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  1. is there anyone in logistics who can give me some advice on how to practice and learn logistic skills? one idea i had to practice is arranging parties, ordering all the right stuff, ect...
  2. luks like the armour in GRAW, i think id just laugh if i saw anyone in that running around in the middle east
  3. has anyone else just watched that and fallen in love wiv her?
  4. hey guys, im over in england at the mo (Andover to be precise), so im gonna pop down to one of the royal navy career centers for a 'chat'. Im staying wiv my dad at the mo and hes told me that i either go one way or the other, theres no point going to uni and getting a degree in computers if im not gonna do anything wiv it n i might as well join after ive finished college. As much as i hate to admit it, hes right, theres no point in me going to uni if im gonna join the navy after and not use that degree, it wud show the navy that im not 100% commited to them.
  5. the sniper rifle luks like some kinda high cal remington
  6. gr8 sig, i havent even mastered sigs in photoshop, let alone flash sigs
  7. 1 RPG did that to a hummer, that answer ur question?
  8. Bodyrockers - Round and Round The pussycat dolls - Don'cha
  9. Name: Kyle Wood Date of Birth: 26/08/1988 Location: UK - Channel Islands Occupation: Student - AVCE Information Technology Romance Status: Always on the pull, not that it actually works Favorite Aspect of GR: The tactical aspect, not just run in and shoot Least Favorite Aspect of GR: Ubi (hate 'em) Favorite GR Mod: Chems brit forces mod Favorite Ghost: Astra Galinsky Favorite Kit: m16/m203, SA80, SVD Dragunov Favorite Aspect of GR.net: Mature blokes on a chatty forum Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: dunno When did you first visit GR.net: when i was ordered to by pavelow on agr-s Other computer games played: Operation Flashpoint, Rome total war Clan membership: Computer Hardware/Accessories owned: AMD athalon xp 3000+, ATI radeon 9200 256mb Current/Former/Future Military: Seriously considering joining the royal navy If yes, what job: Logistics / Warfare officer hopefully u havent fallen asleep
  10. Ive become a bit of a royal navy nut latley as i wanna join, so heres some pics i love... fav pic of the marines this is Lt. Kate, pic was taken as a photo contest in the navy my fav pic, my sig is based on this pic another one from the photo competition, my current wallpaper
  11. Most Anticipated Game Half Life 2 (no for me personaly but it was amongst most gamers) Best Sports Game (dont play em so wudnt know) Best Action Game Hidden & Dangerous 2 Best Adventure Game Best Game Ever Operation Flashpoint, Rome Total War Worst Game Ever Imperium Galactica
  12. would u prefer to join an armed force as a low rank and work ur way up or apply to be an officer after going to uni? thing is, i wanna be in IT, but im seriously considering joining the royal navy. but i dont wanna sign away my life, sign away the career i wanted, if all im gonna be is a low rank trying to spend half my life working my way up to where i cud be if i applied to be an officer. only problem is, u have more respect if you worked ur way up through the ranks, but as far as im concerned, theres no point being in the navy if u cant be an officer, my mind is questioning itself over that one any thoughts?
  13. im gonna tell my dad on the phone tonight that im seriously considering joining the royal navy, being an army bloke himself hed probably collapse at the thought, lol, wish me luck
  14. im 17 and im seriously considering joining the royal navy (despite the fact ive always wanted to be in IT support), im gonna go to uni first n study for a Beng hons degree in computer software and hardware engineering then go to BRNC to become a logistics officer, but im not sure if i can do an engineering course and become an officer for logistics? navy has failed to get back to me on that one so does anyone know? i would go for an information systems officer, but they hardly ever serve on ships n play a very minor role by the looks of it
  15. Ark Royal is being refitted, her and the Illustrious wont be decommisioned untill 2012 when the new CFV carriers are built
  16. The Royal Navys fleet flagship HMS Invincible, after 25 years of livley service, today sailed into portsmouth for the last time as she is to be decommisioned later this week. HMS Illustrious shall be taking over as fleet flagship at an official ceremony outside of portsmouth on thursday. However, this will only leave us with one carrier, as the HMS Ark Royal is being refitted BBC News article i loved that ship
  17. personaly im getting sick of all these ppl winging bout the police shooting an innocent person (on tv and other various forums). He ignored police challenges, and was running towards a train ignoring them. Guidelines on armed police officers state that you must shout at the suspect to remain where they are, if they ignore this request you are permitted to shoot and immobilise the suspect, usually by shot to the legs or a non vital area of the torso. However; guidlines on suicide bombers clearly state "shoot to kill", for example, if a bomber is wearing the bomb around their torso you can not risk shooting it, the most effective way of preventing detonation is to kill the bomber which is best done through a headshot. therefor wiv all the evidence they had at that split second, they followed the guidlines and performed their job well. the suspect, in this case the brazilian man, was at fault and to blame for the incedent.
