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  1. theres a huge cloud over where i live, lol
  2. the main thing i dont like about both google earth and nassa's worldwind is that they both seem very US oriented, only the US has high res images, which is very annoying so meh, cant show u were i live cause its not detailed enough
  3. dont use the softpedia mirror, im getting 3kb/s on that
  4. i went to a party once at my best mates mums house, cause he was home alone there, bout 5 of us went so more of a gathering than a party, i had about 3 beers and ppl were moaning at me cause theyd drunk bout 6/7 plus wine and all sorts and it had only been two hours. so i ended up having the fun, two of them were sick, one collapsed and the other went home drunk, and the night didnt last long cause theyd all nodded off i just sat and watched the tv
  5. its all my friends do, go to house parties and go into town trying to pass off as 18 to get drunk in clubs, i dont see the need so i dont go places wiv them excessive drinking can get you into trouble, and as im joining the navy i cant afford to get into trouble, hanging round wiv ppl that drink too much can also get u into trouble, which is y i hang out wiv them less but on this island theres nowhere to go and nothing to do so i cant really find anything to entertain myself except my computer
  6. most of my friends have been seriously annoying me latley, they keep asking me out to house parties, and im home alone for two weeks at the mo and they want to have a house party at mine the thing is, theyre obsessed wiv getting wasted going out for a few drinks to have a good time wiv some friends yeah fine go for it, watching a dvd at home whilst having a few drinks wiv friends over yeah thats brilliant, know when youve had enough but theyre all obsessed, they go out wiv the soul purpose of getting completley wasted, drinking as much as they can, whats the point? hows it meana be fun if ur puking up cause uve had too much and you cant rmbr it the next day? im more of the go to the pub for a few pints and a laugh guy than a go to a house party and see how many drinks u can have before u pass out guy, but the problem is every one of my friends is the later, in fact pretty much everyone on this rock (i live on a small island) is exactly the same as them, i feel like an outcast just cause i have the common sense to drink sensibly anyone have any opinions on that?
  7. Announcing the first Silent Thunder competition, giving you to the chance to win great prizes and take part in the fun! You could be in with a chance of winning the Battlefield 2â„¢ Special Forces expansion pack and a position in the Silent Thunder mod team. All you have to do to win these great prizes is create an original, balanced and fun map for Battlefield 2â„¢ based on a real world location (one idea could be places where the British forces have served). Send your entries to competition@silent-thunder.co.uk by the 1st of November to be in with a chance of winning. For more information please contact spearhead@silent-thunder.co.uk or simply discuss here Conditions: only one entry per person, with entry you must supply your name, nickname, and any instant messenger contact details.
  8. after days of nagging ive finaly convinced my mum to help me splash out on a new laptop which i need for college. HP Pavilion zv6179EA Notebook PC AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Processor (2.2 GHz) 1Gb DDR PC2700 SODIMM (2 x 512Mb) 80GB 4200rpm HDD 8x DVD±RW/±R Dual Layer Writer ATI Radeon XPRESS IGP 200M, 128Mb 3D Sound Blaster Pro compatible sound 16 bit integrated Altec Lansing® speakers 4 USB 2.0 • 1 IEEE 1394 • 1 VGA • 1 RJ-11 • 1 S-video TV-Out • RJ-45 • 1 Expansion Port 2 connector • 1 headphone-out • 1 microphonein • 1 Consumer IR (Remote Receiver) • 6 In 1 Card Reader (xD, SD, Smart Media, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Multimedia Card) • 1 Type II PC Card Slot (Cardbus 1x ExpressCard 54mm Slot) Integrated 56k V.90 data/fax modem 10/100 Ethernet LAN, 54g™ 802.11b/g WLAN with 125HSM* / SpeedBooster™ 8 cell Li-Ion I ordered this on monday from a site called micro anvika, cause i live in the channel islands we dont get charged the VAT, so i was gonna call em today and refund me for that, but they beat me to it, called me at 10 in the morning to tell me theyve taken off the VAT and that theyre sorry but they wont be able to make their usuall delivery time due to having to ship it to the islands. now i think thats great service, what u guys think of the laptop and that?
