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  1. don't count the chickens before they're hatched. We'll just have to wait and see about that one. ← Play on hard thats all I say Stalker.
  2. You haven't played it, so how can you be with the IGN people? Geez man, play it first. ← I'm with them because I trust the people over at IGN. I agree with their opinions on all of the ghost recon titles. So when they say that this graw is a bit more arcadey as compared to GR1 then it doesn't take too much of an imagination to try to understand where they are coming from especially as I watch the videos. ← HOLD ON THERE. They say ACTIONY not ARCADY ...
  3. You still have top left and then you can switch to fullscreen for this view.
  4. Game art's an obsession of mine, and I can say for sure that the pattern shouldn't be that noticeable. If you want any more proof look at the ground textures in other screenshots. Still repeating, of course, but you don't read it instantly. ← HUGE grounds to cover my friend. This is a NON linear mission approach. Got to allow some repetition or else you wont play it on the low end. Show me a inch by inch modelled game and I'll show you a small game However you wont notice that when you play - the shot is taken with a straight angle on the texture seem so it is a bit unfortunate I guess.
  5. Subtlety just left the building. ←
  6. So where did you decide to stay in Amsterdam? Right by the De Rokerij as usual? ← Swedes don't do that - we stick to Vodka you know.. or sometimes Champange...
  7. Thanks. Sorry guys if I come across a bit harsh lately but having worked looon loong hours gets to you. But no more of those now. CYA
  8. You guys really need to learn to pay attention See ya
  9. I will WK. I trust a lot of them will drop in during Easter though
  10. The GRIN team is now heading for 4 days of Holidays and some serious and well deserved rest. ********************** *********************
  11. Ok WK i think I need to explain the sliding again (I think we got a few topics on this Sliding: You can only do it from upright running (sprint). When running you can't shoot. When sliding you can shoot but very inaccurate - mostly so you can hold ppl down or spray corners. The distance you slide is a bit over what you can do in real life - but tweaked to work in a GAME. Diving: Diving is done only from running crouched. AND you have to run for about 2 secs before you can slide. So you must get your speed up. So no bunny hopping. You can pull the trigger while diving - doing so you wont hit much - you're face down in dirt and the impact is hard on your stamina and thus your spread. AND NO the dive has too short air time to be able to Dive, shoot, land - forget that. THEN we have the panic drop to the ground. Done when you need to get down fast from stand still or walking. NO you can't do it in tight intervals so no bunny hopping on the spot. Also kills your stamina for a short instant and no you will not shoot dead straight just after the drop. Also it takes a while to get up (as Colin remarked in his interview and hands on) so you will not do this to gain any advantage - except hititng the deck and staying there. All of this speculation on exploits is fruitless until you try it. IF someon finds a way then we will fix it - but I doubt you will. We have spent many man months honing this over and over and over again. The controls are in a short - beutifull (Thanks to GRIN_Bedhead over here - who is now resting well deserved rest) OK ppl thats it on that
  12. Well if you haven't understood it by now: GRIN will keep adding to the MP even AFTER the game is released. Much based on our dediction to the game. The argument "ASAP, FIX IT !" and so on is getting very boring. This is the best game to hit you in years if you miss out - you'll just be sorry. There is a big difference in Dedicated server and Dedicated server files. The game ships with a dedicated server (for better preformance) from the menu but not with dedicated server files (for your rack servers and so on.) However such files need to be OUTSIDE OF THE RETAIL GAME - If I have to repeat that I will DIE. As WK said we've been here for over a year - we've heard the please, please and If not ! I'll not ! Getting very very old. If you feel you need to say you want somehting in the game say so - but stay clear of the threats - it wont bite at all just make us sick. Now settle down stop thinking we're idiots and enjoy the ride.
  13. there is Cypher Drone, one of the screens shows it, i thing it will pick-up Enemy locations, but in Satellite view, it wont..or something like that, OH and by the way! While you are in Satellite view, you see yourself standing=death, BUT Cypher scans around, while you act in the field ← ok i see the cypher thing in the screens and I see how the perspective is more angled and not as high. if it does identify enemies I see the big difference there. However to view from the drone you still have to fill your screen so you'll end up standing still and dying doing that the same way you would with satellite. Does the drone ID enemies when you're not looking through it's camera? Meaning will red diamonds show up in your normal hud view if the drone spots people? ← Yes it does. Someone in HQ is controlling that thing mind you. You just give it orders where to go and tap into the realtime feed.
  14. You say it like it is in "If they leave dive shooting in" What do you know about this? Nothing. Stop building cases on nothing. Please.
  15. I've answered that already. I'm gonna start using my right hand when playing the game
  16. Hey I did not know I said all that. Must have been the pepsi....
  17. Nope on PC you have the helo crew man the helo guns.
  18. We know that, but my point was that the differences seem like they are going to be much greater than the similarities. From the begining it was emphasised that GRAW PC will be different from the 360 version, but with each passing day the gap between the two seems to be growing. ← As we stated earlier a lot. These are two completely different gameplay experiences.
  19. Hey guys I'm getting a lot of PMs with encouragment (THANKS!) and questions. Right now I'll sitck to the open forum fo ranswering questions as that is all the time I have. I hope you understand. The clan sites waiting for server info and such - this will come in due time. I know it is itching but thats the way forward right now. Thanks Bo
  20. was not intended to be. there's just been a lot of excitement generated for co-op and sp, so it worries me that there has been less enthusiasm when it comes to multiplayer. If it is just that it is not done and they don't want to comment until it is, then that's fine. But if the devs aren't excitedly talking about the mp, why shouldn't I be worried? ← Most people here only care for SP and COOP so the devs would be preaching in the wrong church. That's just how it is, and doesn't necessarily mean that the good folks at GRIN doesn't bother about adv.modes. ← Also we have to save something for the press - we're giving everything else here right?
  21. and of course you can in GRAW. Strenght is a factor and eithe ryou throw it or roll it.
  22. Ok a last post on this: As with all more genuin games we do have in GRAW the Low, Med, High settings. BUT we also have advanced settings so you can chose yourself what areas you want put high - such as post effects, geometry, physics effects, realtime lights, textures and so on. Tweak until you like it and until you got the FPS you want.
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