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  1. We share story/narration but not mission layout or gameplay. This has been said before. Multiplayer is agreed totally different as said.
  2. huh, I'm pacified now, because I like the last two screens thanks for the reply ← Bud: The whole game EVERY surface has normalmaps (thats bumps adapting to moving light...) So once you see that in game you will notice the structure of walls.
  3. To confirm: The LAST 2 screens are current. The others from an October build. See you in the dev chat.
  4. NOO!!!!!! :'( :'( i specifally remember people asking for this when gr2 got cancelled. It would take more time to take the mag out and take the ammo then shoot the gun...if it was booby trapped itd go off when you picked the gun up to take the mag out for the ammo too. ← Actually the reason for not picking up a weapon of a enemy you just killed is that you might have put bullets in it and damaged it - resulting in a dead mans click next time you fire or such. Ammo is picked up using universal mag acceptence from guns like the SCAR.
  5. ← we seek him here, we seek him there, why the hell wont that damned elusive BO ever tell us anything... ← Hey hey now. I'm just a humble developer. Not a PR man.
  6. First from the left ? ← The guy in the white shirt. Guess we've seen too many photoshoped Bo's that we can barely tell the real one from the fakes ← Yepp I'm the guy to the left. Thats only half the team though. Gonna update the site soon with the rest of the guys.
  7. AWESOME. Can't believe I didn't catch that until now!! Jah irie, mon. ← Hey I'm back! /Bo
  8. Why would any of you want these in GRAW??? I hate the cross levelling too, way too goldeneye N64! Edit: Did you guys see this?? Does that look like cross levelling or mags to you? I really dont think he would be carrying 12 mags ← Actually in the service I have been carrying 12 mags - in urban fighting you waste a hell lot more than when in the woods. Think clearing corners, rooms and covering streets with stray fire for movement. /Bo
  9. Some on the interior fighting that I have said before but needs some repeating. The setting is MEXICO City and a level on the PC can contain hundreds of buildings. Some of them can be entered, some not. We got some several story buildings and some shacks - a good mix. AND yes for you snipers some roofs can be used aswell /Bo
  10. Hi Guys I'm not usually commenting on stuff as you know - but as this was discussed in the chat: I'm just going in here to confirm what Ulf said on the enemies. He of course meant 20 ppl plus their support units fighting the ghosts AT THE SAME TIME. And yes - when that happens (if it happens - depending on YOU) then you will find yourself in a world of pain. Squad attacks, fire lanes and tactics using snipers mixed with HW guys will make this a hard scenario. Thanks to all who dropped in and talked to us - we're sure to do it again. G'nite Bo
  11. Flying in that chopper this morning I noticed that green light is from the instruments in front and above the pilot
  12. Hehe great stuff. For every pic I'm writing down the nicks for some special treatment in our GRIN vs Fan game ... oh yes
  13. lol! Yeah ol'Clint tought me how to handle a smoke
  14. Guys that picture.... Now I have to play with my right hand when beating you
  15. My suggestion to you guys is to have qualifying rounds to make the team and that way muster up the best team to face us because YOU SO ARE GOING TO NEED IT /Bo
  16. Challenge taken. We will train on the right map from now on then
  17. Use caps.... we always print it GRIN.
  18. Thanks for the support John. You boys should listen to this guy. /Bo GRIN
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