  9. oh im not saying about BIS, im a die hard ofp fan, spent most of today playing it, fantastic developers, created an amazing game and look forward to playing that and their other 'next gen' game i mean the actuall name codemasters have given the game 'elite'; sounds very corny, not consistent with the reputation of operation flashpoint, feels like codemasters is dumbing down the actual publishing side of the game for the console players as most publishers do
  10. dont u just love how publishers dumb everything down for the console market?
  11. has anyone seen what happens when a chav joins the armed forces? my mate told me bout someone he knew that was a chav who joined the army, he was lined up on the parade ground being inspected by their sgt, sgt came along and told him to "stand up straight and get rid of that jewelery", chav told him to "F off, you aint makin me do notin", sgt stared at him for a sec and said "right u little w***er, MOVE" made him run, not jog, but run around the barracks 40 times, took him to the C/O who hence called him a w***er and made him run around again with a full kit on, two weeks later the chav left the army crying thats what i love bout the army, no room for what type of person you are, you get ur head shaved, uniform on, if u act like a chav u get a kick up the ass
  12. "no cats were hurt in the making of this.... thing"
  13. holy buckingham palaces, batman! that's about $360k in current xchange rates ... our highest paid players here in the u.s. hardly make that in three months! ← yup, our players are seriously overpaid for like 1 game a week and the occasional new haircut, they pay over £14 millionjust to transfer these blokes between clubs, waste of money my evil scheme: take 90% of football players wages and club transfers and put them into public taxes, the public wud never have to pay taxes again
  14. our english footballers have a habit of not playing well during friendlies, and they get paid over £200,000 a week to do that? nothing but overpaid losers, litteraly, serious pay cut shud be considered, even our cricket and rugby teams who get paid alot less actually win things, big things not just single matches
  15. cheers, i had a few too many drinks to celebrate considering i had work in the morning
  16. Coldplays new album - X & Y, best album ive ever heard
  17. http://www.br-legion.com/ no idea y anyone wud wanna join them though
  18. unfortunatly im already 16 (17 tommorow ) so that means im too old for most cadet forces such as the sea cadets, and im joining in about a year so not much point, im a sales assistant at a big tv shop so i have to do stock counts n all sorts occasionaly, that count?
  19. thats y i dont like paintball guns, they dont luk real, only advantage is that u have hard evidence you hit the person
  20. news to me, i think itd make a great movie
  21. Halo game set for silver screen A film version of popular video game Halo is being made by two Hollywood studios, its developers have confirmed. Universal and Fox studios are making the film, while British novelist Alex Garland has written the script. The film will focus on Master Chief, the hero of Microsoft's Xbox version of the game, who fights to save mankind from an alien race. It is due for release in summer 2007, although the issue date of a new version of Halo has not been announced. Spawned sequel Bungie, the Microsoft-owned venture which developed the game, said they had "worked out all the kinks" with the Hollywood studios and were ready to start work on the project. Garland, best known for his novel The Beach, said that his impression of playing Halo "was often of being in a movie". A director for the film is likely to be chosen in the next month. Bungie have said they are looking for "someone who's as committed to the Halo universe as Peter Jackson was to Tolkien's Middle-Earth". The Halo game, which was released in 2001, has sold in excess of five million copies around the world and spawned a sequel, which came out last year.
  22. nope, ministry of defence uses 'white' 'black' 'black special' 'amber' and 'red', when you go to a barracks or any military establishment, you see a board outside telling you the state of alert, the BIKINI states
  23. y is their hardly any record of the UK's "state of awareness" anywhere on the web, like 'black' and 'black special'? cant find it anywhere, not even on wiki EDIT: i tell a lie, just found it: wiki
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