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  1. Yepp I confirm this. Remove the DEMO and then install the GAME - same registry was used. All fine now I uninstalled the Demo`s today, unfortunately they hold the same registry keys and...were deleted. Re-installed and all fine. So, if you have installed GRAW2 and still have any of the Demo`s installed, well this will happen to you to if you uninstall them. REMOVE DEMO`S BEFORE INSTALLING THE GAME Tinker
  2. As I mentioned - if you bought it already - take a picture of you and the copy - post it. We want all countries in there - be very very creative
  3. Hey Ghosts! No gag on me no more As a first for tomorrow I'd like to ask a favour of you guys in the States and EU/ Australia (admins gonna hate this...) When you head to the store to buy your copy (or if you already did )- take a small resolution picture (like cell phone camera) and post it here. We're going to do a huge poster here at GRIN with ppl holding GRAW2 in their best tactical pose, as a GRAW2 release celebration at the GRIN office. We need to cover a 10 by 10 feet area here ppl Have fun and thanks for the support you shown us. Bo GRIN pls pin
  4. STAND ALONE DEDICATED SERVER FILES FOR GRAW2 THE PC GAME IN 2007- also as I said you do not need the GAME to run them.
  5. That’s the most heard of on the Bad side I've been hearing on ventrilo for almost 5 hours now. My only gripe so far for MP is TDM having limited spawns... Seems odd to play Team DEATHMATCH with only a few spawns per person. It kind of takes the death match out of... TDM. I could somewhat understand if it were giving rewards such as, an unlock… like the Veterancy system but it’s not or at least the rounds I did really well in I didn’t get anything for staying alive. A server side option to change the spawn limit would be nice if it’s not already in there. Other things are bugs but I am sure they will take care of them in time. That setting is in there.
  6. Good to hear We'll try to reproduce the sniper shot - what sound card do you have?
  7. The patch is to be autodownlaoded through the game and installed there. Don't do it manually. Bo
  8. Ok it is exactly what i'm looking for - it is a 2d sound driver issue oon that card. We'll look at that card - and we'll have it fixed for the release. Thanks! Bo To add to this I have creative SB XFI and a few others to have posted at Ubi. Problem Demo don't save user soundcard setting "X-Fi" and "Extreme" every game restart it goes back to "Hardware" and "High" Wont save in xml. Cheers Yepp saw that. Easy fix. Demo has patch functionality so I think we get that one in pretty soon.
  9. I think you misunderstood. Dedicated files will be supplied at RELEASE of the game. So they can be used without the game but released at that point in time. Any person can use them. Yes? Bo
  10. Ok it is exactly what i'm looking for - it is a 2d sound driver issue oon that card. We'll look at that card - and we'll have it fixed for the release. Thanks! Bo
  11. Hey Ducky.. what exact soundcard (and driver) do you have - the sound is all but faded. We're hunting soundcard annomalities - this could be such a one. Thanks Bo
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys Great to see and hear that so many have fun! Bo
  13. Dedicated is included in the Release - you are playing on it now. SLI is automatic.
  14. It is a DEMO. Dedicated files are supplied with the Release. You are playing on dedi files right now.... Stop banging your head you might hurt what is left
  15. I love the comment on content as we use ONLY the story and voice in SP. All other GFX in SP are done from scratch for the PC. Well well....
  16. The trailer you are drawing conclusions from is a X360 trailer. Hi Bo! Are we to infer that there is no medic in the PC version of GRAW2? Your post seems to indicate that there will not be. Can you clarify this for us or does Ubi have y'all on a tight leash still?
  17. Great news. Going to check that out right away! Thanks.
  18. I'd go with a X850 256mb or a 6800 256mb. And make sure to have 1mb of mem.
  19. You know the reason for that? Because basically if you look at the whole thread then his post is the most distrespectful of the lot. Up till that point a decent, flame free discussion was taking place. Then a CEO of a company steps in and starts throwing TROLL comments around because people are stating an opinion he doesn't like. On the other hand, of course, I'm sure if someone was calling -you- a liar, you wouldn't consider that post particularly disrespectful and you'd naturally respond with kindness and graciousness... If you're going to hate, at least don't let it be blind hate. He was attacked first. Whether you consider it justified or not is another question, but let's not play like no one was disrespectful to him. Then as a mature adult he should have contacted an admin or the person directly and not post a reply calling people TROLLS. Dai San little friend I just said "We love you trolls" no disrespect in that.
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