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  1. I was just wondering if you can change a night time map to day. and if so how do you do it?
  2. I am not sure what you mean. I have gone to the Mods window and tried it both ways by turning Island Thunder, and Desert Siege on, and I have tired it with both of them turned off. When I did this I had the original GR disk in my drive. Would that really matter? I also tried it with the Island Thunder disk in the drive as well. I still cant get them to show. Have you ever run into a problem like this? Thanks
  3. I need some advice. I have been trying to make a battle using actors from Island Thunder with the original caves map from the 1st GR. I go into Igor and set up my bad guy company, platoon, and teams using FDG soldiers from Island thunder, and then save. Then I exit Igor and go to run Ghost recon with Island thunder enabled in the mods...., And then the bad guys are missing! Is there a reason that I cant use them with an original map? Thanks
  4. Hey thanks again for responding. I am most of the way there. I think that I just have one more question. How do I stop the loop? The command that I have in place now that I think is the proper one is :"Continue execution if(this actor is active)" The whole things looks like this; Group: Defualt Coment: Officer gets killed and team panics Trigger event: Team Main Force 1 Officer has been killed. Response: force main force team 1 to flee use officer dies to loop all actors in main force team 1 after this block Cancel execution of any plan assigned to Main Force Team 1 Group: Officer dies Comment: loop and make actors flee Trigger: An actor is ready to process This Actor Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated Force this actor to flee Continue executing rresponses if(This Actor is active) I have tried this out and out of my six man bad guy team I get one man (Officer) Killed. One man to surrender. Onde man to run away. And three that just satnd there and do nothing pointing thier weapons. I am just not sure if I am ending the block corredtly. Thanks
  5. Hello, Thanks for responding to my post about loopig. I tried as you sugested by triggering the AI off and on. I am still getting the same result. One man surrenders and the others just stand there as if their AI is off. You were able to give me a little bit of insight to looping but I still dont know how to loop. It is frustrating. You mentioned a tutorial for looping. Do you know which Tutorial it is? I have looked and cant find any tutorials. I have a feeling that what I want to do is pretty straight forward, however, when you dont know how to loop it is a little bit complicated. Thanks Brian
  6. Hello, I have created a little mission in IGOR and I am testing different triggers and responses. One of these that I am having trouble with is this; I created an enemy team of six men including an officer. I am trying to trigger the enemy team to PANIC (surrender or flee) when their Officer has been killed. I have been using my sniper to take out the Enemy Officer. I have it set up as follows: A) Trigger; Death to actor (Officer) B) Respose; Panic team What actually happens after the enmy officer has been killed, is that usually one enemy actor surrenders. The other four remaing enemy actors, just stand there with their weapons at the ready, but it seems that their AI is turned off. I canwalk right up to them and they wont shootat me. Does anybody think that I need to incorporate actor loop in over the team to get all to bad guys to Panic? If so how do I set up a loop. I have tried to do it before but I keep getting prompted for a group parameter. I am just not sure how to set up a loop and I dont know what a group parameter is. Thanks
  7. Hello Pointman! Thanks for responding. I have made the RPG the primary weapon for the enemy team members. When I kill offall of the otherguys, I can just walk right up to the RPG man, and he will just sit there and point it at me. One other thing thatI have noticed is that his RPGdoes not seem to be loaded. There is no projectile sticking out of the barrel. Let me know if you have any other ideas. This is driving me Craaaaazy. Thanks
  8. I was just wondering why the actors in my enemy teams wont fire their RPGs at my allied force? I have armed several enemy actors with RPGs for some reason they wont use them. Can anybody give me a clue? Thanks
  9. I was just wondering if anyone has figured out how to be able to mod a SOFLAM (Laser Designator) for forward air controlers so that we can rain airel bombs down on enemy positions? How about the ablility to call in artillery? These are both things that are pretty important in SF or SOG Let me know if anybody has seen anything like this. Thanks
  10. Hello! I am new to Igor. I was wondering if there is a way to view what the individual actors look like before I place them into tteams, platoons, and companies. I am placing actors on the map ok, I just have no idea of what they look like. There has to be a way to identify the actor number with the way that the actual actor looks like. Right??? Thanks Brian
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