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  1. Hiya, Excellent, congratulations on the release of CENTCOM, I am delighted that it is finally here. I can’t wait to see all the work that was put into it. Well done to Jay and the rest of the team, I was honoured to have a part in it, even though miniscule. Thank you letting me participate with the mod Jay, it was an enjoyable experience. Hopefully, I will see you all in game sometime. Well when I can get myself into a shooter mood, albeit a tactical shooter. As always take care, be safe, and farewell aethalin
  2. Hiya, Nice work everyone, very nice . Hmmmm Prozac I am not, but that could be for the new mod purchance . The biggest crit that I have for the piece may lighting related. It is giving it a rusted appearance other than the normal look. Also on the top image near the back the normal map is a bit overdone. It looks more like a drip of paint then a discrepency in the metal. The pock marks are a nice touch, but as Snow suggested a bit much. Although toning down the bump in that area, and a bit more subtle additions should help. Either with the spec map using blemishes or scratches a
  3. Hiya, Yeap Snow don't you just love those easy fixes . If only everything could be so easy .... Good work as always, you think that you may breech into other models as well? As always take care, be safe, and farewell aethalin ^._.^ meow!
  4. Hiya, Nice work up to date for everyone . I have been to busy to pop out heh. . I also like the second version Snow. The first version is very nice, but the second is just bit different than the norm. The only big criticism I have is the buttstock area. It doesn't seem quite cohesive with the rest of the texture, especially the adjustable cheek rest. It is not a glaring inconsisitency, but it does detract a bit from the gun as a whole. Other than that top notch work as usual . As always take care, be safe, and farewell aethalin ^._.^ meow!
  5. Hiya, I agree Sup, that texture is rather glaringly repetitious. It is not horrid per say, and I do understand where you are coming from Bo, but I don't know that area just seems bad. Everquest 2 had this same issue everywhere, and yes to me it is rather annoying. I am not the biggest graphics hound, since I still love most of the DOS games compared to what is shoveled out now . I do think that there is a way to get are=ound this, but it would be more work. Utilising ground markers trash objects to break the composition a bit. yeah I know it is a bit nagging, but some of us a
  6. Hiya, Yay! Now it might even appear on my buy list now . I will still wait to see though, since I only buy games that I feel deserve compensation now. I am glad that finally they are drifting away from that draconian copy protection. If you want more information check out the Stardock site to see how "honorable" the Starforce guys with companies that don't support antiquated methods. They are a good company that made a couple fantastic turnbased space strategy games. As always take care, be safe, and farewell aethalin ^._.^ meow!
  7. Hiya, Yeah I do the dsame thing Element. I am up to 39 on my last max save heh. I don't generally do it with PSD's, since they tend to be quite large how I work. The big problem I have is when riggin, sometimes max will crash if I try to save. It seems a couple people have had this issue. It does at least have the nice autoback heh, that helps a great deal. Unless it corrupts the save, which it sometimes does, but not much to be really annoyed with it. I guess that it is something we have to live with. At least it is easier sometimes, than when I do my traditional art, since you
  8. Hiya, thakns for the information Element. I tried that also, but to no avail. I guess that I was just screwed from the start. the texture is looking better on this run anyway. Maybe my computer was just trying to tell me the other one sucked . Oh well we live and learn I guess. I definately know what you mean with max, especially when the save is corrupted. It tends to happen sometimes when I am rigging for some odd reason. I think Max and Photoshop just love toying with us, those evil buggers. Thanks again for the tip. As always tak care, be safe, and farewell aetha
  9. Hiya, Ok I don't know if this was the best place to put this, but I thought that it might work. I am working on gun model for some one, and I have had a issue that I have never had before. I was wondering purchance if anyone had this happen. I was working on a texture, and I had to many programs running, so I saved and rebooted. After everything was loaded, I started Photoshop up again, and I loaded up the PSD file , that I was working on. A few of the top most layers that I was painting earlier vanished. The only thing that I could think of is that the layers that were missing
  10. Hiya, Very nice work Whisper, actually fantastic work sir . I have a couple questions if you do not mind answering. Do you have to go off another uvw map, or do you have others make sure the uvw coordinates are set to where the least amount of seems could happen in the most detailed spots, or is it just simple trial and error. As in going from Painter or photoshop with texture, and keep testing in max, so the seems are not so pronounced? Very nice work again though. I actually enjoy the desert one the best, since it seems to be more used. It has more of the realistic look I love.
  11. Hiya, Yeah photo textures can do that. I agree Prozac, sometimes they can take even longer than hand painting it. Sometimes a nice balance of handpainted and photos can work well. Now I mostly just use hand painted now, since I feel more comfortable with them. I do generally build my palette from photos in Painter. With most of the brushes you can get very nice renditions of photo work. Now if I could learn more about photoshop and painter maybe I could get to near photo quality . Don't you just love those lovely new monitors, that you don't find out, until you have it home
  12. Hiya, Hey Snow some of it was from my overly dark monitor . The contrast from the green composite areas to the black metal body seems a bit too harsh. The handle's contrast also seems a bit harsh. It is mostly because of the sharp highlight on the front edge. The texture itself is very nice, but could use a bit more wear and tear. I know I love the worn look for some reason heh. Maybe make the green a bit darker, and show a bit more wear, from either the oils from hands or scratches. Although, I would think just having the base green a bit darker and having the black metal a bi
  13. Hiya, Nice work so far Snow . I am assuming you still have a bit to do on the texture, but it is coming along nicely. Nice sope also keep up the good work. As always take care, be safe, and farewell aethalin ^._.^ meow!
  14. Hiya, Nice work Snow and Whisper, that is a quite nice camo texture and a nice model . Are you going to have different camo versions, or just stick with the woodland version? Nice work though. As always take care, be safe, and farewell aethalin ^._.^ meow!
  15. Hiya, DOH! that is not good, but heh I think taht we all have made about the same mistake one time or another . Hmmm mipmap problem could be how the engine is seeing the file, maybe they are to close to being the same file name wise. Also it could be how it was exported. I know sometimes Max loves to export a file wierd . It still looks good, so I will just have to see it in game instead of screens . Unfortunately it happens to much. Does the engine change the contrast much? Well good job anyway, I wish that I was working as fast right now . Ever have those times wh
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