new one) Forums Regards Spearhead, ST Co-Founder and admin Silent Thunder - The real alternative
  2. faces of the units and a few shadow errors are the only things wrong wiv the engine at the moment (as far as i can see), BIS are concentrating on dx9 effects, vehicles, unit models (not faces) and physics before they put the finishing touches to gfx. this is the ultimate game for realism, gr used to be fairly realistic, then gr2 and 3 look like theyve ruined the realism, rainbow six used to be about realism but they screwed that up with raven shield and beyond. i can see all the dissapointed realism seekers migrating from all the games like bf2, lockdown and gr3 over to this new "ultimate game"
  3. the flaspoint community wont react well to codemasters decision to develope it seperatly, most will probably boycott it. BIS has been mixing with the community since its creation, even making little addons for us to play with, they are a real community based developer, they live on the forums taslking to the community but at the same time produce some amazing stuff. where-as codemasters has done nothing for the community, all they did in the way of publishing the game was to actually publish it, they never advertised ofp in a big way or even cared really, the game took off because of word of mouth and the qaulity of the game. so youll find that most, if not all of the ofp community will stay loyal to BIS and their creations
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