  18. Chems has completed his model of the Warrior IFV. It shall be available in two camouflage schemes, desert and NATO. He’s doing some minor changes and plans to add a TOW missile launcher to the model. We are still looking to recruit members; we need player modelers, mappers, and the whole lot really. Please feel free to visit our website and post your comments and suggestions on our forums. click for larger image Warrior IFV info: The Warrior family of tracked armoured vehicles, developed by Alvis Vickers Ltd (now BAE Systems Land Systems), has been proved in action with the British Army in operations in the Middle East during Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom and on United Nations duties in Bosnia. The Desert Warrior family of vehicles has been adapted for operations in hostile desert conditions. Between 1987 and 1995, 789 Warriors were produced for the British Army and 254 Desert Warrior infantry fighting vehicles have been produced for the Kuwaiti Land Force. Warrior Section Vehicles carry driver, commander, gunner and 7 fully equipped soldiers together with supplies and weapons for a 48 hour battlefield day in NBC conditions. The Warrior adapts to a range of roles with weapon fits ranging from machine pistols to 90mm guns, mortars and missile systems. The Warrior is in service in the following variants: Infantry Section Vehicles, Infantry Command, Repair Vehicles, Recovery Vehicles, Observation Post Vehicles, Artillery Command and Anti-Tank Guided Weapon Carriers.
  19. Hi all. Silent Thunder: British Forces Mod are looking for people to help with our current project, which is to add the British Military into Battlefield 2, as a new "Team". We feel that the "western" militaries are under represented (well, it's just the US so it's very one dimensional really), and with the multiple engagements British forces take part in yearly around the globe, we feel they needed to be added. Silent Thunder is a network, and our long term goal is to create several mods for several game engines over our time to give variety to the respective communities of these games. At the moment we are focussing on Battlefield 2, and for the time being simply creating an extra perspective to play as in this global conflict! At the moment, the mod name is a work in progress, assuming we don't come up with something more catchy and as to the point as the one we have now. Our website is almost finished, and I shall post links to this as soon as it's done (I'll edit this topic as opposed to making a new one, thus not spamming the boards). So far, we aim to include the following to the game, whilst keeping game play (at the moment) as it is, and maybe tweak a few things here and there to balance what we add. Kit Selections: Special Forces (SBS): C8A1 Assault: L85A2/UGL Support: FN Minimi Medic: L85A2 (with Iron sights) Engineer: Remington M870 Anti-Tank: L85A2 Carbine, Javelin (the MoD is currently trialling this weapon as a replacement for the LAW-80/94 series and MILAN) Sniper: L96A1 All classes will have the usual extras like a knife, grenades (where relevant), and a side arm, which is in this case the HP Browning. Armour: Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle FV432 Medium APC (This can be rigged as an AA platform) Wheeled: Land Rover LR110 with a Mounted L1A1 HMG (.50 M2HB) Land Rover WMIK Fast Attack Vehicle with a Mounted L1A1 HMG and GPMG (FN MAG) Naval: HMS Invincible Rigid Raider Aircraft: AH Mk1 Apache Longbow EH-101 Merlin, Troop/Cargo Movement Eurofighter Typhoon F-35 "JSF" VTOL (The RAF and Royal Navy are replacing their Harrier fleets with these new jets when they go into production) Our infantry will be Royal Marines, to keep inline with the carrier based assaults on some maps, and as a rapid reaction "First In" force which they have been for many years. Other attachments, such as RAF Typhoons and Army Apache's and Armour units which would most likely not be used in such circumstances in reality, will be represented here to keep the balance with the other side’s assets. The most probable unit we will use will be 45 Commando, because of their rapid reaction status. These guys are generally the first in anywhere. --------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, moving on (long read, sorry), we need the following positions filled, and as we're new there's a nice list hehe, but if you'd like to help us in any way then please do, whether it be advising on the accuracy of equipment used, idea's to make it more balanced or fun, new equipment we should add or if its actually creating the things we need, then please reply in this topic, or PM me! Thanks in advance, and we hope you're interested in our plans! Now, the jobs: 3D Modellers: For weapons, vehicles, infantry, miscellaneous objects etc... Texture Artists: Same reasons as above, plus map textures if need be Animators: For weapons, vehicles, infantry, miscellaneous objects etc... Programmers: Able to edit/create features etc... Level Designers: Able to design new terrain and maps, with a good understanding of realistic yet balanced placement of buildings and so on Public Relations: Able to let the public know about the mod, and make them interested to create a solid fan base Sound Engineer: Able to create/edit high quality sounds for weapons and so on We are also thinking of doing a few maps, places like the afghan mountains, the port of um qasr in southern iraq, basra and maybe bosnia, generally places where the British forces have served Well that's it so far. If I remember anything I'll simply edit this post, and thanks for reading it all! Regards Spearhead Silent Thunder managment
  20. my mod, silent thunder, for the last six months has been trying to make a rainbox six in the HL2 source engine. however, we have suffered from the low levels of intrest from the HL2 community (who only seem intrested in hl1 mods switched over to source) and the lack of ppl wanting to help. therefor weve decided to have a change of theme. we intend to become a mod network hosting several mods (mostly mods set up by us but we might take on some freelance mods, offer hosting ect..) for several different games. one mod we intend to set up is a falklands conflict mod in source, for this we wud be working closley with the operation flashpoint falklands mod. this is only an idea at the mo so i was wondering if you lot liked the idea?
  21. http://www.nationstates.net/cgi-bin/index..../nation=higaura
  22. is it me or has the ad dissapeared off the tv? i havent seen it in at least a week, i think i might just cry with tears of joy
  23. My longhorn theme the actuall desktop
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