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  1. That isn't true. The 'Teen' rating says 'Let's keep war tasteful'. There are plenty of perfectly unfun representations of war in the Teen rating. ← Teen rating implies: No gore or pools of blood siping from twitching bodies that sizzel from grenade explosion. For me it is good not to see that in a game. Nothing worse than real war let me tell you. Will you have death animations and blood impacts - yes.
  2. Poita. You dont need to worry about this. Thanks
  3. Do I win a prize Bo? Also "hundreds of realtime lights" that Diesil engine must have a nicely optimized renderer. Have you seen the "offset" engine? Sick : p Does Diesel support motionblur and Depth of field? ( i bet it does) Can't wait to see this game in action. ← Newman... GRAW is done with our Defered Render engine ... and yes that is one of the first games to ever have that on PC. (all who are not tech geeks - ignore this post
  4. Right now I cannot answer questions on DEMO, VIDEO, MP, REPLAYS or the CONSOLE VERSION. So if you have not received an answer there you know why.
  5. The weapons have been dealt with before so I'll post a reminder here. The mods like combat scope, iron sight, silencer, GR and Grip all affect stability, weight, sound you make, flash reduction, and the zoom and range you see/aim at. Grips and GR don't go together obviously.
  6. The team and me wants to send out some thanks for the encouraging words. To get some positve feedback really boost us over here. We have been working covert for so so long
  7. You will be a lot happier with the surpport weapons in GRAW than in GR1. ← Suppresive fire is key in GRAW. You not only can but HAVE to use it with your team or the enemy will take you down like a nothing. Cover fire as I like to call it can be issued to your team and to individuals. This has been said in QAs before but I make a point of it again. The weapons like the SAW really throwns massive amounts of lead your way not always super accurate - as recoil is a big factor. But shoot in bursts and you will get the technique nailed down after a while. Also the fact that it holds 200 rounds compared to 20 or 30 of the asssult rifles makes a big impact.
  8. The plastic look comes from a uniform specularity applied to the whole model. this can be controled by a spec map. it also helps enhance the normal map too though. The Nvidia normal map tool wouldn't work for faces. its much better for a wall or ground texture. or for applying texture ontop of a nother normal map. ← On normal maps. Newman speaks with knowledge here. A good normalmap is not there to shine or look "metalish" as the first use for it was in many games. A real good normalmap fools the eye to beleive that the detail displayed is actually polygons. Using normalmaps the right way you can achieve good grain in surfaces, more details on surfaces AND shapes. It is not about shiny at all - that is old old generation. The normalmaps in GRAW are giving the environement, characters, weapons and vehicles a good blend togther and is a way to get the hundreds of realtime lights to really affect their surrounding. A good normalmap (however dumb this sounds) is when you only notice it because it is missing. Due to normalmaps you can have fewer polygons per object and therefore more evenly distributed polys in the game environment. I wont go into depth there though.
  9. I see Bo. I'm bumping. Bo, do you know what level of anti-aliasing was used in these shots? --Logos ← No AA was used there. Only HDR and something else if you look in the distance...
  10. Yes it is supported. You may need SLI or Crossfire though as fillrates are pretty tough at that resolution.
  11. ... Yes there is a difference in how much you show of you and how stability acts.
  12. If you look close you see 4 slots. This relates to the new kit system we described earlier.
  13. One question on your feedback here. Is this mainly for MP or SP?
  14. That goes together with the Cross Com. It is not only healthbars it contains information on all actions, weapons used, and selected unit/order. It needs to be attached to the Cross Com view. Thus moving it doen would obstruct to much of the middle of the screen. Howeve I'll get into that later with backup from UBI and screens.
  15. On flashes in general: A flash is alive about 1/12 of a seccond (captures in that shot) and as we run realtime light on every flash and lamp you need to spice it up a bit. This gives away poistions not only if you fire straight ahead but also from reflections in walls and hideouts... therefore you need a "silencer" that removes the flash... oh yes.
  16. I will get into that later. Need some more screens to explain it. But you will get something closer to GR1 in the way it is used.
  17. Right you are. Also it doubles as a fire threat indicator. Look at screen 3.
  18. I'll sign one too AND give part of my left testicle to science to BETA test !! I hope in using the proper term testicle that I will not be banned as I was only referring to a piece of anatomy. ← and how do you know that we haven't got some of the fans playing this already?
  19. Sure WK. The HDR is toned down a lot and we upped the texture resolutions since October by 8 times approx. Depending on your GFX card of course. What more you can see we got a pretty long view distance about 3 times since you saw it in Leipzig - now that will tell you a bit on the fighting distances for you snipers and crawlers out there. Also note the numerous small and medium covers in the shots. This will give you a good opportunity to hide and position your ghosts while moving in overwatch or in combat for that matter. It is all about angles and fire lanes ppl Good screens from UBI I say. Also ppl.... notice the HUD tone down and pull out to the limits of the screen.
  20. my thoughts exactly. but BO with this delay just this simple response from you is very comforting. but a video of some sort is highly needed. i dont know the reason for it, and i dont know if i want to know the reason for it, but there has been MINIMAL footage for the PC, which is losing customers every day. the bare fact is that we NEED SOMETHING to hold us over until release ← I know UBI is doing all they can to give you the best game on PC possible - otherwise there would be no delay. You must respect how difficult it is to push a game like this. I know that UBI is also working to give you material to ease the pain at the moment. We'll jointly see to it that you get this.
  21. Hi guys On behalf of the GRIN team I fell obliged to step in here and say we're sorry for the delay. I can't go out and talk on the reason but I know all you hardcore fans are really disappointed not to be playing in March. I wont jump around with fancy marketing words all I can say is that we are doing a hell of a effort to get this game out and at the same time as good as possible. This game is to stand the test of time as GR1 did and that is no small thing. What we are into now is a lot of testing and balancing. And NO the AI is in fact one of the best ever created if you like tactical play that is. I hope some screens or videos can be released very soon to back up my words. As for the X360 it looks great and I truly think the console fans will get what they want. As for the PC fans we take a totally different approach and I think both games are rocking. Now we just want to make sure the PC is really all it can be. Appologies Bo GRIN
  22. Just want to state: it is not a Adobe job.
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