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  1. Is that another guy holding his gun? Looks awefull heavy
  2. I have no clue... But I don't think any of these are PC though as this would be the first PC screenshot from what I know of..
  3. The posting date on the site i found these was why I couldn't figure out wether they where new or old.
  4. I was surfing a bit and saw these screenshots for the first time and was wondering if anyone here had seen them before? EDIT: forgot to post all 9. Only had 7 of 'em but they are all there now Found them here: http://sniper-division.com/index2.htm
  5. I know the site swartsz, but where is the info on it Well I don't realy care about this. Besides that its GREAT news, I was just wondering where it came from. Rocky prolly have some insider info like zjj wrote
  6. Hmm maybe im just a retarded but I can't find that schedule anywhere. Was just wondering why BT was replying to this topic like that if its an official schedule. (The topic is about the same news post here on GR.net) http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=...043&m=375101075 If ya got the link sup - link me up scotty
  7. Sorry m8 but u r wrong here. Yeah sup is wrong (Unfortunaly)
  8. As far as I know, playing with evry tracers activated in multiplayer is only client sidet. And this is Because it will defenently give you an advantage in spotting where the enemy is shooting from. Just one of the reasons why the ACC mod and the RC mod isn't for public download and use...
  9. Yeah that looks awesome! Just dowloadet it and I will be testing it tonight.. @ Tortfeaser Go seach there forums. There is a link to the beta.
  10. That repport is very good... Its short, but its all good questions! Thanks Blaze and Ming [EDIT] And all good answers!
  11. Well as the descripsion says, I thought they should have there own topic. They show a lot more gameplay and I like them alot more than the official teasers! Its still the Xbox beta thing but IMO they show the gameplay much better. What do you guys think? The Platoon
  12. As NightCrawler says, thank you for taking the time to do this anubis.
  13. LOL well congrats on that mordred! Now go put him on the GR.net member list And sign him up for GR2 news mails aswell
  14. Just played this map for a few hours and it's AWESOME!!!!!! Best GR1 map I ever played... de - your da man!
  15. It's a very early shot from the GR1 as GothicSnake says. And to be 100% sure, I checked the url on the image and this is it: http://img1.gamesweb.com/pc/g/ghostrecon/bild15.jpg If you use your imagination and check out these url's you will find sreenies you prolly allready seen long time ago. http://img1.gamesweb.com/pc/g/ghostrecon/bild10.jpg http://img1.gamesweb.com/pc/g/ghostrecon/bild11.jpg http://img1.gamesweb.com/pc/g/ghostrecon/bild12.jpg
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